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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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23 hours ago, Lazurite said:



CB past Halloweens ready to breed 2Gs, Metal or GoN mates are available, while Holidays released before Wrapping Paper are not


Grave_egg.png >>> 7M 7F


Desipis_egg.png >>> 10M 8F


Caligene_egg.png >>> 7M 6F


Witchlight_egg.png >>> 9M 8F




For 2 x 2G egg, any 1 item listed here:


Pumpkin_egg.gif Black_Marrow_egg.gif Shadow_Walker_egg.gif Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif Grave_egg.png CB Halloween egg from '08~'13, especially CB Pumpkin 


Or any bred Halloweens as below (* means able to breed for blood swap):


Black_Marrow_egg.gif >>>


3G x Heartseeker unrelated to eCAVH


4G x Hellfire unrelated to nChMs


Shadow_Walker_egg.gif >>>


3G x Solstice unrelated to taDGY, s7jZr, and wgC2D * (No need to have all the Solstices in the lineage rosy-winged)


4G x Royal Blue (M) unrelated to zarfp, 90usn, X6omB, Bo9bP, Vkbch, and oOE0T *


5G x Swallowtail (F) unrelated to 4Yy48


Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif >>>


3G x Indigo Lunar (M) unrelated to UIajL


4G x Arsani unrelated to Y23Yf *


5G x Sunrise (F) unrelated to K0GYO


Desipis_egg.png >>>


2G x Albino (F) unrelated to kD6NA, XVVIt, and pyAvJ


3G x Solstice unrelated to zZLMa, wgC2D, fLQ6e, and cNA5h* (Preferably all rosy-winged Solstices in the lineage)


Caligene_egg.png >>>


2G x Kingcrowne unrelated to bzx8d and vOKW5


3G x Spirit Ward (F) unrelated to qKYpB


Witchlight_egg.png >>>


2G x Mutamore unrelated to QXXSe and u9llV


2G x Arsani unrelated to zONOP


For more (willing to breed multiple for good offers),


Mystery.gif 2G from Spriters' Alts/Honorable Mention 


Mystery.gif 2G Halloween Prize-kin


Mystery.gif Other offers?


NOT interested in CB Xenos or Coppers, though.

Feel free to PM me, I'd try to reply ASAP. ;)


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Have: Something unusual. A witchlight CB with the code (z0E6V). I'm happy to blood swap trade it with someone who is interested in the zOE part of the code, or just collects Z codes. All I want in return is another CB witchlight. Take a look here.


Teleport Code: Make offer here.

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Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif CB Cavern Lurker *Z code!*




CB Pumpkin egg OR CB Black Marrow egg






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Cb cavern lurker



Cb shadow Walker, vampire

Pumpkin and grave will be considered


Please pm if interested

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Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin

Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin


Make an offer on my pair of Pumpkins!




2G Halloween from Prize or Spriter's Alt.

Or several of the following:

3G Halloween from Spriter's Alt

CB Caligene Hatchling

CB Desipsis Hatchling

CB Shadow Walker Hatchling




2nd Gen Cavern Lurkers from your choice of mate.


Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif  x  Mystery.gif


Some of my rarer CB mates available include: Silver M/F, All Copper Variants M/F, Heartseeker, Arsani, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magi, and Wrapping Wing.




2nd Gen Halloweens from the list below, or other lovely Halloween offers.


2G Witchlight from Female Spinel Wyvern

2G Witchlight from Male Purple

2G Witchlight from Female Terrae

2G Caligene from Female Candelabra

2G Caligene from Female Gold

2G Desipsis from Male Gold

2G Cavern Lurker or Grave from either Guardian of Nature

2G Witchlight or Shadow Walker from Female Guardian of Nature

2G Caligene or Desipsis from Male Guardian of Nature 


PM me to arrange!

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New post time!

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x2 Desipis_egg.png CB Desipis


x 2 Caligene_egg.png  CB Caligene




CB Pumpkin_egg.gif


CB Shadow_Walker_egg.gif


I just need one of each so if you only want one or some other deal not offered just PM me.

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Black_Marrow_egg.gif 2 CB marrow eggs gone!

Grave_egg.png 1 CB grave egg


Other breedable Halloween dragons (see groups in signature)





Mint_hatchi.gif CB mint hatchie IOUs (after the Halloween event)


PM offers! (eggs on cooldown)


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Traded, thank you!

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Have 2 CB Pumpkins


Would like a 2gen Witchlight from Male Silver tinsel. Definitely willing to offer more, including a prize egg from my tinsel.

PM please

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8 hours ago, Zeditha said:


Bumping to report that I now have a Z-code Caligene as well, on CD. (ZY9wL)


As for the others:

Z-code Cavern Lurker

Caligene (m60YB)

Caligene (qHo2U)



Edit - the Witchlight and one Caligene are traded, thank you!

I also have all the Graves I want for now, and I would like Pumpkins for the other two. :)

Please do still surprise me with lineaged ofers though!



I have now traded the Cavern Lurker, thank you!


I now have:

Z-code Caligene!   - Looking for a CB Pumpkin.

Another Caligene!  - Offers please! :)


I already have sufficient Grave, Caligene, Witchlight, Marrow and Desipis. CBs of those breeds will be declined; I am only looking for Pumpkins.

Lineaged offers will be considered though!

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CB Caligene on CD


CB Desipis on CD


CB Lurker on CD





G2 SW by silver, Lurker by gold, Desipis by silver, Caligene by silver, Grave by silver, Witdhlight by silver

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CB FEMALE GOLD TINSEL (Epic) READY TO BREED (All previous CB Halloweens available as mates)






If you are the owner of a CB female gold tinsel, please PM me so that we both choose mates.

If you have a 2G tinselkin from the AP, PM me too.

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CB Cave Lurker (On Cool down)



Listed in priority

CB Marrow

CB Pumpkin

CB Shadow Walker

CB Grave




CB Shadow Walker x2 Shadow Walker #1Shadow Walker #2

CB Marrow (On cool down)



CB Shadow Walker with z or Z at the beginning of the code. 

CB Marrow with z or Z at the beginning of the code. 


These are 1:1 trades only.  

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Added new trades, and links.

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8 hours ago, Azules said:


2x Grave_egg.png CB Grave

2x Black_Marrow_egg.gif CB Marrow

1x Witchlight_egg.png CB Witchlight

1x Pumpkin_egg.gif 2G PB Pumpkin



halloween dragons from Spriter alts

CB Neglected

CB Gold

New dragon Hatchling ious

**Offering 2:1 for Gold and 3:1 for neglected**


PM Me, all are on cooldown


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Looking for the following:


x4 2g pb Witchlight

x2 2g pb Marrow


Have these for breeding:

(all are unrelated)

x3 2g pb Cavern lurker (2 M, 2 F)

x3 3g pb Marrow (3 M)

x8 cb Desipis (4 M, 4 F)

x3 2g pb Desipis (1 M, 3F)

x8 cb Caligene (4 M, 4 F)

x5 2g pb Caligene (4 M, 1 F)

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I have:


CB Shadow Walker

5th gen PB pumpkin ( lineage)

6th gen PB Marrow ( lineage )


I want:

Bloodswap (1:1) :

4th or 5th gen PB pumpkins

5th or 6th PB Marrows

Mate marrow egg for male white w female marrow checker (mate for this 4th gen lineage or this 2nd gen lineage)


PM me. :) Thank you!

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Have ::

Some cool code

Little messy Cavern Lurcker with bXman( be X-man) : https://dragcave.net/lineage/bXman

2nd gen Caligene with xyAFK( Away From Keyboard) : https://dragcave.net/lineage/xyAFK


Want ::

Anything in my wishlist (see the link below)

2nd gen or checkered 3 gen from spriter's alt

3rd gen Marrow with lineage

Any interesting lineages


Trading links

Xman Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

xyAFK Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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