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Mini art hiatus till mid to late November. May still do sketches, but probably can't sprite till then.

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Aeon Hoard: 39/50 Xenowyrm Hoard: 25/50

Call me Sky. c:

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    Floating inside the Time Vortex
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    Interests: Would have to fill this part sometime ◑_◑

    Spriting projects:
    -Kelpleaf Seadragon(hatchlings, egg)

    Sprite base sketches:
    -Vampire Expansion(some hatchlings)
    -Kelpleaf Seadragon(hatchlings)
    -Saltstone Dragon(hatchlings)
    -Periculus Claw Dragon(all)
    -Dianthus Amphiptere(all)
    -Symbiotic Dragons(Ambush Wyrm)(all)

    Finished projects
    -Silver Wyvern(s2 female&hatchling propatagium/sprite)
    -[X]Ladybug Pygmy(all) (Dropped - OP inactive.)
    -[X]Chatterflit Pygmy(all) (Dropped- closed thread.)
    The baby Bluna in my signature doesn't lead to anywhere, it is there just because it's cute. x)