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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Caught a lot recently, but these are the highlights:


OHKO/1HKO -- not perfect because it's a four letter acronym, but the 1 is the best possible extra.

Plum for Mauve! :D

Pokev for Pokex~

Aaand Lorax! Why did you have to be a Drake? Argh!

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Simply vowel!  (Wish it were in alphabetic order...)

OMG, I have a Dragon with a code almost exactly like this (the letters are literally in the exact same order); it's just that the caps are different! I named her the Queen of Vowels, haha. That's so cool!


As for new codes of mine, I've got these:


It's Uyaau the Horse Dragon!

I found Appa! Apparently he's now a Sapphire Dragon instead of a sky bison. xd.png

This Diamondwing is 100% certain that you are in fact this tea.

An all-caps word-coded Red with the word "flap".

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My new Snow dragon codes:




Recent catches:


https://dragcave.net/lineage/EdwaI - nice looking name

https://dragcave.net/lineage/OwhyG - I thought this was funny...WHY G WHY?!



Traded for:

https://dragcave.net/lineage/bUuTS laugh.gif


Pretty happy with those I haven't been able to get on and look for a while. smile.gif

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I found LOOVE. wub.gif

LOOVE is cool, congrats on such a "loovely" code,

I caught a Flamingo with the code Nakuv and a Z-Drake with the code Zensy (I could breed him with either Zaans (Nightglory) or Zomoi (Greater Spotted) in the future)

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