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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Picked up a Crimson Flare Pygmy with the code GpOdS... I might not keep it, but whatever. It's kinda cool, I guess.

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Just found out that I have a Cavern Lurker with the code kAV8D. It fits so well, and I never realized :o

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I don't have many dragons with word codes; though it looks like that's going to change!


Picked these up in the past couple of days;

A Guardian that takes its job seriously: Cop

A Pink who also thinks it's a cow: Moo

A Water who shares the same name as my sister: Jess



As for my Adult dragons with cool/word codes, these are all I have;

A Bluna that says hi: Hey

One speedy Canopy: Zoom

A historically interested Ember: 1916

One loud Hellfire: Noisy

A Nebula that understands why it's important to take medication in measured amounts: Dose

A bow wielding Nocturne: Bow

This Pink says yes: Yes

A Ridgewing with a big mouth: Gob

A toothless Royal Crimson: Gums

A rad Spitfire: Rad

This stone says d'oh: D'oh

This Sunset says no: No

A warm Sunsong: Warm

An old Sunstone?: Haggard

One foxy White: Fox


Wow, I have more cool codes than I thought I would. xd.png

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I've been sent a Dino today. The little one's code made me laugh biggrin.gifWwEBz

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I caught "rKneW" in the cave a few days ago xd.png I might pair it with sEENt xP

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I have a male vamp hatchie with 1ICK7 as it's code. I don't think I will name it but leave the code as is. laugh.gif

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CB Stone Dragon with cool code: DIre2




Want to make sure you really want this, so send me a junk egg off the AP to get.


I really need this off my scroll asap. First person who responds with a junk egg gets it.



Offer Junk Eggie

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I just found a CB Tan Ridgewing with the code psYFp


It shall be dancing on my scroll forever... ._.

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