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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Hunting for two minutes and I found Meuhr. Hope he likes Dimra. :T So far I've only had one PB name code pair refuse, and I want it to stay that way.

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First had a Hawk that thinks it's a bird, now I have another one that thinks it's a cat.


Also, have this Gilded Bloodscale that seems happy by some reason, I can relate, since I have few two-headed dragons so, "yESS!"

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Looks like our bot lane has disconnected. Or has our chat bot disconnected?



It's Iran!



MOOT7, named Moot the Seventh, happens to be the 7th in his lineage.



And then there's just Jomin.


Got myself a Yeti!

Not just a Yeti, that's VERY Yeti!

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Again Again Again....


user posted image

"Code is love. code is life."






Imoticon code



Fove... related to virtual reality



Nlim meaning ..... in my native language. (Hard to explain)



1.Related to religion

2.Maybe noon?

3.means "Eye(s)", "Snow" in korean language. (Pronounce similar noon)



Name code



Decide to keep






For freezing

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~Please use /lineage/ links for growing dragons~ /FheyK]Hey[/url]

xd.png that code is ridiculous

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~Please use /lineage/ links instead of /view/ links by replacing /view/ with /lineage/ in the url~ slAps]Slaps

This brute is kinda mean?

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Just caught an 'iHcpd' - "I hiccupped" that made me laugh when I noticed it. If it wasn't a CB I need for a project I would freeze it with that name.

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