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scroll | check out my ND Market Crash | Read profile for wishlist/IOU details. | Probably slow to respond.
Current Dragon Body Types Reference, according to the Encyclopedia, as of 12/1/18

"wow" - TJ09 (Dragon Cave) May 15, 2k18 | The Great Market Crash November 5th, 2k18; never 4get 700 shards Gold
I hoard too many breeds.



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    I'm a... man of few words. Please don't be surprised if my posts/PMs seem short. Feel free to PM me if you need to contact me. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Please feel free to ask me to clarify anything I say. Sometimes my English can be a little wonky.

    ———————— Hoarding Wishlists ————————

    (in no particular order - CB preferred, any lineage OK if hatchie/low time egg!)


    - Ash
    - Aether
    - Sunsong
    - Kingcrowne
    - Fire Gem
    - Sunrise
    - Lacula
    - Leodon
    - Spirit Ward
    - Chrono

    - BSAs: Pinks, purples, aeons - lineage doesn't matter here


    - Winter Magi
    - Arcana
    - Omen


    (would prefer no number as letter substitution for 5 letters word codes. some of the listed codes may be already taken, so varying caps are definitely fine. specific codes listed are special to me)
    - Any CB standard dragons with naughty codes, preferably 4-5 letters. Zonga, Jorge, Yokai, Deity, Tarot, Deimo, Magic, Spidy, Dynal, Raptn, Frigi, Rodeo ... I also love basically any 5 letters common English word code. Will happily make a ND for those.
    - Also looking for: Konz*, Nova*, Mage*, Igno*, Star*, Duna*, Wild*, Yeet*, Nani*, West* ...

    ———————— Scroll Completion Wishlist ————————

    - 3G or lower Gold Shimmer (stairstep or checker)
    - 3G or lower Silver Shimmer (stairstep or checker)
    - Any lineage s1/s2 hatchie I still need for freeze collection: https://dragcave.net/group/56319 (1 freeze for each unique stages. If you have what I need, please contact me to check my current freeze slots)
    - Miscellaneous breeds with a gender I'm still missing.

    ———————— Neglected Dragons ————————

    Yes, I create NDs. Occasionally. I only create them whenever I feel like it, or when I owe somebody a ND. I don't keep a list. I created my Market ND on Aug 18, 2018. Possibly the only one in existence currently-- AFAIK anyway.

    My turn rate is ~33%.

    ———————— Shirouneri : Female Silver Tinsel ————————

    *** NOT looking for trades on here, save those initiated by me. No PM please. ***

    Ok - Holidays off-season, old breeds (before 2015).
    Maybe - new-ish breeds, (2015-mid 2017; at least over 1 year old) PM to ask.
    No - Celestials, Upside Down Mint, during Holiday season, new breeds (less than ~1 year old), and few specific breeds I personally dislike.

    There will be exceptions in most of the above when I breed for myself. I may decide to trade/gift it away.

    Planned kins: Astrapi, Aria, Tri SA

    ISO: 2G prize M Omen + F ST

    ———————— IOUs (as of 1/13/19) ————————

    Note: I no longer do IOUs on here (except with SAltkin owner offering a 2G SAltkin). Contact me on Discord if you would like to negotiate one with me.

    I accept IOUs on case-by-case basis. By offering or accepting an IOU, you understand and accept the following conditions below. Those are set to help prevent, or at least reduce, potential misunderstandings/things going sour in the future for both sides. Thank you for understanding.
    I will hold your IOUs for up to 72 hours. But if they're not claimed, they will be marked as fulfilled; I will be free to decide what to do with them.

    // BOTH SIDES:

    - No putting the IOU(s) off in any way; 2 months after IOU initiation is the deadline. Applies to ALL types of IOUs, including the ±40 hatchies IOUs. 2G Spriter's Alts and 2G Prizes are the only exceptions.
    - Communication is incredibly important to me. Talk with me, we'll work something out.


    - Must have 500+ dragons (i'm fairly flexible on this), be active on DCF/UDCD, good rep, etc.
    - Please be committed with working on owed stuffs to some degree. I do not want to wait for longer than 2 months.

    Not abiding by any of those, due to lack of communication and commitment, will be considered a failure and blacklisted (and blocked on Discord, if any). Do not attempt to contact/harass me directly, or on behalf of the blacklisted person. DM me via Discord to see my blacklist, I will provide you a list of username(s).

    1 has been blacklisted.


    // Owed TO me:

    (DCF) - 1 CB Blue Fire Gem egg
    (DCCD) - 2 Arsani hatchies
    (DCCD) - 1 Female Baikala/Fell hatchie
    (DCCD) - 50 CB Leodon/Lacula hatchies
    (DCCD) - 2 CB Silvers
    (DCCD) - 20 CB Leodon/Lacula hatchies
    (DCCD) - 47/40 hoard wishlist CB hatchies <3
    (DCCD) - 1 Ungendered antarean, 1 ungendered, 1 s2 any gender blue baikakas
    (DCCD) - 6 CB Lacula/leodon/spirit ward hatchies
    (DCCD) - 5 Red hatchies
    (DCCD) - 40 Pink/Red hatchies, any lineage
    (DCCD) - 8 CB Ash hatchies
    (DCCD) - 2 CB Ash hatchies
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Omens
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Silvers
    (DCCD) - 1 2G Blue Arcana SAltkin
    (DCCD) - 1 2G Black Arcana SAltkin
    (DCCD) - 6 CB Aether/Lacula/Purple hatchies

    Did NOT fulfill:
    - Kin of Lacula/Leodon, or 8 cb leodon/lacula hatchies

    // Owed BY me:
    (DCCD) - 2G Silver from Prize
    (DCCD) - 2G Prize from Yulebuck

    (DCCD) - 4 CB Red hatchies
    (DCCD) - 1 CB Male Aeon hatchie
    (DCCD) - 15 of each Tatterdrakes and Red Tail Wyrms
    (DCCD) - 1 Genderless ND hatchie
    (DCF) - 2G from m Waterhorse x f Purple Ridgewing
    (DCF) - 2G P.Floret from m P.Floret x f Antarean
    (DCF) - 3G from Spirit Ward Omen-kins
    (DCF) - 2G from m Aeon x f Marrow
    (DCCD) - Silver Tinsel x Upside-down Mint/Summer - 6 weeks
    (DCCD) - Silver Tinsel x Tsunami - 3 weeks
    (DCCD) - Three Prizekins
    (DCCD) - 2 2G Prizes from Pacified Aegis - 2 weeks
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Genderless NDs
    (DCCD) - 4 CB Aeon hatchies
    (DCCD) - Prize from gilaz

    Much thanks to all who paid off (or are still working on) their IOU to me!

    ———————— Credits/Other ————————