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I accept IOUs. I am looking for a 3rd gen shimmer from a male silver shimmer x a blue or purple colored dragon with a mate of my choice. I'd be willing to provide a 3rd gen shimmer of your choice in return. If you would like me to breed my dragons for you, feel free to PM me. I accept breeding requests for my 4th gen and greater tinsels, but I do not keep lists. I am looking for 2nd gen tinsels with specific breeding partners; I'll do extensive trades for any opportunity. My lost NDs: JWhn and F5rk.My Scroll Personal Lineages ndbanner.pngARK2-1.gif

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    I try to respond to PMs, but I go through phases where it is incredibly difficult to respond (even with "no, thanks").

    2nd gen gold tinsel
    2nd gen silver tinsel
    2nd gen prize offspring

    If you'd be willing to do a trade for any of the above, please feel free to contact me at any time.

    I am looking for 3rd gen shimmerswaps for Tyche Lunar Halo, Lieghtenstein, or Haku Kohakunushi. Let me know if you can produce one, and I'm sure we can come to an agreement.

    I gift forward gifts of shimmerscales, I trade the offspring of ones I traded for. I am not keeping lists right now. Please only PM me about a shimmerscale trade if I have an active trade which you are specifically offering on.

    Shimmerscale lines I have:
    2nd gen from brFA8 w/red nebula (traded)
    2nd gen from Huntr w/royal blue (traded)
    2nd gen from Utren Shim w/BBW (gift)
    2nd gen from Shimmerdust w/wrapping-wing (traded)
    3rd gen stairstep from filly w/red (traded)
    3rd gen stairstep from Satan w/magi (traded)
    4th gen stairstep from Crazy little Diamond w/SW (traded)
    2nd gen from Layla w/purple (traded)
    2nd gen from Kawa-no-Kami w/speckle (traded)
    3rd gen spiral from C0L0R w/moonstone (traded)
    3rd gen stairstep from xDire 3-breed (traded)
    3rd gen spiral from Shine w/blusang (traded)
    4th gen stairstep from zilver prise d w/SW (traded)
    6th gen mixed from KARIS (traded)
    4th gen staircase from Simoniac w/lumina (traded)

    Tinsel lines I have (lowest gens of each lineage only, messy excluded):

    3rd gen even from Living in Sin
    4th gen even from Gold Epica
    5th gen ice staircase from AGYI
    5th gen sunset staircase from Living in Sin

    3rd gen white staircase from booo
    3rd gen marrow staircase from Penk
    3rd gen sunset staircase from TREE
    4th gen stripe staircase from Erno
    4th gen Val '09 staircase from Dawn's Silver Medal
    5th gen even from Abby
    5th gen black x Val '09 staircase from Penk

    2nd gen with ember from Cayvyn
    3rd gen purple staircase from Antihypertensive
    3rd gen autumn staircase from Darkrose
    3rd gen hellfire staircase from Brazen Zalvaris CB
    3rd gen terrae staircase from Tanoth the Dragon King
    4th gen marrow staircase from the unspeakable bronze tinsel
    4th gen vine spiral from the unspeakable bronze tinsel
    4th gen ember staircase from Bronze Ivy
    4th gen even from Alcoholic
    4th gen hellfire staircase from Galletian Victory
    4th gen red spiral from Galletian Victory
    5th gen white staircase from Darkrose
    5th gen hellfire staircase from ARMY
    5th gen red nebula staircase from Cayvyn
    5th gen frill staircase from Aht6

    Otherwise, I have CBs of everything except a bright pink, a holly or a (2008) vampire.

    My Descriptions:
    Hollen: http://dragcave.net/view/rM8Z
    Cherish: http://dragcave.net/view/YLDp
    Scion: http://dragcave.net/view/gwwX
    Muyou (pending): http://dragcave.net/view/3vLAL