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    I'm writing this in the spring of 2017. I no longer play Dragon Cave.

    If you'd like to contact me, it's better to do so via the e-mail option rather than the DC forum itself, since my inbox is limited and I don't really check this place.

    My account got disabled in May 2015. I never got a clear explanation on what I had done wrong, and after a few months of trying to solve the problem, where I provided a bunch of information and did everything I could, I got tired of it and left the site. It was a very rough time for me - I loved DC and I was very attached to my dragons. The situation felt very unfair and it left me in distress, with a lot of bitter feelings.

    Nowadays I'm doing okay! So in case you happen to be reading this and wondering - finally, all is well. :) And even getting back to this forum to read a sudden message or whatnot doesn't bring back anything negative and dark anymore, it really feels refreshing to feel free of this now.

    I wish everyone all the best. Take care, please! <3