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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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2 CB Caligene Dragon

1 CB Witchlight Dragon

all on cooldown


CB Pumpkin Dragon

CB Black Marrow Dragon

CB Shadow Walker Dragon


CB Gold Dragon for all 3


PM for links

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On 10/24/2017 at 10:53 PM, prpldrgnfr said:



4G even PShadow_Walker_egg.gif


3G even PB Grave_egg.png


4G even PB Black_Marrow_egg.gif



Bloodswaps for each, please! I'll decline any related, it's way too laggy for me to link them all!


4G Shadow Walker 1

3G Grave

4G Marrow


Thank you for looking and have a spooky day! :)


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9 hours ago, Zeditha said:



CB Z-code Cavern Lurker. (ZwJya)

2x CB Caligene. (qHo2U and m60YB)

CB Witchlight. (m3RiH)




CB Pumpkin or Grave

Nice stair or spiral offers


Eggs are all on CD, PM me! :) (I don't bite!)



Bumping to report that I now have a Z-code Caligene as well, on CD. (ZY9wL)


As for the others:

Z-code Cavern Lurker

Caligene (m60YB)

Caligene (qHo2U)



Edit - the Witchlight and one Caligene are traded, thank you!

I also have all the Graves I want for now, and I would like Pumpkins for the other two. :)

Please do still surprise me with lineaged ofers though!

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Can breed:


(CBs with your mate of choice - I have CB(s) of everything except Holly (Rosebud also spoken for)!)

- CB Marrow (1M)

- CB Shadow Walker (3F)

- CB Cavern Lurker (2M, 3F)

- CB Grave (4M, 2F)

- CB Desipis (7M, 6F)

- CB Caligene (6M, 6F)

- CB Witchlight (3M, 4F)

- Lots of checkers


Want: (any number of mine for one of yours)

Black_Marrow_egg.gif 3rd gen Bronze Tinsel (M) x Marrow (F), unrelated to him

Witchlight_hatchi.png Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png Any lineage Witchlight hatchling for freezing (inbred or messy welcome; purple box in signature applies)

Mystery.gif Bloodswaps for:
- 3rd gen Diamondwing (M) x Cavern Lurker (F)
- 3rd gen Enraged Aegis (M) x Desipis (F)
- 3rd gen Kingcrowne (M) x Caligene (F)
- 4th gen Cavern Lurker (M) x Chrono Xenowyrm (F)

Black_Marrow_egg.gif Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Marrow or Pumpkin

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CB Witchlight




(In order of preference)


CB Pumpkin

CB Marrow

CB Desipis

CB Shadowalker

CB Grave

CB Caligene


Offer here

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Grave_egg.png - CB Grave

CB Caligene's to breed (3M, 1F) or Halloween checker lineages (see link in my sig)



First priority: something red/blue from my sig (can add additional CB Halloweens for blue lines)

Mystery.gif - 2g Halloweens from Prize (can add)

Desipis_egg.png - 3g F Desipis x Canopy checker, unrelated to this

Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif  - 3g M Cavern Lurker x Royal Crimson checker,  unrelated to this


No other offers please, I'm happy to keep.


PMs welcome to discuss trade timing if you're egglocked now.

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2x Grave_egg.png CB Grave

2x Black_Marrow_egg.gif CB Marrow

1x Witchlight_egg.png CB Witchlight

1x Pumpkin_egg.gif 2G PB Pumpkin



halloween dragons from Spriter alts

CB Neglected

CB Gold

New dragon Hatchling ious

**Offering 2:1 for Gold and 3:1 for neglected**


PM Me, all are on cooldown

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Shadow_Walker_egg.gif 2nd gen Shadow Walker from male SW + female Tan Ridgewing - Trade link

user posted image 3rd evengen Caligene x puple Nebula - Trade link

Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif 4th evengen Cavern Lurker x male Golden Wyvern - Trade link

Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif 5th evengen Cavern Lurker x female Gold 

Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif 5th evengen Cavern Lurker x red Nebula - Trade link

CB Halloweens (no Caligenes) available to breed with partner of choice




CB Cavern Lurker

CB Black Marrow

CB Caligene

2nd gen Caligene x purple Nebula

3rd evengen male Marrow x female Gold

3rd evengen female Lurker x male Hellfire

3rd evengen female Lurker x male Golden Wyvern

3rd-4th evengen female Lurker x green Nebula

4th evengen male Lurker x female Gold

2nd-3rd evengen Shadow Walker x green Nebula

2nd-4th evengen Shadow Walker x red Nebula

3rd - 4th evengen male Marrow x female Earth (Pebble)


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Desipis_egg.png 2 x CB desipis (on cooldown)

Caligene_egg.png 1 x CB caligene

Grave_egg.png 2G grave M x monarch F (lineage)



Pumpkin_egg.gif CB pumpkins


I have a substantial number of unbred CB and lineaged holiday dragons still available, so please PM if you're looking for something different for your pumpkins! I'd prefer a quick trade if possible - these guys have been eluding me since 2009 (and the night of the great storm that destroyed my wifi™), so I would really love to get a pair on my scroll for completionist reasons ;) 

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