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2018-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 12th Birthday!

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"This green and silver egg lurks in the shadows, tempting you to steal it." Coast. (Sorts between Kyanite and Little Tree).


"This red and gold egg sits before the others, almost daring you to grab it." Volcano. (Sorts between Little Tree and Lumina).


"This blue and bronze egg piques your curiosity." Alpine. (Sorts between Radiant Angel and Red).


"This heavy egg has an earthy scent, like freshly-tilled soil." Forest. (Sorts between Magma and Misfit).

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Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! I can't believe we're the same age now. Spooky.

The eggs look super pretty! And I Love good new features :D




Lastly, remember to fog your eggs, folks!

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Happy Birthday Dragcave!


OMG the Red Dragons are so COOL!

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Happy Birthday, DC! LOVE the new look of the Reds and the Seasonals -- especially Winter! 😍

I managed to snag 2 of each exempt for Volcano before being egglocked. 😂 Hopefully I can get my second one before they're hard to get. 

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