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    ☽ The heart of the truest believer ☾

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    In mourning for Theron Shan's hair.
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    A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in another mystery adorned with ribbons of dry wit and a complimentary gift tag of sarcasm.
    Call me Miral, Saoirse, Morgan, Rin, or "that creeper on anon," but never late for dinner!
    Certified jonin-level Grammar Ninja, imposing Amazon, Steel-type Pokémon master, quintessential philosopher, demon sorceress, wandering Jedi Master, errant Sith Lord, and hatstall Slytherclaw.


    I'm an introverted natural leader with a high IQ. If my messages seem a bit impersonal, therein lies part of the blame.


    Other places I can be found include but are not limited to:

    - The Alchemist Code (Miral)

    - Bleach: Brave Souls (Rin #74920326)
    Most of what I do on here consists of Squad 6, Kuchiki, and Renji shenanigans. Gacha likes to give me Byakuya (it knows me so well) and Arrancars a lot.

    - Brave Frontier (#4937240918 Miral)
    I have Savei, Long, Galtier, Natalamé, and Ark, as well as plenty of the more commonly obtained Units. If you're looking for a guild, I recently created Moonsoul. We just finished our first Guild Raid and are looking for active recruits.

    - GPX+ (Cobalion)

    - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing (Rin)
    Kakashi is my main. I also have 6*/6* potential Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Bushy Brow, Gaara, and Madara.

    - Pokémon Trainer Club (Demoness666)
    I'm a veteran Pokémon trainer and world-class breeder. Whether you play casually or competitively, I can hook you up with some amazing additions to your team.

    - Star Wars: The Old Republic (lightsaberess)
    If you see someone on Satele Shan or Star Forge walking around with Imperial Agents dressed like Alice in Wonderland, Troopers as Beauty and the Beast, a Malavai Quinn lookalike, or a brunette Force-sensitive riding a Varactyl, it's probably yours truly. I subscribe often, and while I'm not hugely into the PVP stuff, I love everything else - especially the Empire, messing around with Outfit Designer, and Sith Warrior phase. (Though, admittedly, my favorite UI is Assassin/Shadow. Would tank more often if there weren't so many pushy a-holes on GF.)

    Feel free to add me on any of the above.


    If you bother me about anything besides Dragcave - whatever it is, I probably don't care, and I definitely don't need to see it - it's bye-bye Dr. Jekyll and hello Mr. Hyde. A breeding request or anything else strictly cave-related is permissible.


    Starting fresh. If we had a trade agreement that was of particular importance to you, we might be able to work something out again. Otherwise, I don't do IOUs anymore - except under special circumstances.


    My IOU policy is very simple: you have 72 hours (3 days) to claim what is owed you. If you do not, I will mark the transaction as complete, and the dragon(s) involved will revert back to me. If there are other people waiting for the same lineage, the process will be repeated until the dragon(s) are claimed. If there are no valid recipients active at the time of the breeding, I will likely trade or give away the dragon(s) in question. If a prospective trading partner behaves in a manner I deem unprofessional, inappropriate, or unbecoming, especially in regard to the aforementioned policy (i.e. whining, threats, blackmail, etc.), that user will be blacklisted forthwith - and likely reported, depending on the severity of the transgression. I consider my business etiquette fair but firm, and I feel the need to clarify that I am not a person who puts up with BS from any source. Please keep that in mind when conducting a transaction with me.


    I will catch CB metals in return for 2Gs from Shimmers, Tinsels, Hollies, and certain alts. Message if interested.


    2G Silver Shimmer x Blue Nebula from k*******
    2G Gold Tinsel (m) x ??? from z******


    3G Silver Shimmer (f) from Lumina (m) for Gryphites
    3G Gold Tinsel (m) from Sunsong (f) for HopeUnbroken
    3EG Gold (m) from Caligene (f) for ewi
    x??? 2G metals for z******