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    What types of PM I'm willing to take?

    - My trades on trading hub? Or wanting the names on my dragons?
    ❌ No, sorry. Unless if you're an artist with Spriter Alt(s) (the ones i don't have 2g from yet, see group/5268) willing to offer an IOU or negotiate.

    - Breeding request/swap?
    ✔️ Sure, see Breeding Requests section before requesting though.

    Need my response in threads or whatever? Ping me. Or just PM.

    ———————— Breeding Requests ————————

    I breed for free for most of my dragons, as long as the request is reasonable. What they breed is what you get, though I'm willing to rebreed if their compatibility is good enough.

    I reserve the right to politely decline a requested pair or request a different mate. Some pairs may have very low compatibility, which would mean having to rebreed for weeks/months until an egg is produced from the pair. I'm not very patient with Prizes, so kindly refrain from requesting one for free.

    ———————— Hoarding/Misc. Wishlists ————————


    (I'm one of those picky code collectors. CB highly preferred, any breed excluding drake/unbreedable; no number as letter substitution for 4-5 letters word codes, may make few exceptions.)
    - 5 letters: Zonga, Yokai, Deity, Tarot, Loser, Deimo, Joker, Magic, Spidy, Dynal, Rodeo, Astra, Stella, Shark, Orion, Idate, Mekai, Aurum, (LF Poche, Corsa, Forza for a friend) ... Any 5 letters CB everyday English word code-- singular, common words preferred (like crazy, train, error, morse) but not a deal breaker (will consider things like foxes, voxes, fomes, colds). Will offer a ND IOU for those.
    - 4 letters: (must have nice caps): Nova, Mage, Igno, Star, Mesh, Vyse, Dark, Falz, Buer... I'm not very interested into anything else, with few exceptions.
    - CB code that combines "JT" and 3 letters word, e.g. BugJt, jTSuN, bOOjt


    - 2g saltkins, especially the rare ones

    Note: I'm not interested into any 2g prize lines, including PBs, excluding Penk/Jewel. If they are nothing notable, I'll most likely turn those down.

    ———————— Scroll Completion Wishlist ————————

    - Miscellaneous CB breeds with a gender I don't have. Such as CB female Black.

    ———————— Neglected Dragons ————————

    Yes, I create NDs. Occasionally. I only create them whenever I feel like it, or when I owe somebody a ND. I don't keep a list. I created my Market ND (zfSwt) on Aug 18, 2018, one of the few Market NDs out there. For my birthday, I was gifted an extra one (PQh4N) from Feesh's batch of Market exps.

    My turn rate is ~33%.

    ———————— Shirouneri : Female Silver Tinsel ————————

    PM regarding PB Prize Spiral Project OK, I can be contacted on discord for it as well.

    *** Npt looking for trades/swaps/requests on here, save those initiated by me. No PM regarding her, sorry and thank you. ***

    Planned prizekins: Astrapi
    Planned prize offsprings: Aria, Chronos

    ———————— IOUs (as of 1/13/19) ————————

    I no longer do IOUs on here (except with SAltkin owner offering a 2G SAltkin, especially ones I dont have in group/5268-- feel free to contact me!).

    Otherwise contact me on the unofficial Discord if you would like to negotiate one with me.


    // Owed TO me:

    (DCF) - 1 CB Blue Fire Gem egg
    (DCCD) - 2 Arsani hatchies
    (DCCD) - 1 Female Baikala/Fell hatchie
    (DCCD) - 50 CB Leodon/Lacula hatchies
    (DCCD) - 2 CB Silvers
    (DCCD) - 20 CB Leodon/Lacula hatchies
    (DCCD) - 47/40 hoard wishlist CB hatchies <3
    (DCCD) - 1 Ungendered antarean, 1 ungendered, 1 s2 any gender blue baikakas
    (DCCD) - 6 CB Lacula/leodon/spirit ward hatchies
    (DCCD) - 5 Red hatchies
    (DCCD) - 40 Pink/Red hatchies, any lineage
    (DCCD) - 8 CB Ash hatchies
    (DCCD) - 2 CB Ash hatchies
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Omens
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Silvers
    (DCCD) - 1 2G Blue Arcana SAltkin
    (DCCD) - 1 2G Black Arcana SAltkin
    (DCCD) - 6 CB Aether/Lacula/Purple hatchies
    (DCCD) - 4 lacula hatchies
    (DCCD) - 8 cb aqualis hatchies
    (DCCD) - 8 cb aqualis hatchies
    (DCCD) - 70 cb lacula/aqualis hatchies
    (DCCD) - 8 cb aqualis hatchies
    (DCCD) - 4 cb skysilk hatchies
    (DCCD) - 4 cb aeria gloris hatchies
    (DCCD) - 4 cb male sunset hatchies
    (DCCD) - 40 cb aeria/geminae/kovos hatchies
    (DCCD) - 40 cb aeria gloris/geminae hatchies
    (DCCD) - cb 5 letters english/spanish/french word code on any breed excluding drake and unbreedable
    (DCCD) 40 cb Tercorn hatchies
    (DCCD) 3 2019 halloween hatchies
    (DCCD) 3 2019 halloween hatchies
    (DM) 3 2019 halloween hatchies
    (DCCD) 1 2019 halloween hatchie
    (DCCD) - 8 aqualis hatchies
    (DCCD) 1 SA Blue Kohraki x common mate

    Did NOT fulfill:
    - Kin of Lacula/Leodon, or 8 cb leodon/lacula hatchies

    Note: Some of the IOU listed are technically not for trades, some are breeding requests, so I wouldn't forget.

    // Owed BY me:

    (DCCD) - 4 CB Red hatchies
    (DCCD) - 1 CB Male Aeon hatchie
    (DCCD) - 15 of each Tatterdrakes and Red Tail Wyrms
    (DCCD) - 1 Genderless ND hatchie
    (DCF) - 2G from m Waterhorse x f Purple Ridgewing
    (DCF) - 2G P.Floret from m P.Floret x f Antarean
    (DCF) - 3G from Spirit Ward Omen-kins
    (DCF) - 2G from m Aeon x f Marrow
    (DCCD) - Silver Tinsel x Upside-down Mint/Summer - 6 weeks
    (DCCD) - Silver Tinsel x Tsunami - 3 weeks
    (DCCD) - Three Prizekins - 4 weeks
    (DCCD) - 2 2G Prizes from Pacified Aegis - 2 weeks
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Genderless NDs
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Aeon hatchies
    (DCCD) - Prize from gilaz - 3 months
    (DCCD) - 2G Silver from Prize - 3 weeks
    (DCCD) - 2G Prize from Yulebuck - 2 weeks
    (DCCD) - 2G Prize from Spinel - 4 weeks
    (DCF) - Sapphire x Heartstealing - request
    (DCCD) - Bbear x foxes - request
    (DCCD) 3 2019 halloween hatchies

    Much thanks to all who paid off (or are still working on) their IOU to me!

    ———————— Credits/Other ————————

    Yeah. I'm still around. Occasionally chilling in the forum game section. Just avoiding the c... maddening forums. Aint nobody sane got time to argue that's more than likely for naught :^)

    Icon artwork by roisale- twitter

    I blacklist ill-mannered people without a second thought (even if no contact/message was made). Please hold the salt and be respectful to each other.