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IOU Friendly | My Lineages & Prizelines | Full wishlist here + particularly seeking:

- 2g Thunder from F Bronze Shimmer (not Mysha or Miss Elizabeth, prefer not but will take Rinoa and Metal)

- 2g Shimmer (Silver preferred) from M Guardian, or 2g Altkin from M Guardian (IOU non-Guardian offspring)

- 2g Altkin (especially from Penk, or especially white from F Alt)


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    New(ish) to Forum trading since 2015, but on Dragcave periodically since 2009. Always open to polite PMs, I don't bite!

    Current requests/IOUs/gifts I owe:
    *PrincessKiara - CB Neglected
    *Terrafreaky - 3g Gold from Sweetling (SROGG req, last bred: 31 Mar, no egg)

    Current requests/IOUs/gifts I am owed:
    *charlottekay62/Justie - 2g Silver from F Gold, ongoing olive tally: 32
    *Rare_Hunter 21 - 2g Thunder from Shimmer
    *cyradis4 - 2g Altkin (Sapphire)
    *DarknessDragon197 - 2x 3g altkin checkers (Halloween, Christmas)
    *Princess Kiara - 2g Prize from Fell, 2g White Prizekin
    *Hoshini - 2g Gemshard from WW hatchie
    *coo_ - 3g Kingcrowne SA

    Past IOUs completed to/from me can be found listed via the Lineages/Prizelines link in my signature. I have completed and received many, many IOUs since August 2015, and you are also welcome to PM me with any questions about my trading record.

    The extra awesome fireworks and celebration list for those that have been so kind in donating dragons to my scroll (if I left you off, please let me know! When my list was shorter I originally had IOUs and gifts merged). Thank you shadesofchaos, DarkEternity, rrattts, angelicdragonpuppy, Pokemonfan13, Sheeana, PointOfOrigin, toyofubl, JaneMcAsh, Gryphonic, JavaMom, pinkgothic, Stormypulse, celis, Red2111, Ceresia, HeartJacker13, bright flashes, Liddy, MIGOR, and Firefury Amahira!

    Thank you also to Secret Santa and my previous Santas sunshine_ley and Yhme. And to the Special Release Offspring Gifting Group, rinoa26, Lantean_Pegasus, Rainstar13, flippin, AppleMango, Stormpaws, Terces, dragoness22, Terrafreaky, stardust13, Earth Gurl, Daiyachiri, and many many others in SROGG.