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Miss Elizabeth's breeding info in profile. Seeking the names "Mr Potter, "Mr Malfoy," and "Miss Brown."

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    Hogwarts/One Semester at Pigfarts
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    Miss Elizabeth: www.dragcave.net/lineage/Clayr

    Last bred:
    1/15 11:07am dc time
    Ember (kin)

    Next: (Subject to change due to holiday breeding, new releases, fulfilled ious, added ious, me skipping my personal breeding week, or "me messing up and not having the mate available to breed" accidents. Will rotate IOU breeding and one breeding for me, with the exception of lunar heralds, which will be bred during the appropriate lunar cycles!)

    1/22: silver
    1/29: A holiday mate?
    2/8? Or whenever it is?: First day of Valentine's breeding - Heartseeker
    2/?: Holiday mate - Holly, Garland, Witchlight?

    ***Remember to send PM to ForeverFlygon in second week of Jan, about blh breeding!***

    IOU list closed for now, except for 2g holidays from spriter's alts, specific common eggs from spriter's alts, things on my prize/kin wishlists, prize swaps, and the name "Mr Potter," "Mr Malfoy," and "Miss Brown" with no extra spaces.

    Feel free to PM me, I will always do my best to reply! Please be aware that I will not make any prize IOUs from very new or very common breeds (kin is fine, though) and I may ask to do a set number of tries before switching to a backup mate breed.

    Prizekin wishlist:

    - 2g specklethroat prizekin from specklethroat X f silver tinsel (not GiR01)
    - 2g green gemshard prizekin from male bronze tinsel (not eqpNe)
    - 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar x m gold tinsel (not Snape)
    - 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar herald X f silver shimmer (not Luckiest Catch)
    - 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar herald x m bronze tinsel (not Sweet Fawn)
    - 2g mageia prizekin from mageia X f bronze shimmer
    - 2g prizekin from blue, bronze, or silver lunar herald X f bronze shimmer (with matching lunar parent)
    - 2g prizekin from ______ X f bronze shimmer

    Prize Wishlist:

    - 2g prize from any lunar herald
    - Other 2g prizes from female bronze shimmers
    - 2g bronze shimmer from male chrono, not from ZLena or Mysha
    - 2g bronze shimmer from witchlight, not from Latte or Chelonia Cliff

    Fairly normal things wishlist:

    - Prize checkers, any gen
    - Alt sweetling checkers, any gen
    - Pretty checker lineages, both holiday and regular dragons
    - CB hatchlings or checkers from my favorite breeds: xenos, lunar heralds, deep seas, specklethroats, aeons, autumns, sunsongs, ... lots of others.


    IOUs (from me)

    Keeping log of attempts :)
    - nairnine - 1 each zyu kin - yellow (2 no egg, 1 prize, 1 kin - done!), white (1 kin - done), blue (1 kin - done), pink, red, black (1 kin - done)
    - lorimmel - 3g Caligene x shimmer (3 no egg, 1 prize - done!), 3g neo checker (9 kin), 3g chrono checker (6 kin, 2 no egg)
    - Lazurite - Heartseeker from shimmer, bred on 1st day of Valentine's week (check in at beginning of Feb!)
    -ForeverFlygon - ember from prize (1 no egg, 1 kin-done!), 42 embers/bloodscales (9 done)
    -Rekha - wishlist stuff (cbm slh, cb silver, cb red firegem, cb brlh x 2)
    -soulchaser- 2g prize or silver from silver


    IOUs(to me)

    - nairnine- kin - blue, bronze, silver lh, kingscrowne (done), deep sea, albino
    - Nicola - 2g from blue lunar herald
    - Rekha - prizekin

    Unfulfilled IOUs (to me):
    - sinthralas - spessartine kin from Roark (gone inactive?)


    Not IOUs, but keeping them in mind:

    - MIGOR - shimmer lines - check list!
    - soulchaser - pm if I get silver prizekin