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Nickname: JT, Naraku, or Konz.

scroll | Read profile for wishlist/Prize/IOU details. | Cave Time | English is not my native language.

"wow" - Dragon Cave May 15, 2k18
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    I'm a... man of few words. Please don't be surprised if my posts/PMs seem short. Feel free to PM me if you need to contact me for any reason. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I never harm gifts! I'm also active on UDC Discord, feel free to ping me there (nickname is Konz#8394). Also please feel free to ask me to clarify anything I say. Sometimes my English can be a little weird/wordy.

    I enjoy creating 2D and 3D art: painting and modeling/sculpting. I also program games with C# (nothing fancy though, really).

    --------- Shirouneri - Silver Tinsel Policy ------------

    *** Currently NOT looking for trades, save those initiated by me. ***

    Ok - Holidays off-season, old breeds (before 2015).
    Maybe - new-ish breeds, (2015-mid 2017; at least over a year old and half) PM to ask.
    No - Celestials, during Holiday season, new breeds (less than one year old), and few certain breeds I personally dislike.

    There will be exceptions in most of the above policies when I breed for myself. I may decide to trade/gift it away.

    More details on allowed mates coming soon.

    ---------- Hoarding Wishlists ----------

    (in no particular order - CB preferred, but I'm cool with any lineages if it's a low-time egg or hatchie. Subject to change.)


    - Sunsong
    - Kingcrowne
    - Fire Gem
    - Sunrise
    - Lacula
    - Leodon
    - Spirit Ward
    - BSAs: Aeon, Pink, Red (need lots and lots of reds/pinks)


    - Winter Magi
    - Omen


    - Any CB creature coded of the following with little variations as possible: (Jorge), and (xKONZ), will give a Neglected for those.
    - 3G ≥ Gold Shimmer
    - 3G ≥ Silver Shimmer
    - CB F Silver, CB M Gold
    - Any CB standard dragons with naughty codes

    No (will gladly take any hatchies for freezing, though):

    - Gemshard
    - Celestial
    - Fell
    - Any Drakes (except Glaucus and Tattered),
    - Any Two-Headeds
    - Any Pygmies (except Dusk)

    ---------- IOUs (as of 4/23/18) ----------

    I accept IOUs on case-by-case basis. By offering or accepting an IOU, you UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT the following conditions below. Those are set to help prevent, or at least reduce, potential misunderstandings/things going sour in the future for both sides. Thank you for understanding.

    Both sides:

    - No long term IOUs (6+ months). 2G Spriter's Alts are a sole exception.
    - Communication is important, especially when either side is/will be unable to take the offered IOU for some time.

    Offering an IOU to me:

    - Must have 500+ dragons, be active on DCF/UDCD, good rep, etc. I'm fairly flexible on this.
    - Once the hatchies on my scroll hit under 4d 12h, with no communication beforehand, they will be marked as fulfilled, and I will be free to decide what to do with them.


    Owed to me:
    (UDCD) - 1/2 CB Silvers
    (UDCD) - 35/50 CB Leodon/Lacula hatchies

    (DCF) - 1 CB Blue Fire Gem egg
    (UDCD) - Arsani hatchies
    (UDCD) - Female Baikala/Fell hatchie

    Owed by me:
    (UDCD) 2G Silver Tinsel x Upside-down Mint
    ~ 6/6/18 - Tinselkin
    ~ 6/13/18 - No interest
    ~ 6/20/18 - No interest
    ~ 6/27/18

    (UDCD) - 4 CB Red hatchies
    (UDCD) - 1 CB Male Aeon hatchie
    (UDCD) - 15 of each Tatterdrakes and Red Tail Wyrms
    (UDCD) - 1 Genderless ND hatchie
    (DCF) - 2G from m Waterhorse x f Purple Ridgewing
    (DCF) 2G P.Floret from m P.Floret x f Antarean
    (DCF) 3G from Spirit Ward Omen-kins
    (DCF) 2G from m Aeon x f Marrow

    ---------- Credits/Other ----------

    **icon pixel art by me.
    **Kingcrowne from 2018 Valentine Event. Lacula by Shajana.