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    Hogwarts/One Semester at Pigfarts
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    Wishlist: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/137455-the-complete-your-scroll-wish-list-thread/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-9640384

    Miss Elizabeth: www.dragcave.net/lineage/Clayr

    Notes on Miss E:
    - Feel free to PM me, I will always do my best to reply!
    - Breeding schedule is flexible due to new IOUs, mistakes, holidays, lunar cycles, and new releases, but generally I rotate IOU breeding and one breeding for me.
    - Please be aware that I will not make any prize IOUs from very new or very common breeds (kin is fine, though) and I may ask to do a set number of tries before switching to a backup mate breed.
    - If your egg reaches hatching time (4 days, without incubate bsa) without you picking it up or contacting me about a delay, I will hatch and trade it, and remove you from the breeding rotation until I hear back from you. (This is to prevent me from getting into a cycle of futile breeding if a user has become inactive or stops checking PMs. It also gives me a clear time frame, so I don't end up holding eggs/hatchlings indefinitely.)

    Last bred:
    2/14: Floral-crowned (4!)
    2/21: Pink Sweetling
    2/28: Floral-crowned
    3/7: Pink Sweetling?


    IOUs and To-Do List (from me):
    - R - checker prizes from Roz - specklethroat (argh they're being stubborn) and silver lunar (sent)
    - TD - 2g Arcana from prize
    - Shu - 2g prize from sweetling
    - MH - 2g silver from alt sweetling

    IOUs(to me)


    IOUs on hold (from me)
    - N - 1 each zyu kin - all but red zyu (not picked up) (inactive?)

    Unfulfilled IOUs (to me):
    - sinthralas - spessartine kin from Roark (gone inactive?)
    - nairnine - kin - blue, bronze (done!), silver lh, kingscrowne (done), deep sea, albino (super duper done!)

    Not IOUs, but keeping them in mind:

    - MIGOR - shimmer lines - check list! (silver, pyro)
    - Brekke - A Pern thing