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-> French, Evariel on Discord ~ I accept IOUs on some trades, PM me! ~ Always looking for 2nd gen prizekins, priority on all my trades ~

-> Checker lineages are the best ! ~ I like CB code dragons ! 

.-*-. "Axec" lineages .-*-. My Holidays checkers .-*-. My 2nd gen PrizeKins .-*-. shoko.pngfiregem.png

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    France|GTM: +1:00
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    Ignore the "last connection" timer, it's false as I am often online in invisible mode c:
    I get a mail notification if I get a PM and I check my mail at least once a day!
    You may contact me on Discord if you want, my ID is Evariel#6157, I'll answer faster! :D

    Hi all :3

    Feel free to ask if you want to trade for something ! I usually accept/do IOUs.
    I will gladly breed my holiday checkers for free if you need one of them as mate for your dragons ! c:

    /!\ Not interested by ugly/inbreed lineages, drakes, pygmies, prizes and unbreedables except if I ask for in trades.
    Exeption for purple, blue, yellow dinos for freezing.


    ** General Wishlist (from most to less important c:) **

    - CB coded breedable dragon (not pygmies, drakes or 2-headed) with code "chat", "purr", "meow", "claw", "lord", "lady", "noir", "black", "rain", "sushi", "river", "echo", "cake", "time"
    (L/I/l/i have to be the correct letter, but will accept o/O/0)
    - CB coded breedable dragon with full-numbers code
    - 2nd gen prizekins
    - CB coded breedable dragon with french or english code
    - CB coded breedable dragon with name code (first letter is a caps and the code is pronouncable)
    - CB hatchies (especially Monarchs, Falconiforms and white Zyus)
    - Nice lineaged hatchies (especially perfect checkers!)


    ** Missing CB Dragons - Wishlist **

    Aria - 1M
    Balloon - 1M
    Bauta - 1M
    Brute - 1F
    Candelabra - 1F
    Copper (Brown) - 1F
    Dorsal (Red) - 1M
    Fell - 2M 1F
    Fire Gem (Blue) - 1M 1F
    Gilded Bloodscale - 1M
    Gold - 1M 1F
    Greater Spotted - 1M 1F
    Honey - 1M 1F
    Kyanite - 1M
    Lumina (Dark) - 1F
    Plated Colossus - 1F
    Seragamma - 1M
    Striped River - 1F
    Two-headed Lindwyrm (Purple) - 2M 1F
    Two-headed Lindwyrm (Green) - 1M 1F
    Xenowyrm (Chrono) - 1M 1F
    Xenowyrm (Gaia) - 2M 1F
    Zyumorph (Pink) - 1M 1F
    Zyumorph (Blue) - 1M
    Zyumorph (Yellow) - 1M 1F
    Zyumorph (Red) - 1F