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    not lazy, just conserving energy


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IOU friendly. 🍀 ll Holiday Dragons Spreadsheet ll Personal Checkers & Purebreds Spreadsheet ll Seeking Mates; Holidays & Others 

Wishlist/Currently Seeking:  More CB Needed & More 2G Hybrid  ll Makes ND/Neglected when I have time, check profile for info. 



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    here & there
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    breeding requests is open and generally free
    taking IOUs at my own risk
    prone to semi-haitus / haitus from time to time. 👻​ [IRL happening sucks]
    not that active here in forums, might take some time/long time to reply on messages.

    dc discord official and unofficial; amamiya | [aeonnuiLeeh#4299]
    More likely to respond faster if you DM me in discord.

    !! Side Note: Any [FN'--] tagged dragons are my temporary naming,
    do let me know if you want me to change the name of the dragon to my permanent naming scheme.


    IOUs: See url above for list and policy
    ***please do let me know if I still have unfulfilled IOUs to you. ;)

    Willing to make ND/Neglected for the ff:
    > CB Gold or CB Staterae
    > Also open for CB hatchlings or specific hatchlings IOU for scroll goals.
    - 2G Prizes from Common/Uncommon Mates {low priority; depends on the mate}
    Feel free to send a PM if you're interested.


    Forever grateful and milestone:
    ╘ Got a Holly '07! Thank you very much, Xylene and Intensityrush!! 🥰  [2012/13]
    ​╘​ Got a CB Female Neglected! Thank you very much, MaximumOccupancy!! 🥰 [2012]
    ​╘​ to all them gifted/traded eggs. Thank you so much! ​​​🤗​

    ¬ caught myself a 2G Thuwed [feb2020]
    ¬ ND experiment success! [march 09, 2020]
    ¬ caught myself my first two 2G SAlts Kin babies (Graves) [Halloween 2020]


    **** any dead egg or tombstone on my scroll is from failed nd experiment/failed bite/unsuccessful zombie; exp eggs are all from the AP, no gifted/traded eggs were harmed.