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5juvep.jpg39Y5TpU.png - Twist'd is CLOSED (or see profile for current status) Apprenticed is CLOSED for now. GMT +10 I accept and give IOU's at my own risk

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    Twist'd and Apprenticed update:

    Trades will be as egg produced at this stage - unless for 2nd gen swaps.

    ~~Task list for me:~~


    List kept in my notes.


    ~~Completed IOUs:~~
    2nd gen Shimmer - Rinoa
    2nd gen Shimmer - Amazon_Warrior
    2nd gen Shimmer - Lorimmel
    2nd gen Shimmer - Cajunsun
    3rd gen from zionised riven - tjekan -
    3rd gen Silver from Green Copper - angelicdragonpuppy
    Area - 3rd gen checker Shimmer from skywing
    Iside - zionised tinsel -
    angelicdragonpuppy - green Copper shimmerkin-
    xyz- skywing shimmer-kin
    Geminia905 -4th gen bronze shimmer from bilbo x tri-horn line
    Aqua17- 3RD gen bronze shimmer from Red Dorsal line
    lazybug- 2nd gen royal crimson shimmer-kin
    Lazurite 3rd gen stair (Tracks)
    whitebaron 3rd gen EVEN tracks x Echo ;
    Azhure - 4th gen bronze x solstice -
    Oriental 4th gen from Terrae x Silver shimmer line
    MIGOR- 4th gen Bronze from (Dream) ; sent
    artiuslove 3rd gen Bronze x Dorsal (Twist'd) ; Complete
    freefall - Silver (from Silver x moonstone chequer)
    Kwan852963 - 4th gen silver shimmer
    Mysticangel - bronze shimmer from wendel
    Becka - 4th gen silver shimmer
    Cerimonster - Silver shimmer from Tarani
    Terces: Silver Tinsel from Ezra Celestial Storm x Fog - (SENT)
    huz - Ice from Old Pink x Ice 2nd gen (x2) - SENT
    Valeth: shimmer from Abstract moon -SENT
    Ae0nian - Red Dorsal from Requiemma x The Dastardly One - SENT
    Agrona - pink hatchling - SENT
    kell11(Kell) 2nd or 3rd gen silver - SENT
    airaani - Bronze from Rocket Red - SENT
    viar - 5 x CB moonstone hatchies - 5/5 SENT
    dragoness22 - Special Gift x Marrow - SENT
    Xtals - b.pink x red dorsal (pink egg) - SENT
    Xtals - 2 x CB Tan ridgewing hatchies - 2/2 SENT
    Strifes Lady: bright pink x frill -SENT
    CrossYuyite: Bronze from Tetrathionate x Pillow - SENT
    SplashRaptor - Special gift x The Masked One - SENT
    MisunderstoodDreamer - Pumpkin egg from Crimson Flare (m) x Pumpkin (f) (Jigalo x Dreaming) - (for Marrow from Marrow x Guardian) - SENT/TRADE COMPLETE