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Scroll | Holiday Lineages

I accept IOU's

Looking for:

user posted image -> 2G from female Witchlight & female Omen

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    I am willing to breed almost anything on my scroll for free, just shoot me a PM. I do accept IOUs and have a pretty good track record of fulfilling them. Full disclosure, I have had 1 or 2 hiccups over the years but I've been playing since 2008, I'm only human, and it's been years since my last gaff. If you are at all concerned, please just PM me, I always try and reply same day if not right away.

    I have a male CB Silver Shimmerscale, Scipio Bellorum, PM if you'd like to trade.

    **Holiday Rare Lineages I Need:**

    * 2G Holly from FEMALE Holly & CB male White
    * 3G Cavern Lurker checker w/ male Silver Shimmerscales, unrelated to Scipio Bellorum & Shimmer Genius