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IOU Friendly | My Lineages & Prizelines | Full wishlist here + particularly seeking:
- 2g White from Alt or Holly | 2g Penk Altkin

- 2g Thunder from F Bronze Shimmer (not Mysha or Miss Elizabeth)
- 2g (pacified) Aegis from Bronze Shimmer IOU for 2017
- 4g F Winter checker from M Holly IOU
- 2-3g checkers from lines I don't have: Altkin, Prize or specific wishlist Prizekins, Thuweds

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    New(ish) to Forum trading since 2015, but on Dragcave periodically since 2009. Always open to polite PMs, I don't bite!

    Want to quickly get a feel for what I have to breed? All CB names start with Cova. My scroll is sorted in the following order: Golds, Silvers, Tinsels, Shimmers, Valentines, Halloweens, Christmases, then all dragons by breed except for themed personal lineages/placeholder/etc dragons which can be found at the end of my scroll. Each breed section is ordered by gen (CB > higher gen). To browse my Prize, Alt, Thuwed, etc. lineages more easily click the Lineages/Prizelines link in my sig.

    My CB Holidays include: unbitten Vampires (1 CB), Snow Angels (Tri-colour), Rosebuds, Heartstealers, Caligenes, Aegis' (both will remain pacified), Mutamores, Snows, and Soulstones.

    Current requests/IOUs/gifts I owe:
    *Claudii - 3g Silver x 09 Val (SROGG, last bred: 25 July no egg)
    *hamsterwoman - 2g Silver from Female Gold (last bred: 24 July, fail/golds)
    HOLD - charlottekay62 - 2g M Caligene from F Gold (not Banshee/Dainty Gold)

    Current requests/IOUs/gifts I am owed:
    *Renmiri - 2g Prize
    *Hoshino - 4 olives
    *charlottekay62 - ongoing olive tally: 5

    Past IOUs completed to/from me can be found listed via the Lineages/Prizelines link in my signature. I have completed and received many, many IOUs since August 2015, and you are also welcome to PM me with any questions about my trading record.

    The extra awesome fireworks and celebration list for those that have been so kind in donating dragons to my scroll (if I left you off, please let me know! When my list was shorter I originally had IOUs and gifts merged). Thank you shadesofchaos, DarkEternity, rrattts, angelicdragonpuppy, Pokemonfan13, Sheeana, PointOfOrigin, toyofubl, JaneMcAsh, Gryphonic, JavaMom, pinkgothic, Stormypulse, celis, Red2111, Ceresia, HeartJacker13, bright flashes, Liddy, and MIGOR!

    Thank you also to Secret Santa and my 2015 Santa sunshine_ley. And to the Special Release Offspring Gifting Group, rinoa26, Lantean_Pegasus, Rainstar13, flippin, AppleMango, Stormpaws, Terces, dragoness22, Terrafreaky, stardust13, Earth Gurl, Daiyachiri, and many many others in SROGG.

    IOU policies:

    - I breed every 7 days (or as soon as possible after cooldown ends depending on RL commitments) with fertility and note dates and results on my profile until I get the needed egg.

    - I will prioritise catching or trading for appropriate CBs over other goals, except where we've discussed other priorities in advance.

    - When owing large batch IOUs, I will normally devote at least half of my eggslots to catching raising hatchies at all times (if I have multiple batch hatchie IOUs, I will often split all eggslots between each batch) until the IOU is complete.

    - the only exception to this is holidays and new releases, when I will take a short break from breeding and hunting until I have what I need of these.

    - I will hold eggs for you if I don't hear back until they are nearing incuhatchable (if fresh caught/bred - or equivalent time if they're traded for and already younger), then I reserve the right to hatch and use as trade fodder. I will resume breeding/hunting for you once I hear back from you. I have a three strikes rule for this, then I will consider my end of the IOU fulfilled. I will hold hatchies until they mature, and will not then replace if they aren't picked up in time (excepting where we've agreed on ER hatchies or another timeframe that decreases the pick up time before the hatchies are at risk of maturing, in which case replacements will be offered at my discretion)

    - I prefer to err on the side of helping with allowing for extra hold time, influencing and incubating, and other accommodations if you're short on space, however on very rare occasions I reserve the right to reduce holding times. I will generally only do this when: I am scroll-locked, you have been warned of the reduced time in advance, AND where the other side of IOU is not being held up appropriately.

    - I will replace hatchies I have influenced and raised that misgender, or bred eggs that are easy to re-breed if they misgender or refuse. For more difficult pairings or 2g metals that misgender or refuse I am willing to replace 'cheap' but may still request something small in return for the missed trading opportunities.