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IOU Friendly male-vamp-5-anim.gif The Count Project female-vamp-5-anim.gif • Credits for all artwork in profile •

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    Credits for artwork in signature:

    ARK LISTED dragon white (resized): Sif
    Honorable Mention Star (resized): Whispyr
    ARK Lister dragon green (resized): irrelevantindigo
    ARK HM (resized): irrelevantindigo
    ARK Banner: irrelevantindigo
    Animated Vampire sprites: pinkgothic
    Fire Gem Cycler: Shokomon, pinkgothic
    Lunar Herald Cycler: Shokomon, pinkgothic
    Scroll Banner: tj09

    Avatar NCR Ranger (recoloured, cropped): Bethesda Softworks & Obsidian Entertainment
    Avatar Cat (recoloured, cropped): Me
    Avatar Snake (cropped, contrast increased, sharpened): Unknown original creator

    📦📦📦 Breeding Requests 📦📦📦

    My breeding requests, trades and IOUs come with a replacement warranty where the parents are on my scroll. Where they misgender, refuse their mate or miscolour, I will replace them free of charge. Just shoot me a PM letting me know which pair you would like another egg from and I'll get to work on it. ツ

    I've taken the Aegis Oath. Any offspring from either of my caveborn Aegis dragons is guaranteed to have the Aegis form remain the same. In the case of checker lineages, those that are on my scroll will also remain the same form as per the lineage.

    Likewise, once my Pitfire dragons produce offspring, their form will remain the same (normal or exalted). I exalt my CBs shortly after they mature, as I will with lineaged Pitfires. In the case of dragons bred from 2G+ Pitfires, the dragons on my scroll will remain the same form as per the lineage.

    📥📤📥 IOU/UOM & Breeding Request Tracker 📤📥📤

    Breeding (Holiday):

    I owe you:

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