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Chelsea Manning - blessed by Loki - you are the hero this world needs! (And could somebody *please* close Tortura, ehm, Guantanamo Bay?)Shikaze.png DoubleGoldstar5_zpse5b7061c.gifI give and take IOUs! Pink ??? and white daisy have not been released folks

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    I will accept NO trades, gifts, whatnots from either LOGIC or JEWEL!!


    I owe Kylanbowden: 1 shimmerbaby from Simons Light

    I owe indiw:
    1 shimmerbaby from Shimmering Ridge
    1 shimmerbaby from Sugoroku Magic - success!

    I will breed for Red2111

    Y2AmY "Amy", the poor thing needs a name - success!
    Fourth Horse
    Vincents Night of Iga
    Mystic Magic of Iga - success!
    Haiku of Iga - success!
    Milky ZaNs Babsang
    Silvery Layla - success!

    I got from Red 2111:

    5th gen bronze tinsel Cayvyn x black
    6th gen EG silver tinsel (inbred but cute) with all kinds of assorted shinies
    5th gen silver tinsel, Requiem Valdespar x Royal blue


    Looking for
    - CB gold
    - CB silver
    - 2nd gen gold/goldfails
    - 2nd gen silver/silverfails
    - gold or silver checkers and checkerfails

    - a low gen GOLD shimmer. Somehow I only have decent bronze and silvers...

    For my trades I can ALWAYS offer:
    2nd gen Hellhorses/Soulpeaces/BSAs/stripes
    2nd gen commons/uncommons from Val 09/Cavern Lurkers/Wrapping Wings/Arsanis/Graves

    For my metals I do not have longer lists than ONE IOU, if the next metal egg is promised, I am not going to take an IOU for the same metal. I will accept a second IOU for a metalfail, though.