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Hello, I have noticed that a couple hours into the birthday, there is still no group thread. So, this is a place to show off all your groups (if you want to) and simply adore others!


Holey Cheese Dragons

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This will be so much work. biggrin.gif


The only group I have completed so far is my CB Holidays - which is the only one I wouldn't really need because I had basically already made a group page myself. (And that's why it was easy to find and add all the dragons to the group. ^^)


Anyway I love this new feature. =)

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THY ARMY HATH ARRIVED. Almost 650 specimens.


2Gs from Thuweds, Prizes and alts. I thought I had more of these, but since my old spreadsheet is most likely permanently lost, I may as well cease thinking about them.

Zombies. Only six, but I hope they help filling out your encyclopedia <.<

Personal character bucket.


Still WIP:



Yup, codes.

But wait! There's more... codes... I love codes...


Plus others but they are not that impressive to show. My scroll is open.

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This is for described dragons. It also has a few ones with pending descriptions and some that I'm planning to describe.

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Completed these so far...


Nocturnes It says 1597 wub.gif I didn't know I had over a 1000! (minus a few as its still showing the eggs I bred earlier)

CB Metals


Aaand in the process of sorting out CB, 2g even, 3g even, 4g even, 5g even, 6g+ even, messy/stair and kins. Might make another for my prize checkers too that should keep me busy for a while. laugh.gif


So happy I'll be able to keep track of things now.

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Some I'm proud of:


Shiny things

2G 'kins from SAs

2G 'kins from Prizes

2G Shimmers

2G Tinsels



Male perfect word codes

Female perfect word codes

Two-head, Pygmy, and Drake perfect word codes

Male all-number codes

Female all-number codes


The Undead


I am not even slightly done yet, but I'm kinda waiting on a fix for long lists of groups before I go nuts. SOOOOOO many lineages to sort! blink.gif

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Has anyone found out a way to customly sort the groups?

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I finished all of my biomes among a few other things!


Hagsip Mountains

Neelix Desert

Arakiahoga Forest

Autumn Forest

Cumberland Lake

Band of Wanderers

Heal Sector

Magi Clan

Lustrous One Den

Holiday Village

Limited Club

Nocturne Lair

Amphiptere's Sanctuary

Genesis Lineage

Other CBs



Next, I'm working on 2G PBs, a special secret order, and my Anarchy's Rebels Clan, my Clan of Negativity, and possibly my described dragons. smile.gif

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Has anyone found out a way to customly sort the groups?

I don't think that's available yet, there's a "coming soon" comment in red next to that feature on TJ's post.

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