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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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3 cb desipis dragons

1 cb caligene dragon


all on cooldown for a couple more hours.


Will trade 1:1 for cb shadow walkers or multiple for cb pumpkins.

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On 10/26/2017 at 8:51 PM, Amazon_warrior said:

I can breed siblings of the following:



Desipis from 4 Spriter Alts (piemaster's Desipis & Mistletoe, LadyLyzar's Heartseeker & Ribbondancer)



Shadow Walker from 4 Spriter Alts (aangs-sister's Wrapping Wing & Heartstealing, Nakase's Shadow Walker & Rosebud)


I am looking for:

Really cool and/or interesting offers (probably not CB Halloweens though, unless they have some kind of epic code).  A swap for something with a similar lineage would be interesting, of course 2Gs from Prizes or other Spriter Alts would be amazing. ;)  PM to discuss!




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CB Witchlight (stolen Oct 25th, precogged female) -- incuhatchable



CB Witchlight (stolen Oct 25th, precogged male)

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Have: user posted image CB Z code Marrow egg - Teleport


Want: user posted image CB Marrow with the same or lower time


Just in case anyone wants the Z code.

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Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin

Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin


Make an offer on a Pumpkin egg!

Make an offer on another Pumpkin egg!




2 CB Grave Hatchlings are Auto for one of my Pumpkin Eggs!

3G Halloweens from Spriter's Alts

2G Halloweens from my list below


PM me to arrange a trade! Will give multiple of mine for the right offer. :)




2nd Gen Cavern Lurkers from your choice of mate.


Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif  x  Mystery.gif


Some of my rarer CB mates available include: Silver M/F, All Copper Variants M/F, Heartseeker, Arsani, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magi, and Wrapping Wing.




2nd Gen Halloweens from the list below, or other lovely Halloween offers.


2G Marrow from Female Moonstone

2G Witchlight from Female Spinel Wyvern

2G Witchlight from Male Purple

2G Witchlight from Female Terrae

2G Witchlight from Mutamore

2G Witchlight from Soulstone

2G Caligene from Male Bronze Herald

2G Caligene from Female Candelabra

2G Caligene from Female Gold

2G Desipsis from Male Gold

2G Grave, Witchlight, Shadow Walker and Desipsis from Guardian of Nature


PM me to arrange!



Caligene_egg.png 2nd Gen Caligene from Male Bronze Tinsel Hatchling influenced Female


PM me, please!




2G Halloween Prize-kin - Not from Female Caligene or Female Grave.

2G Halloween from Spriter's Alt

2G Prize or CB Gold

Multiple 2G Halloween hatchlings from my list.

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On 10/27/2017 at 2:24 AM, blockEdragon said:


Can also breed




Nice offers

A CB halloween hatchling?


-not CB halloween hatchlings?



I also can breed some other things

-I have a fair amount of CB witchlights and caligenes and can breed them with most things, including CB silvers, golds, and GoN's.


-3g cavern lurker X golds


-3g grave x golds


-3g desipis X silvers - other 3g desipis X silvers


-3g pumpkin X dark myst


-5g black marrow X royal crimson


-5g shadow walker X ice


-a 3g pumpkin X male magelight (no progeny available)



PM your offers


Daily Bump

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Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin
Shadow_Walker_egg.gif CB Shadow Walker

Witchlight_egg.png CB Witchlight, incuhatchable

In addition, I have available to breed a CB female Pumpkin, female Grave, female Desipis, and both male and female Witchlights, with your choice of mate.  



See my signature - PM to discuss!

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CB FEMALE GOLD TINSEL (Epic) READY TO BREED (All previous CB Halloweens available as mates)






If you are the owner of a CB female gold tinsel, please PM me so that we both choose mates.

If you have a 2G tinselkin from the AP, PM me too.

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Pair of CB Desipis hatchies




Another Pair of CB Halloweenie hatchies - black marrow or caligene or pumpkin or sw)

can take low time incuhatchable eggs


Please pm me!

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Pumpkin_egg.gif z code CB




Pumpkin_egg.gif another CB pumpkin, with the same or less time, please. I don't collect z codes, but if you do, let's swap!


(Would also take male hatchling.)


Make an offer on my egg!

Traded, thanks!

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Caligene_egg.png 2G Caligene Prize-kin from FEMALE Bronze Shimmer 99999




Witchlight_egg.png 2G Witchlight from MALE Silver Tinsel = AUTO


Mystery.gif 2G from Spriters' Alts (Not need to be Halloween sprites, though, and the purple line in the sig applies.)


Mystery.gif 2G Prize (Preferably mate to be chosen. Obviously the purple line in the sig applies.)


Only interested in the offers containing what are listed above, sorry.

Would decline if not interested.

May cancel the teleport to influence the egg in time, btw.


2G Prize-kin Caligene

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Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin - Lineage [6d 13h]


Shadow_Walker_egg.gifCB Shadow walker - Lineage [6d 13h]




Caligene_egg.png 2G Caligene from Female Black - A mate for her


I'm only looking to trade one of the eggs listed above (1:1) Preferred with nicely named parents~

so if any of those eggs are within your interest, please PM me ^_^

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On Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 4:38 PM, blackdragonqueen said:

Have Z-codes

Caligene_egg.png  Caligene ZE0zG - Teleport

Shadow_Walker_egg.gifShadow Walker zm0SD - Teleport



Pumpkin_egg.gif CB PUMPKINS! AUTO!

Black_Marrow_egg.gif CB Marrow

GONE! Congrats "V"

Sorry, the edit post button doesn't like me :P



I am so sorry to whomever had offered before. I saw it on my phone but when I got home I just crashed. :( Hope you got something nice.

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On 2017. 10. 26. at 12:31 PM, Kyath The Dream Worker said:

I have


3G Grave from male grave x female royal crimson

Code :tesSu





Other halloween with nice code


https://www.evernote.com/shard/s613/nl/140935619/17df26ec-6c4a-4873-b8f3-91ee26a40a19?title=Looking for trading halloween dragons%2Fkins

Others - Check this page




I have

CB Cavern Lurker code Sftem

CB Caligene



(1 : 2) 1- you 2-me

CB Marrow

CB Shadow


(1 : 1)



Feel free PM me I don't bite.


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