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Wishlist: cb gold and cb silver Thuwed project: collecting 3g even thuwed with 1 PAIR thuwed parents! My time zone GMT+8 I accept IOU, PM discuss2ut2mnp.pngwindzero.png

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    Thuwed Lineage Project!

    Collecting 3g even thuwed with ONE 2g thuwed parent!

    10G will be my goal for now

    Gold (cb will be great!)
    Silver (cb will be great!)
    low gen shimmer

    IOU Lister (for my reminder):

    TO: evangeline5432
    (1)ICE egg 6th gen Ice x rosebud (12/9/2013 finally sent out,but no respond)

    Sarxh own me:
    one 2g Ice from moonstone

    pride to say, me and my sister successful fullfil our 40 cb common hatchies IOU in half of a month!!
    Thank you very much Agrona, for your lovely Silver tinsel!