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Your local vietnamese artist here, just going to lurk and stuff. And maybe attempt to sprite an egg or two sometimes.

flight rising!!      tumblr!! where all my arts are and also where i yell about my fr dragons      art fight? yes please

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    Isolated Island, CPA, and everywhere
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    Anything roleplay related.
    Wishlist: RAIN ME DOWN ON CB WHITES, previous years holiday dragons, MOAR VAMPS, sum good lineages. Also needs some albinos for scroll information stuffs. And needing some purples for fertilize.
    Current project: Funny names. Things needed: four white dragons and one red, all needs to be male. Have the red, and two whites.
    A huge project being worked on: Notathuwed, estimated to be a full PB lineage and reaching past 54 or something generations, no inbreeding
    I owe Lagie because she sent me a tiny Bolz.
    I hoard pbs.