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who knew that high school would be the reason for the extinction of free time?(will try to be on as much as possible, but dont hold out"

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    2nd gen prizes:

    It is ok to pm me to be put on the list to recieve a trade link for a 2nd gen prize dragons, but I will not do lists. As soon as I succesfully breed I will put up a trade link and email to everyone who has requested a 2nd gen, I may not reply to your pm because there are way too many in my inbox, but you will get the trade link. The most tempting offer gets the egg. Also, you may pm me with other offers such as IOU's or stuff on other sites, as well as drawings, etc, only after you have gotten the trade link, not before.(please offer a dummy egg on the trade). I will repeat as often as possible. if you are not willing to accept a shimmer fail tell me, I won't include you in the trade of a shimmer fail. If you get one of my 2nd gen prizes you must name it and keep it safe on your scroll. An egg will stay in trade for about 2 days before I choose an offer, unless I get one that's beyond amazing. Every 4 2g eggs that are bred I will breed one egg for myself, to do whatever I want with it.

    I am looking for: cb dark myst hatchlings, paper, dinos, chickens, dragon checkers with male whites, checkers with female blacks. Also, if you have any composition skills and the ability to write sheet music i will bow down and kiss the ground beneath your feet. or auditioning tips, id slave for those too.

    I like hugs too.
    I will breed pretty much everything for you for free if your nice, though my dragons reserve the right to refuse.

    Note to self:
    breed moonshark a 2g egg that is from my "fifth produced place"
    breed lilacamy931 a shiny thingy
    xeyla gets a nice suprise in the future
    tabitah and I continue the gifting circle
    -Kaela does not want tinselkin
    -Kasumi does not want tinselkin
    -norbercik no tinselkin
    (free offspring for finished, hit me with a pm)
    royal blue x royal red checker FINISHED!
    white x stripe checker DONE
    (m white x any multicolored checker)
    Electric x ember DONE
    cassare X gold DONE
    blusang x gold DONE
    STD x gold DONE
    GW x gold
    silver x blue band
    pillow x neostripe
    egg treasure hunt
    copper x thunder?????
    blusang x deep sea DONE
    hellfire and falcon fire

    Odds are male
    Evens are female

    128 males start, 128 females start