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Comin back to DC after impromptu hiatus. Missed y’all ❤️



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    Gliese 667 Cc
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    Avatar by the brilliant Dirtytabs!

    Signature credits: Animation by Odeen, Art (left) by Sharlykng and ShaydraSilversky, prize badge by Prince_Xanthius

    Monster Hunter 3U HR: 297+ (Wii U/3DS)
    Monster Hunter 4U HR: 270+ (G Rank)
    Monster Hunter Generations HR: 210+
    Monster Hunter World HR: 30+

    Looking for ANY AND ALL English Monster Hunter monster names from main series games. PM, will trade Japanese/subspecies (both languages) names for them, or dragons!

    **sometimes I will read a PM and forget to respond for a myriad of reasons. DO NOT FEEL HESITANT ABOUT POKING ME OVER IT**

    I collect Embers. You'll find them all in the last pages of my scroll.
    About the Rampa Ember League: They're like Mission: Impossible agents. Sometimes they have gear from the future. They might have an ulterior goal that must remain classified, but probably involves taking over the world.

    Scroll lore listed at the end of my profile!

    And now for something completely different:

    'Please, have a seat, but don't sit down.'

    Hybrid. Part human, part bunyip, part obsolete Volkswagen engine.

    Anatomy and taxidermy/articulation nerd. Rumoured artist and slayer of pencils.

    Owns a dik-dik skull.
    His name is Richard.
    It's a name pun so laugh.