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I accept ~IOUs~

I go by dranic on discord.

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    I go by "dranic" on discord

    Now that I'm back in the IOU game, if you are waiting to hear from me and haven't in a bit, please don't hesitate to PM me! Happy to provide updates and although I have spreadsheets up the wazoo to track this stuff, there's a chance I may have forgotten so a prod is never a problem.

    ~SA Project~
    Currently working on a large black and white Spriter Altkin lineage aiming to include all sprites of Spriter Alts, in roughly chronological order of release.
    A *massive* thank you to all the amazing people (and there are a lot of you!) who have helped out.

    Current progress: 7th gen https://dragcave.net/lineage/HUGMh

    Currently looking for owners of any of these to help progress it--please PM if you have any of these and I will try my hardest to make it worth your while!:
    * 2g male black/female white/male Halloween-breed (female Halloweens considered too!) from:
    -- Any Aegis SA; Any Garland; Floral-Crowned; Wintertide; Mint Erador
    * Both a male black and a female white from the same Halloween (includes above):
    -- One of each Shadow Walkers; Witchlight; Pink Omens

    ~Name trading~
    I tend to decline trades for names I own for a lot of the names I have since I tend to overvalue names on this site--unless if you have a name I really like and want to swap--that I will consider!
    The exception to this is to help with my SA project, so I will also consider trading names for 2g black/white SAkin from SAs that I do not have represented in my project yet.
    In general, I am eager to trade for nice single real word names!

    CB Codes: 5-letter words/names; swear/lewd words using 4+ letters; Give0; u2die; News; Fail; Fate; other 4 letter codes too
    - Highest 5 letter wants: Chaos, Devil, Demon, Angel, Light, Woman, Queen, swear/lewd words
    2g from Spriter Alt (Blacks and Whites my project, and/or PB from Halloweens--if non-PB Halloween prefer M black or F white; else 2g colour-matching breeds to the SA, especially xenos)
    3g SAkin for my SA project (please DM me, I like to provide the mates if not from the 'both' category)
    2g Silver Tinsel from M Silver Tinsel x F Bronze Shimmer (unrelated to 7JWUQ and gPkl6)
    2g/Xg checker Staterae/Silver Tinsel from M Staterae x F Silver Tinsel
    2g Prizes/Metal Prizekin mates for https://dragcave.net/group/120412
    2g PB prizes in general
    2g tinsel from male tercorn
    2g metal prizekin (particularly gold from gold/bronze prize, and silver from F silver prize), or common prizekin as mates for https://dragcave.net/group/99832
    2g Gold
    2g Ke'maro from M Staterae x F Silver Tinsel
    2g Alt Undine from F White
    3g PB Shimmer from male Silver Shimer x female Bronze Shimmer checker
    2-4g Prize checkers with gold/silver/other prizes/PB