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About dragonico


I accept ~IOUs~

***** Happy to trade my non-asterisked dragons for trade for IOUs of 2014-2019 CB Halloween hatchlings.

I go by dranic on discord.

>> Seeking owners of 2nd gen male blacks from Spriter Alts of: Arsani, Desipis, Mistletoe. I'm working on a large Spriter's Alt project and would love to trade for certain 3rd gens from them!


Wishlist: 2nd gen from Spriter Alts paired with White/Black, 2nd gen PB Halloween from Spriter Alts, 2nd gensĀ from Prize x Whites/Blacks (and checkers), Prize x Prize checkers, Metal x Prize checkersĀ (incl 2g)

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    Now that I'm back in the IOU game, if you are waiting to hear from me and haven't in a bit, please don't hesitate to PM me! Happy to provide updates and although I have spreadsheets up the wazoo to track this stuff, there's a chance I may have forgotten so a prod is never a problem.

    Current Pipe dream/project is a massive Black and White pseudo-checker Spriter Altkin lineage. Massive thanks in no particular order to Marrionetta, Mysfytt, Kila, Dolphinsong, Infinis, LadyLyzar, and FortyTwo for their generous contributions! Plus many wonderful others who helped long before this was formally a project.

    And thank you to the community at large. The generosity and altruism from you guys is genuinely inspiring. Note: don't update your profile at stupid o'clock because you'll find that you get sentimental and sappy and write stuff like this. But fr, you guys are great. Some of you are right plonkers like me, but it's ok, it's all about balance they say.

    If requesting to trade a name from me I more than often tend to decline as I have a weird obsession with and overvalue names on this site. I do consider trading some names for other names I really like though! And in general, I am happy/eager to trade for nice single real word names!