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    Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Jigglypuff, Jedi .


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    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry/One Semester at Pigfarts
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    Tofu-blended-yogurt is my name. Toyo is fine, however. I



    Miss Elizabeth:
    Miss Elizabeth's tried-and-true mates:

    (Will rotate IOU breeding and one breeding for me, with the exception of lunar herald IOUs, which will be bred during the appropriate lunar cycles!)

    Last bred:
    1257 cave time
    7/14 summer (prize)

    Next: (Subject to change due to new releases, fulfilled ious, added ious, me skipping my personal breeding week, or "me messing up and not having the mate available to breed" accidents)

    7/21: thunder
    7/28: js


    Prize/kin wishlist:

    - 2g specklethroat prizekin from specklethroat X f silver tinsel (not GiR01)
    - 2g green gemshard prizekin from male bronze tinsel (not gUYZI)
    - 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar x m gold tinsel (not Snape)
    - 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar herald X silver shimmer (not Luckiest Catch)
    - 2g mageia prizekin from mageia X f bronze shimmer
    - 2g prizekin from any lunar herald X f bronze shimmer (with matching lunar parent)
    - 2g prizekin from ______ X f bronze shimmer

    Prize Wishlist:

    - 2g prize from any lunar herald
    - Other 2g prizes
    - 2g bronze shimmer from male chrono, not from ZLena or Mysha


    IOUs (from me)

    - shopfront - 2g thunder prizekin
    - js - 2g
    - Coyote - swap (shadow walker?)


    IOUs(to me)

    - sinthralas - spessartine kin
    - shopfront - future 3g thunder from shimmer checker
    - coyote - swap (snow?)
    - Coyote - 2g mageia prizekin
    - artiuslove - 2g vine from silver tin
    - js - hatchlings


    IOUs(on hold)

    - ~X~ - 2g from RA (on hold)


    Not IOUs, but keeping them in mind:

    - Tempestsea- deserves a glomp (tried?)
    - Padfootandmoony- 3g from coppers (sent 3/15, but not picked up)
    - MIGOR - shimmer lines - check list! (Thunder)
    - soulchaser - pm if I get silver prizekin