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Stop BSL Lineage

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Welcome aboard you guys, happy to have you in the lineage project against BSL.




In news of my doberman lineage my two new dragons who were donated to me are compatible but did not produce an egg this week. I'll try again next week but I am now horibly excited. Allow me to introduce my two new beauties.


BSL Doberman's Jazzman x BSL Doberman's Rico


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I would like to join. I am an animal lover, and I love those breeds of dogs. My best friend own the sweetest german shepherd. Many people think that they as a breed are violent, but certain dogs like pitbuls are made violent by their owners. I don't believe they should be killed for THAT. I have a story, its just a small example of whats going on millions of times a year, with almost any of those "violent" dog breeds...


If only I knew…

I did everything for you.

When I first opened my eyes it was you I saw.

Your face showed no friendliness, no warmth, no kindness but cold hearted approval.

You dropped me down beside my mother and did the same to my siblings.

Once every day for the next month you came and put a portion of food down for my mother and every day you looked us over for unknown reasons.

Then one morning you took us one by one and shoved us in a small cardboard box, leaving my mother chained up in that small dark room.

I never saw her again.

If only I knew…

You hurriedly heaved us into a strange object which I now know as a van and taped the box down tight.

We all lay their in darkness whining fearfully as our prison jostled and banged about.

Finally, the bumping stops and you undo our box and peer inside.

Now it is light I see two of my siblings laying there, dead.

Lack of air killed them.

If only I knew…

You carry us inside our little box into a dark, looming building and go down to the cellar.

There are rows of dark crates and most are occupied by larger versions of us.

You haul out the two dead corpses and throw them into a corner before taking the other three of us and shoving our backsides into a tiny stuffy cage each.

There is ominous howling coming from the other crates and dark, blood thirsty eyes gleam at me.

If only I knew…

The weeks rolled on and you hit and kicked me in our little sessions together and yet I couldn’t bring myself to hate you back.

I could only feel happiness at the warm glow that encased you as you punished me for my unknown misdoings.

A few months later after this cruel torture you stopped feeding me.

It was a whole week later until you brought me out of my little cage and dropped me into a hollow pit.

I scrabbled desperately to get out but it was impossible.

This hollow area had the stench of death around it.

He came back carrying another creature.

I could sense it was an animal but nothing more.

The stench of blood was stronger and although it disgusted me, made my mouth water.

He dropped the unknown creature into the pit and said quietly,


I pounced at the feebly stirring creature and started tearing large chunks of flesh from it.

Fulfilling my hunger.

If only I knew…

I completely ignored his pained whines but it’s now what I know that he was an aged Pit Bull like me who had fought until he could no longer.

I had put him out of his misery in the most terrible way.

My master had allowed me to do this several more times.

I only recognized that “Kill” was “eat.”

If only I knew…

He battled me against dogs fitter and tougher than me but only merely praised me when I tore them to shreds.

I never knew that he was making a large profit of me but if I did I wouldn’t have cared because he loved me.

Or so I thought.

Several years had passed and I had plenty of scars but it made me prouder.

I looked like a winner.

I liked the yelling and clapping the crowds gave to me.

Yet again for the hundredth time I was put inside the pit and I gave my battle cry.

My competitor dived down to meet me and with sudden shock I recognized him.

My brother.

It was in those mortal seconds that cost me my life.

I froze at the sight of him and in that mere instant he had enfolded his jaws over my neck and started shaking me like a mere rat.

“Brother!” I cried and ripped myself loose.

The blood was pouring out steadily and my gaze was swimming.

He jumped forwards again but I was ready and brought my paws down on his face.

Flesh tore underneath my claws easily and a much as I hated doing it I tore his ear off.

In turn he shredded my back easily and bits of muscle and sinew was easily visible.

The crowd cheered at the gore.

We fought on until I and he were an equally bloody mass.

He collapsed first and I followed suit seconds later, with my head thumping onto his arched back.

We kicked feebly at each other but couldn’t inflict any more damage.

The ending bell rang and I opened my eyes to see my owner’s furious face.

He kicked me hard in the face and did the same to my brother, my own flesh and blood.

Two brothers had killed each other for one man they thought loved them.

If only I knew…

My heart hammered furiously, trying to keep going but my other organs were shutting down.

I welcomed death gratefully and with a few last stuttering breaths, departed this cruel short life I had been cursed to.

If only I knew…


Sorry its a little long sad.gif

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I'll join this lineage once i have the time for it, but is already too late where i live for about 35 of the 75 breeds on the list, those still alive can live on till they die on there own, but strict rules have been put on them no one really follows em, there have been no maulings since the laws where made but still the only reason the new law was made was because of 1 or 2 breeds so they made 19 breeds illlegal to own that makes no sense because there was a problem with only 2 breeds then they make 19 illlegal. The newest law was made in july last year so you still see a lot of the illlegal breeds since they have been allowed to live till they die on there own. Never blame the dog it just do what it does because is in the hands of an owner that can't handel the it.

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Welcome aboard


That poem was very heartbreaking but true. Especially for the pit bull used in fighting they have no choice in the matter and these dogs don't really want to fight but they have been raised to do so. The worst thing of it is even when their abusive owner walks up to them they still wag their tail and why? Because those dogs love their people even after everything they do to them. It really hurts me every time walking into the shelter and seeing these pit bulls so full of love but people pass them by because they are 'dangerous' dogs.


I am sorry to hear this has happened vythalax, this is what we are trying to avoid this complete banning of a breed. It is likely only a matter of time in your area before they change their minds and start taking these peoples dogs to be put down. Unfortunately this has happened in many states as well as many countries and it will not stop until we put our foot down and tell them it has to stop. This is not a banning of dog breeds but a genocide for dogs themselves. Had these dogs been people we would call it the Holocaust and honestly BSL is no different than that.


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Thats is so true but i don't think they will do anymore with it untill a new attack comes up(truly hope nothing will happen) since they always cause major uproars no matter what country you live in, since i don't live in USA(i have heard it mainly happens there don't know if its true) i know they won't go home to people and take there dog since it would be very much illlegal here even with the new law in place, there have never even been anything about going home to people and put down there dog since many know is the owners fault not the dogs, but the those suit freaks (i think you know what i'm talking about here) just decided to do what they did there was not even a puplic vote or anything just the suit freaks doing it all i just hate that, even if i'm not very fond of pit bulls but i know they can be very good pets if putted in the hands of the right owner who know hows to control and train the dog right. If you want to know where all this happend you will have to PM me Delphine since i'm not going to tell it to everyone by putting it up on the forum.

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I just got another BSL dragons, an ember magma mix. I already have mates and will try breeding tonight to see if I get a baby from them biggrin.gif

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I think if Ceasar Millan (from Dog Whisperer on National Geographic) was able to come up with some sort of huge BSL opposed campaign, he'd have more people than we'd think possible backing him up. xd.png


I absolutely love the show. He talks many times about how dogs think and communicate the same yet its individuals (not the breed) to be "feared".


I used to own a rottweiler names Xena. We had to put her down for sickness and age. People either loved her of hated her. Oddly enough, most of our neighbors would take walks and bring dog treats with them for her.

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Oh I agree Ceasar Millan has a gift with the dogs. I use a lot of his methods in training my dogs. I think what has made him so successful is he has gotten real pure dog behavior down to a science. I think on a few of his shows including the one where the Chihuahua was bossing around pitbulls he sort of put into light the real dog world. Also little known fact his number one dog helping him rehabilitate and properly train other dogs is a pitbull. biggrin.gif

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It'd probably take some time for me to get started, but I'd really love to join this lineage! I've grown up with dogs, and the longest I've been without one in the house was a few years when our last one died. And... Golden retriever is on that list?! The first thing I saw coming home when I was born was probably that breed! Smart he was, too, and not aggressive at all ('cept for towards the cats. No cat in our backyard, no). This is just plain sad.

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Please add my name to the list of participants. I will designate one of my dragon breeding pairs & name them after the Pits of my household... Akua Maka, my beautifully wonderful and cherished Pit with the white eyes.... who is afraid of all cats and mice - and Kika the Princess, a beautiful brindle Pit who shies from anything with wheels, but will slobber you with kisses if you let her.


Akua was rescued from a shelter that was going to put him down within a week. He was so skinny... I thought he may have been Pit/Whippet mix. But after some TLC and much food, he's parading in our yard like the proud Pit he is! (at least until a cat comes by!)


Kika... ran into my yard as I washed my car - she was so tiny we thought she was a chihuahua! After some coaxing with raw fish (I don't eat meat much but love my sashimi!) she came out from under my house and I saw her brindle markings. My mother adopted her and Kika has grown to be a very solid and beautiful dog - with a love of children (she slobbers my grandson constantly who thinks its better than a bath).



I do not understand these people who think a breed is to blame for how people raise and train their pets. I've met people who trained CATS to attack on sight - shall they put down the Siamese Cat because of this?


People are ignorant and do not really pay attention to the conditions or the environment any creature is raised in. Even a human being will be a killer if "programmed" that way... look at our military.....


(before you all jump me for that last bit - I was in the Army for a long time, my BF is a veteran of Iraq, and I come from a long line of military ancestors)




Do add me to the list, and as soon as the DB is back up, I'll organize my CB dragons and name them to suit.



malama pono


~The Z~

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I would love to do an Akita/Shepherd linage from grey x not sure yet... I was thinking harvests because they are solitary like the akita but not on the list soo.. maybe grey x spitfire. Name one breed for the Akita and one breed for the shepherd


I love my Akita/shepherd and the first one I get (when the site decides to revive itself) will be named in his honor.

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I have a staffordshire Bull Terrier! and he is the softest dog, he has never bitten anyone and he is 14 years old now! so

I would like to join please I think Killing a dog for being a certain breed is ludicrous and I know some very vicious small and toy dogs that are worst than the so called bad dog breeds..

Lets all remember "There are no bad dogs..Just bad owners" biggrin.gif

Here is my dog Brooke.... tongue.gif

user posted image


Found this bit of info wonder if the so called experts have read this

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier (informally: Staffie, Stafford, Staffross, Staffy or Staff) is a medium-sized, short-coated, old-time breed of dog, originally bred for dog fighting after bull baiting became illegal. With dogfighting then also being made illegal, the breed evolved into one with a temperament suitable for a pet and companion, gaining respectability and becoming a dog worthy to show. It was accepted by The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom as the Staffordshire bull terrier in 1935. [1] The breed that is currently found in the United States has no fighting history since its migration over the Atlantic and is a direct descendant of the show dogs of the United Kingdom. It is an English breed of dog related to the bull terrier and similar in appearance to the much larger American Staffordshire terrier and American pit bull terrier. The breed is the 5th most popular dog in the UK (its place of origin), and it is the only breed to have the words 'totally reliable' in its breed standard. Furthermore, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of only two breeds from over 190 recognized by the UK Kennel Club to have a mention of the breed's suitability with children.

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Ah a big welcome to all the new members and your heartwarming stories on your dogs.

@Anniepimm: Oh your dog is soooo cute. For 14 he looks wonderful.

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I would LOVE to join this lineage, but it will take me a while to get started.


I used to have a St. Bernard mix. He was literally the SWEETEST dog I've ever known. He was NEVER once aggressive toward anyone or anything. Passed away in '08 due to lupus. I cannot believe that St. Bernards are on that list.

I have a German Shepherd who has never bitten a person in her life. They're also commonly used as police dogs.. are they going to start killing police dogs now? >=[


Put me up on the list. I'll get around to it when I'm able.

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@vythalax: Congrats on your first BSL dragon.


@Smaialy: Welcome aboard and they are sweet dogs. We had one at the shelter for a week before she got adopted. Everyone knew she would not hang around long since just about every day a family was looking at her. We almost had a war with two families wanting to adopt her but now she has kids and a few cats to play with. Truly they are the gental giant breed.

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Well, I find myself needing scroll space, so I'd like to find this 2nd gen Electric BSL hatchling a new home. I really needed a Lightning out of that pair anyway, I was just keeping it for the pretty =)


PM me if you'd like to have it!


Never mind, ffa'd it. I really needed the space for a Sweetling someone bred for me. Maybe the new owner will stop in here and join us!

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I've renamed my two CB [standard] blacks...


BSL Pit Bull Princess Kika

BSL Pit Bull Akua Maka


They are a very good breeding pair. smile.gif I've had 3 clutches of 4 eggs out of them in the past year! Prolific dragons these two!



I've got them moved to the top of my scroll (under eggies & hatchlings) and renamed offspring of theirs that I have on my scroll (frozens). They just bred, so will have to wait until after valentines for me to breed them again. smile.gif

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They don't have to be CB do they? Just they *themselves* b of the bred on the list, or what? If they just have to be that breed, I have a lot to register biggrin.gif

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They either have to be caveborn or 2nd to 3rd gen where their parents have no names or breed with a dragon who has the BSL name.

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WHAT!?! I'M IN!!!! Gosh, what kind of sick, twisted person would stand up for killing inocent dogs!?!?

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I'll join! I also have an idea for this. Maybe after you've been breeding on your own scroll for a while, you could give someone else who is participating an egg from your scroll lineage. Eventually we could all splice the individual lineages to make an insanely long lineage page! And could we put Nocturnes on the list? I think they would look pretty scary IRL, especially during the day. Plus, I have a CB Nocturne, so that would benefit to my efforts.

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Welcome to the lineage guys and kittymeow626 that is a good idea but we have a lot of members. It might take forever to do something like that but for those interested go on ahead. As for Nocturns I'll have to think on them for a while.

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