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Look at that! I can keep my scroll organized!
But not really.

Blusang Hoard: 61|Fire Gem Hoard: 154|Heartstealing Hoard: 78|Crystalline Hoard: 37

I'm a code collector!

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    Wherever the Dragons are
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    Hey there! I'm just a nerd who watches cartoons, plays video games, and likes drawing Dragons and weird creatures of my own creation while rambling on about whatever my current obsession is. I mostly lurk around the Dragon Requests forum and post in Forum Games and Trading (and even then rarely), so you probably won't see me around that much.

    Pretty much anything not on my scroll, but right now I'm mostly looking for:

    Special Codes:
    -Anything with a cool/interesting code, such as:
    Name-like codes
    Word/word-like codes
    All-numbers codes
    All-caps name-like/word codes
    Palindrome codes

    Collection Dragons:
    -Aeria Gloris
    -Blusangs!!! (my absolute favorite)
    -Coppers (especially Rainbows and Verdigris)
    -Fire Gems
    -Shimmer-scales/Tinsels (particularly from lineages that aren't stairsteps)

    Special Dragons:
    -At least one CB Neglected Dragon
    -Spriter's alts descendants

    (This part hasn't been updated like, ever. I need to go through it eventually.)

    Holiday Mates:
    -2G Moonstone from Arsani
    -2G Shadow Walker from Heartseeker
    -2G Ice from Heartstealing
    -2G White from Heartstealing
    -2G Rosy-Winged Solstice from Radiant Angel
    -2G Black from Rosebud
    -2G White Striped from Pink Sweetling
    -3G Pink from EG checker with Pink Sweetlings and with Arias at base
    -3G Balloon from EG checker with Valentine's '09
    -4G Flamingo from EG checker with Valentine's '09

    -2G Bolt from female Black Marrow
    -4G Black Marrow from EG lineage with 2nd and 3rd Gen being Black Marrows and CB ancestors having only alt black Sweetling fathers
    -2 2G PB Caligenes
    -2G Mint from male Cavern Lurker
    -2G Plated Colossus from male Cavern Lurker
    -3G Green Copper from EG checker with male Cavern Lurkers
    -2G Silver from female Desipis
    -3G Mageia Xeno from EG checker with female Desipis
    -2G Gold Lunar Herald from female Desipis
    -2G Bolt from male Desipis
    -2G Pillow from female Desipis
    -2G Ember from male Grave
    -2G Seragamma from female Grave
    -2G Monarch from female Grave
    -3G Pumpkin from spiral with female Pumpkin and male Nilia at base
    -3G Ice from EG checker with female Shadow Walkers
    -3G Sunsong from EG checker with female Shadow Walkers
    -2G PB Shadow Walker
    -6G PB Shadow Walker
    -2G Anagallis from female Shadow Walker

    -2G Gold Lunar Herald from Pacified Aegis
    -2G Heartstealing from Pacified Aegis
    -2G Caligene from female Mistletoe
    -3G Golden Wyvern from EG checker with Ribbon Dancers
    -2G Golden Wyvern from Rosy-Winged Solstice
    -3G Magi from EG checker with Blue-Winged Solstice at 2G
    -4G Radiant Angel from EG checker with Rosy-Winged Solstices
    -2G Lumina from Solstice
    -3G Bronze Lunar Herald from EG checker with Rosy-Winged Solstices
    -2G Fell from Winter Magi
    -3G Falconiform from EG checker with Wrapping Wings
    -3G Hellfire from EG checker with Wrapping Wings