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i survived: the fog, the lagmonster, the datamonster, pokemon night, and all those wretched holiday releases :D

outstanding iou's: none at this time

wishlist // i accept iou's; please PM to discuss!

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    I will breed on request, provided that the request is polite, and am always happy to trade with other users. I am currently able to breed at least one 2G egg from every non-prize species. I can usually also breed multiple (unrelated) 2G eggs for users working on lineage projects for any non-prize species, except some metals/rares.

    I will gladly trade my prize lines for equal or lower generations; please PM to discuss. I will happily add breedables or commons for lower generations where necessary, and am willing to catch, influence and hatch multiple commons for metallic trades. I also accept and fulfill IOU's for holiday pairings.

    ☆ RULES ☆

    Three very simple ones.

    1) No killing or neglected experimenting.
    2) Please name the dragon when it's grown.
    3) If your hatchling genders or colours incorrectly, I am happy for you to re-gift or freeze it, and to request another egg. If it was a rare/holiday, please be aware there might be a wait list.

    ☆ CURRENT IOU's ☆

    Riverwillows: silver x mistletoe (Jun-2016)
    FAstudent12: CB aeon (Oct-16)
    CharonDusk - 3G lurker x gold checker (Oct-2016)
    Dirtytabs - 2G grave x f. turpentine (Oct-2018)
    For Halloween 2017, refer to Halloween Lineage Aid topic
    For Valentine 2018, refer to Valentine Lineage Aid topic

    ☆ OWED ☆
    2x lumina M x mistletoe F (Hoshino) - no contact since Dec 2017

    ☆ SHOUT-OUTS ☆

    There are some people round these parts who will ask for 129 commons and your firstborn for that rare dragon you're having a Really Hard Time™ catching. Luckily, there are also some really generous, selfless people on here too. Thanks to the following (amazingly kind!) forumites I've been privileged to meet, one way or another - you guys make this place beautiful. ♥

    - Lesh4537
    - Leaf0701
    - Kila
    - Nessj
    - ceeceeblack
    - Earth Gurl
    - BlueOctoberFan