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ndsmack.gif firegem.pngshoko.pngI accept/offer IOUs I breed for free - check my profile (Except for Bronze Dreaming - there is NO list for her, sorry)

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    So you would like me to breed a dragon for you! I'm happy to try my best to grant your request. There are a few rules, however.

    *** IMPORTANT! If you want an egg from Bronze Dreaming, I do NOT keep a list. Any eggs I breed for trade will be on the trade forum, PLEASE do not PM me asking to be on the waiting list - THERE IS NO LIST =p *****

    1) Be polite! It's a shame that I have to mention this, but....

    2) Be patient! My dragons don't always give me eggs on demand ;]

    3) Please don't ask for anything between the Cheese Dragons "Just Add Wine" and "Aged to Perfection." Those are either lineage projects I'm working on, special gifts I received or dragons I prefer to breed for Glomp gifting. HOWEVER - if you are working on a lineage project & need a specific metal (or don't have ANY metals at all!) I am happy to help! It just may take a while - my metals are notoriously bad breeders :'[

    4) Take care of the egg! If you ask me to breed for you that's what I'm doing. Breeding an egg FOR YOU. Please don't use it as trade fodder, or kill, bite or neglect it. You CAN freeze it, though. If you want a Vampire, just ask me for one - I'm happy to bite what I breed for you and will replace any egg killed or repulsed. I do NOT make Neglected dragons on request, however. I'm pretty bad at it, and have only had the one success so far :'(

    5) Be ready to take the egg when it's bred! I will check with you before I breed, and if unsuccessful will continue to try for your request as soon the dragons are breedable again. I will always update you with the results. Once an egg is produced I will notify you and hold it for 24 hours. If I don't hear from you within that time, I will gift the egg to someone else.

    That's it! Easy, huh? :3

    Oh, and if any dragon you choose as a parent doesn't have a name (and you'd prefer it named) just let me know. I'm a bit lazy about naming them =p

    I owe:
    jadfic - Tinsel from Abby's Brightstar x Astral Jewel (on hold until I hear from jadfic - egg went unclaimed :'[)

    Owed to me:
    jadfic- Bronze Shimmer to be determined later

    My Tinsels-
    Living In Sin - 5th gen stair x Blusang Lindwurm
    Apollo - 5th gen spiral x Stripe
    Alexandria Aurelix - 7th gen stair x Terrae
    Gold Epica - 7th gen stair x Vines

    Arboriel Morchaint - 5th gen stair x Black
    Patxaran - 5th gen spiral x Flamingo Wyvern, 5th gen stair x Grey
    (booo) - 5th gen stair x White
    Penk - 5th gen stair x Marrow, 6th gen stair x Marrow
    Artemis - 6th gen stair x Purple Nebula
    (Abby) - 6th, 7th & 8th gen all stair x Purple Nebula
    Inextrica - 6th gen stair x Blue Nebula
    Erno - 7th gen stair x Pink, 11th gen mixed stair
    Polak Czysto (aobO) - 8th gen stair x Magi

    Brazen Zalvaris CB - 4th gen stair x Shadow Walker
    Darkrose - 4th gen stair x White
    (ARMY) - 4th gen stair x Marrow
    San Victorus - 4th gen spiral x Shadow Walker
    Cayvyn - 5th gen stair x Shadow Walker
    Bronze Ivy - 5th gen stair x Stripe (misgendered :'[)
    Cielatahl - 5th gen stair x Heartseeker
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr - 5th gen stair x Ribbon Dancer
    Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing - 5th gen stair x Winter Magi
    F-bomb - 7th gen female stair x Vine
    Alcoholic - 8th gen stair x Stripe & White

    None :'[

    None :'[

    Se7en - 5th gen female stair x Gold Wyvern
    (glory) - 5th gen x Red Dorsal

    My Shimmerscales:

    Simoniac - 9th gen stair x Lumina

    Echoes in the Deep - 6th gen stair x Shadow Walker
    zilver prise d - 8th gen stair x Shadow Walker

    Felix Felicis Leviosa - 4th gen stair x Cavern Lurker
    (satan) - 5th, 6th & 9th gen stair x Cavern Lurker
    (brFA8) - 6th gen stair x Red Nebula
    Han-Gukin's Babsang - 8th gen stair x White
    Crazy Little Diamond - 9th gen stair x Gold Wyvern
    Magic Mustika - 9th gen stair x Shadow Walker
    Bilbo Baggins of Bag End - 4th gen stair x Grave


    Always looking for Tinsel & Shimmerscale lines I don't own! Generation is less important than lineage. Let me know if you would like to trade :3

    I also adore even gens, especially long-lineage checkerboards. But ANY well-ordered even-gen is <3 I'm too impatient to make anything much past 6th gen myself.