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Link to Wishlist breeding pairs list. Clean metallics needed for gifting. I gift for MetalWeavers, TGT, Breeding Gifting, and I Glomp. Only Pick Up Gifts from my Wishlist. Most Dragons have Bonded Mates Ask before Requesting. Accepting all nicely lineaged BSA Dragons (Red, Purple, Magi) (stairstep, even gen, checkers spirals, etc) 2117792.gifARK2-1.gif Want: 2nd-12th Gen Shimmer clean lines/no holiday willing to trade multiple Scroll Status: UnlockedI am the Shifty Glomper and you will NOT see me Coming!!! TAKE IOUS!!! PM ME Meus Honor Stat Fight My Brute Join My Brute Clan

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    I like to read and talk about books, movies, and shows

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    None right now

    I TAKE IOUS!!!!!

    I will breed any type of dragon on my scroll, especially in exchange for things on my wishlist
    - the dragons with a -i on the end of their names are inbred
    - I have mated pairs check the spreadsheet.
    - This is the spreadsheet of my dragons (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-oqesVi-g4gbHJmMmw2Ty1tbWc/edit)
    - I don't accept inbred dragons anymore unless they are something special.

    My General Wishlist: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455&view=findpost&p=6461491
    (Mates that are needed for my dragons currently, i can influence eggs) have 299 dragons that need proper mates

    http://pastebin.com/g80C9Zce - B-Day Lotto Results

    IOU's to Me:


    Thurin 0/1 Silver from Anyussa Lamazi & XLater Lunari
    Kaoto 11/12 f & 8/12 m CB White hatchlings

    IOUs completed: 60

    Shimmer Scale 3rd Gen:
    0/3 - No egg 3/10/13
    changing mates

    With New Mate egg on the first try
    3/17/13 - first Shimmer egg went to first person on the list :)
    3/24/13 - 2nd shimmer egg bred :)
    4/1/13 - 3rd shimmer egg bred