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100% Complete Scroll achieved 7/9/2020*

*To me, this meant having one of every breed - not every sprite


I have a CB Female Bronze Tinsel (Riven) and a CB Male Silver Tinsel (9iSzF). If you are in need of a 2nd gen. from a certain pair from either one, please let me know what you need and I'll see if I can help you out. [Please note I can NOT breed the two together (they refused each other ; ;)]


Pokemon GO friend code: 3132 6398 8741

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    Will breed 2g prizes/prize-kins for Neglecteds of any lineage [currently seeking an Ungendered]
    Always seeking even-gens of the following lineages:
    Starsinger X Candelabra
    Solstice (any wing) x Equinox
    Caligene x Monarch
    Bloodswaps of Bronze Tinsel x Stone