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I accept ~IOUs~

I go by dranic on discord.

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    I go by "dranic" on discord

    Now that I'm back in the IOU game, if you are waiting to hear from me and haven't in a bit, please don't hesitate to PM me! Happy to provide updates and although I have spreadsheets up the wazoo to track this stuff, there's a chance I may have forgotten so a prod is never a problem.

    ~SA Project~
    Currently working on a large black and white Spriter Altkin lineage aiming to include all sprites of Spriter Alts, in roughly chronological order of release. Massive thanks in no particular order to Marrionetta, Mysfytt, Kila, Dolphinsong, Infinis, LadyLyzar, FortyTwo, XDLugia, miaou, Rosastrasza, Tecca, ADP, Esdren, and Amazon_Warrior for their generous help and contributions! Plus many wonderful others who helped long before this was formally a project.
    We are on track for a 7th gen atm to include all SAs up to Caligenes!

    ~You guys are awesome~
    And thank you to the community at large. The generosity and altruism from you guys is genuinely inspiring. Note: don't update your profile at stupid o'clock because you'll find that you get sentimental and sappy and write stuff like this. But fr, you guys are great. Some of you are right plonkers like me, but it's ok, it's all about balance they say.

    ~Name trading~
    I tend to decline trades for names I own for a lot of my names as I have a weird obsession with and overvalue names on this site--unless if you have a name I really like and want to swap--that I will consider!
    In general, I am eager to trade for nice single real word names!

    CB Codes (caps messed fine): 5-letter words/names; Give0/Care0; News; Fate; Dark; Hell; swear/lewd words using 4+ letters; other 4 letter codes too, especially names
    2nd gen from Spriter Alt (particularly Blacks and Whites for a big project, and/or PB from Halloweens--if Halloween prefer M black or F white)
    2nd gen PB silver tinsel
    2nd gen PB bronze tinsel
    2nd gen silver tinsel from male white
    2nd gen tinsel from male tercorn
    2nd gen prizekin: white, black, tercorn from tinsel, gold from gold prize, silver from F silver prize, harvest from male bronze tinsel, mates for https://dragcave.net/group/99832
    3rd gen SAkin descended from 2 SAlts of the same holiday from Aegis holiday release onwards (or the same SAlt if dimorphic)
    2nd-4th gen Prize checkers with gold/silver/other prizes/PB/white