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Look at that! I can keep my scroll organized!
But not really.



Blusang Hoard: 63|Fire Gem Hoard: 168|Heartstealing Hoard: 103|Crystalline Hoard: 58

I'm a code collector!

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    Wherever the Dragons are
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    Hey there! I'm just a nerd who plays video games and likes drawing Dragons and weird creatures of my own creation while rambling on about whatever my current obsession is. I mostly lurk around the Dragon Requests forum and post in Forum Games and Trading (and even then rarely), so you probably won't see me around that much.

    Pretty much anything not on my scroll, but right now I'm mostly looking for:

    Special Codes:
    -Anything with a cool/interesting code, such as:
    Name-like codes
    Word/word-like codes
    All-numbers codes
    All-caps name-like/word codes
    All-lowercase name-like/word codes
    Palindrome codes

    Collection Dragons:
    -Blusangs!!! (my absolute favorite)
    -Coppers (especially Rainbows and Verdigris)
    -Fire Gems
    -Gemshards (especially Amethysts and Citrines)
    -Shimmer-scales/Tinsels (particularly from lineages that aren't stairsteps)
    -Xenos (especially Pharos and Umbras)

    Special Dragons:
    -At least one Neglected Dragon
    -Spriter's alts descendants