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Note: My old forum-name is Bamboomonkey as it's also my scroll name.

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    Hello everyone!

    I've been on Dragon Cave since 2009, with couple of time-outs now and then. I'm still collecting some holiday breeds that I've missed during the years. Only recently I have learned a lot of new stuff about how the site actually works, and started working on lineages too. Either way, I have always loved the site a lot ♡ One of my goals is to achieve all the frozen hatchling sprites(love how cute they are and looks nice on the scroll :3), and those eggs I often pick up from the AP. I like code-collecting too, especially word-codes. I name all my dragons except the cool-coded ones, as their code works as their name.

    *Kind of a wishlist*:

    CB red nebula
    CB silver
    CB gold (male)
    Purple Dino