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Hoi, i'm Rainbow the albino serval.I collects female dragon of any type, but would appreciate that everyone has a mate (except the name project ones)RainbowTheAlbinoServal.pngRoleplays stuffs: Normal font and colors: Rainbow I Impact font and normal color: Xeno I Impact font and blue color: Snap I Yellow colored texts: Bolz I Green colored text: Atty I Grey text, impact font: Camo I Bolded, red colored texts: Possessed I Bolded and italic, red colored text: Murderer (evil version of Rainbow) Please do not add me to other hatcheries, i'm very active. And I only use AOND.

Rainbow's stream of furs This right here is my newest site, help

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    Isolated Island, CPA, and everywhere
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    Anything roleplay related.
    Wishlist: Some cb whites, previous years holiday dragons, MOAR VAMPS, sum good lineages. Also needs some albinos for scroll information stuffs. And needing some purples for fertilize.
    Current project: Funny names. Things needed: four white dragons and one red, all needs to be male. Have the red, and two whites.
    I owe Lagie because she sent me a tiny Bolz.
    I hoard pbs.