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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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VESst - Vest.

ALck1 - A Lick/Luck/Lack 1.

4XfUx - Well, I certainly know how much my Black Tea cares now... (4xfUx, meaning an amount of four... read it loud)

66Fk - 66 of the same thing as the aforementioned dragon.

fUtS7 - In Romanian, 'fut S7 really means 'I f*** an S7" (the phone or whatever it is). I did not know that a dragon can do that to an S7, but everyone with its interests and likings, I won't judge him...

IIUup - Sounds familiar, bronies and pegasisters? xd.png

1SuV - 1 SUV.

cKiD - C (see) Kid, the dragon above is your father!

a3Kik - Kick that A3 size page! It does not have that it had Kik in its code, like in the application.

popX - He really loves pop music.

Era7O - This one loves the seventies era.

breQ - Oh dear, he just wants a break!

idOt - I dot. Or maybe idiot. He is breQ's son as well.

MqdPi - Almost Mad Pi. I think she is a born mathematician.

Yaccc - Yuck!

UA1t8 - No sweetie, you are not an alt.

avtwM - Read as Autumn. Ironically, he was born in spring.

duetJ - Duet J. He is the J in a duet, it seems.

eIPri - El Prince(ss), or the Egg (Ei) Prince(ss) if we go by German.


F6mE- No, I won't F6 you, I have no idea how to do that.

kL2Ye - Kill to ye!

FGgEt - Add an 'a' between 'f' and 'g' and swap the 'e' for an 'o', and tell me what you get...

UhED - Uh, ED (either Ed as in a person or in ending). Or maybe she just uh'ed.

v5Ceu - In Romanian, if you swap the 5 for an 'e', you get the word for WC.

f5GOd - I bred this one and decided to abandon it, but he is THE F5 GOD!

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Last night I decided to try and grab a Summer or two before going to bed, and I found Swamp~! (CB Lumina, fogged at the moment.) My first non-plural word code. ♥

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I have a Spitfire called LoGZ

And my first dragon ever, a Bright-Breasted called HUN9T -- I called him HUN9TER of course


And I recently picked up a White egg with a nice lineage, then I noticed the parent's codes xd.pngD


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I have a new robe, found a pony, & have my very own troop.


If Tro0P goes female (I didn't influence) it would make a great potential mate for the tinsel coded ARMY... only I don't know who owns him

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Some that I have come across in my Lair:


B2dLu = Be today Lu or maybe just Lu

DiPGV = Dip (makes me hungry)

laVuh = I think it is trying to say lava


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I spied with my little eye a neat little Coastal Waverunner~

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A friend of a friend bred a shape that they didn't want, so they asked if I'd like it. Thank you both~!

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