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I accept IOUs! Neglected egg Sometimes I make Neglected Dragons Neglected egg PM me if you'd like to be on the contact list. Usual trade: 50 cb common hatchies or 40 lineaged eggs hatched. May need hatchies to be held until lower time if I'm locked.

I collect Lyrical Lineages, and CBs of: celestials, honey drakes, greenwings, olives, tatterdrakes, fire gems, pipios, vremya drakes, aeria gloris, and lihnseyres. See profile for a bigger wishlist.

The Lyrical Lineages Guide and Database  - shoko.png clocks.gif

image.png.0f27206f0a002ef3573b1cb6cbc2e146.png Join us on the Unofficial DC Discord! Includes a channel for information and assistance on making neglecteds yourself!