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scroll | Read profile for wishlist/IOU details. | Cave Time | I accurately predicted the Trading Hub.

"wow" - Dragon Cave May 15, 2k18 at 4am

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    Kagewaki's Castle
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    I'm a... man of few words. Please don't be surprised if my posts/PMs seem short. Feel free to PM me if you need to contact me for any reason. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Please feel free to ask me to clarify anything I say. Sometimes my English can be a little wonky.

    I enjoy creating 2D and 3D art: painting and modeling/sculpting. I also program games with C# (nothing fancy though, really).

    --------- Shirouneri - Silver Tinsel Policy ------------

    *** Don't PM regarding her. Currently NOT looking for trades on here, save those initiated by me. ***

    Ok - Holidays off-season, old breeds (before 2015).
    Maybe - new-ish breeds, (2015-mid 2017; at least over 1 year old) PM to ask.
    No - Celestials, Upside Down Mint, during Holiday season, new breeds (less than ~1 year old), and few specific breeds I personally dislike.

    There will be exceptions in most of the above when I breed for myself. I may decide to trade/gift it away.

    Planned: Kins: Deep Sea, Teimarr, Aeon | Astrapi, Aria

    ---------- Hoarding Wishlists ----------

    (in no particular order - CB highly preferred.)


    - Sunsong
    - Kingcrowne
    - Fire Gem
    - Sunrise
    - Lacula
    - Leodon
    - Spirit Ward
    - BSAs: Pinks, reds, purples, aeons - lineage doesn't matter here


    - Winter Magi
    - Omen


    - Any CB standard dragons with naughty codes, preferably 4-5 letters (low priority)

    ---------- Scroll Completion Wishlist ----------

    - 3G ≥ Gold Shimmer (stairstep or checker)
    - 3G ≥ Silver Shimmer (stairstep or checker)
    - Any lineage s1/s2 hatchie I still need for freeze collection: https://dragcave.net/group/56319 (1 freeze for each unique stages. If you have what I need, please contact me to check my current freeze slots)
    - Miscellaneous breeds with a gender I'm still missing.

    ---------- IOUs (as of 8/20/18) ----------

    I accept IOUs on case-by-case basis. By offering or accepting an IOU, you understand and accept the following conditions below. Those are set to help prevent, or at least reduce, potential misunderstandings/things going sour in the future for both sides. Thank you for understanding.
    I will hold your IOUs for up to 72 hours. But if they're not claimed, they will be marked as fulfilled; I will be free to decide what to do with them.


    - NO putting the IOU(s) off in any way; 2 months after IOU initiation is the deadline. Applies to ALL types of IOUs, including the ±40 hatchies IOUs. 2G Spriter's Alts, 2G Prizes are the only exceptions. I will allow time extension by 1 week if a release happens.
    - Communication is incredibly important to me. I refuse to tolerate radio silence. Talk with me, we'll work something out. Seriously.


    - Must have 500+ dragons (i'm fairly flexible on this), be active on DCF/UDCD, good rep (includes -not- being unnecessarily harsh to other users anywhere. I lurk a lot, so... Respect others the way you want to be respected, period.), etc.
    - Please be committed with working on owed stuffs to some degree. I do not want to wait for longer than 2 months.
    - See Communication above. I'm generally pretty understanding, but if I get excuses or radio silences, no more messages will be sent until past the deadline.

    Not abiding by any of those, due to lack of communication and commitment, will be considered a failure and blacklisted (and blocked on Discord, if any). Do not attempt to contact/harass me directly, or on behalf of the blacklisted person, copy and paste this IOU section and give it to 'em instead. Nobody has been blacklisted yet. DM me via *Discord* to see my blacklist, I will only provide you a list of username(s). Do not ask why they were blacklisted - this paragraph explains it all.


    Owed to me:

    (UDCD) Kin of Lacula/Leodon/8 cb leodon/lacula hatchies
    (UDCD) 11/40 Pink/Red hatchies, any lineage

    (DCF) - 1 CB Blue Fire Gem egg
    (UDCD) - 2 Arsani hatchies
    (UDCD) - 1 Female Baikala/Fell hatchie
    (UDCD) - 50 CB Leodon/Lacula hatchies
    (UDCD) - 2 CB Silvers
    (UDCD) - 20 CB Leodon/Lacula hatchies
    (UDCD) 47/40 hoard wishlist CB hatchies <3
    (UDCD) 1 Ungendered antarean, 1 ungendered, 1 s2 any gender blue baikakas
    (UDCD) 6 CB Lacula/leodon/spirit ward hatchies
    (UDCD) 5 Red hatchies

    Owed by me:

    (UDCD) - 4 CB Red hatchies
    (UDCD) - 1 CB Male Aeon hatchie
    (UDCD) - 15 of each Tatterdrakes and Red Tail Wyrms
    (UDCD) - 1 Genderless ND hatchie
    (DCF) - 2G from m Waterhorse x f Purple Ridgewing
    (DCF) 2G P.Floret from m P.Floret x f Antarean
    (DCF) 3G from Spirit Ward Omen-kins
    (DCF) 2G from m Aeon x f Marrow
    (UDCD) Silver Tinsel x Upside-down Mint/Summer - 6 weeks
    (UDCD) Silver Tinsel x Tsunami - 3 weeks

    ---------- Credits/Other ----------

    **Sig: Lacula by Shajana.