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David pull on a clean set of clothing. His other shirt was covered in blood from his broken nose AND the blow to his head. Phil and Dauoa were doing something with Phil's tail. HE kept mentioning something about being useless and in pain. David guessed it was some supernatural thing he didn't understand so he didn't comment. Dauoa asked the room what the plan for the day was, just like David had asked Rain in the bathroom. David shrugged, "Rain said he had something to do on his own and we need to go find the prophet that doesn't take money" He said, tapping his chin in attempt to remember anything else, "I want to find a blacksmith. I think my guns could use an upgrade. Also, we need to talk to that guy we met last night". David remembered his strange conversation with the man. He had called him a wizard and he blew up on him so he wouldn't be doing that again. If what Phil said was true it sounded like he had some kind of work for them. On top of that, it also sounded like he had some kind of information about the plague. That was what he was interested in. The Brotherhood mentioned that this man might know how to get him back to earth.


David looked up when Rain exited the steamy bathroom running a towel through his hair.

"I'll run down and get us something to eat while the rest of you clean up and wake up. Be back in a minute."

"Hold up. I'll come too" he said, grabbing his hat off the hook by the door and following him down the stairs.


The lobby of the Inn was flooded with the smell of cooked meat and sweets. He looked around until his eyes fell upon a tabled lined with trays of fruit and other breakfast foods. He nudged Rain and pointed, "Could you get started? I'll help you carry the stuff upstairs, I just need to ask the receptionist something before we start the day." He said, jerking his thumb at the front desk.


David leaned against the counter and the woman behind it looked up from her book. David smiled warmly to combat her cold look she was giving him.

"I need to find a blacksmith. Someone that does custom jobs. Would you happen to know any close by?"

The woman held up a finger to tell him to hold on and pulled out a thick leather bound book. She opened it to somewhere in the beginning and ran her finger down the list.

"Well there is one close by that might be able to help you with what you need" She said, ripping a page from the pad in front of her and scribbling an address.

"Thank you much. Have a nice day" he said with a wave, walking across the lobby to give Rain a hand with the food.

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Phill walked into the bathroom with his new clothes. He took his shirt off as he walked into the bathroom shutting the door. He started up the shower and got in shortly after, taking off his clothes and getting himself in to get clean. Shortly after cleaning himself he gingerly stepped out into the bathroom drying himself off. He put on the shirt and a pair of shorts he had gotten the day before.


He walked out of the bathroom with a sigh of relief and a small humming. He was running a towl around his head to finish drying his hair. He gave a quiet sigh as he sat down on the bed, his hand in his hair, the towel put aside. He bit his lip and his tail swept across the bed.

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Rain padded down the stairs silently, following the smell of food down the hall and the last set of stairs. Rounding the corner he spyed a set of tables layed out with food.


Walking to the first one he picked up a plate from a stack at the corner and started heapong food on if. He grabbed a little of everything, from eggs and bacon to pancakes and waffles. On another plate he started piling muffins, bagels, toast and condiments like jam, butter, and other spreads.


All the while he listened to the small talk as david asked the morning Clerc about a blacksmith. David was the only peraon that he hadnt gotten a weapon for when he had visited sorcha, but at the time he hadnt seen a need. His guns where impressive and would do great amounts of damage, so why get him another weapon.


As david came back over he motioned to 2 plates he had filled as he walked back upstairs with the other two. Getting back to the room he set them on the bed side table and went in search of some clothes as he still had a towel wrapped around his waist. Pulling out the embroidered part of women's pants he slipped them on into he bathroom and found a plain bark purple shirt.


" So we have until 4, what do you guys want to do in the mean time. I have some business to take care off but then I can meet you back here. We can visit ekia tomorrow." Rain asked as he sat on the bed taking some muffins and cooked ham from the plates.



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David snagged the two plates and followed the kitsune up the stairs. He placed his plates on the other table and grabbed a fork and started digging into the eggs. Like most of the food here, it tasted off. That also could be because he has been eating prison food for the past few years. He chewed slowly as he listened to Rain speak,


" So we have until 4, what do you guys want to do in the mean time. I have some business to take care off but then I can meet you back here. We can visit ekia tomorrow." he said


"I have something to do too but it shouldn't take long" he commented, "Isn't this the lady that doesn't take money? That means we need to find something to trade"


That might be a problem. They were traveling light and didn't have much to give. David removed his hat and wiped his brow. When he did, there was a clang and a thump on the floor beside him. He looked down and was surprised to see a gleaming sword and a severed arm resting on the floor beside the bed. He blinked in surprise and looked at the other people in the room in confusion. He had no iea where the items came from. He looked at the hat in his hand and had a crazy hunch. He carefully reached into the mouth of his hat. Expecting to feel the leather top of his hat, his hand just kept going. He got all the way to his bicep before he pulled his hand out. The sword and the arm must have been from the caravan member that attacked them back in the town they burned down. His hat didn't have an end to it.


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Phill grabbed a plate setting it in his lap as he began eating. He had his eyes closed as he ate, his ears twitching as he listened. "I still don't like anyone going off alone.." he heard the clanging and thump of something hitting the floor. He opened his eyes to see an arm and sword hit the floor. He looked at it curiously "okay so i know that was not there before, any ideas?"

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Rain watched in distain as a severed arm still holding a sword dropped out of the hat that david had moved. it was disturbing to say the least.


"Well david, I think you just ruined my appetite. Here dauoa eat this." He handed his almost full plate to dauoa who had yet to get a plate. Actually he didnt seem to interested in the food at all.




"Anyway, I dont see why the old lady would want the sword

She may like the hat,but if all it takes is it being picked up for censorkip.gif to fall out that may be a deciding factor fpr her not to take it.". Rain stood and walked to the window leaning against the seal.


"Then again I do have that job, I could just 5fingure discount t something." He said this more to himself as he hung his head, comptiplating what to do next.


"Well I'm going to head out and start the job. I'll be back shortly." Bouncing from the window he made his way down the steps to the bottom floor out into the streets.


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Phill's ears twitched as he listened to rain. He had a point about the hat just randomly dropping stuff out being the deciding factor. He watched as rain offered food to dauoa who didn't seem to be hungry. He started going through his bag, he had the cantine, an old granola bar, some clothes, his sword that he put back on himself just incase. He had a picture of his family and a few other small things that didn't seem much value. The only thing of any great value was something he refused to let anyone have.


Phill was unsure about it but he spoke to himself mostly. "If only it wasn't today, maybe an illusion could help, making an illusion that the cantine is gold or that we have a diamond or ruby." He watched as rain began bouncing off and going down the stairs and he shook his head slowly. He gave a low sigh as he set his plate down, standing up to stretch out his still tired muscles. "So if we get information from the guy today maybe we could use it as leverage tomorrow, hmm i am curious what all could happen."

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Rain weeded his way down the street and in and out of Alleys. He had a particular building he was looking for, one with a merchant whis clock was ticking down.


It was earlier morning so the streets where fairly empty. A few early risers where out and about. Most where shop keepers cooking or going through new merchandise to display on there shelves. One building caught his eye, he smilled as his gaze drifted down the street and spotted sorchas small abode and shop.




I do believe this is the place.


Rain peered in through the smugged glass taking in the neat and tidy interior. A soft glow gave the inside a warm and wecloming feeling. It was like you were being called to the building.


A dull shadow moved across the back of the store, signalling that someone was inside.


Sigh, best get this over with.


Putting his hand on the knob he gve a light pull amd listened to the jingle of bells, alerting that someone had entered.


"Hello and welcome to mattous's finery and magic weapons." The shadow came foward, illuminated by the light. Rain looked at the large blubbery form of a bolding man in his late 60. He wore expensive looking clothes that were a little worn and dirty.


Rain concluded that he tried to look positively rich by wearing expensive clothes but he didnt have the money to by alot.png. Or even keep them maintained, it was almost like he was tryimg to fit into a class he couldnt afford. Which was all in all possible.


" Yes, you see i was recommended to come here by a friend. They said you had the best prices around for good magically enhanced weapons." Rain said laying it out with a flattering tone.


" Well yes" the man chuckled, his stomach moving in fatty jiggles from it.


"We have the finest stuff around. You wont find anyone who beats our prices and quality. It you buy a weapon from me you won't be disappointed, but watch out for the witch down the road. Shes been trying to sabotage my buisness for a while.


Rain could feel himself inwardly smile. Oh, this was going to be fun.





Dauõa took the food but didnt eat any of it. It wasnt that it didnt taste good, its just that with him it didnt hold much taste. On most days he could put on a smile and scarf it down, putting on a show for others. But with the events of last night he couldnt even look at it without a wave of guilt.


Why cant I be normal


Standing from his spot on the bed he set the plate down.


"So after the arm amd rain taking off, what do you guys want to do till 4. Dauoa plastered on a smile that didnt reach his eyes. He hadnt actually been invited to go but he figured that they wouldnt care and he needed something to distract himself with.


He didnt have to but he didnt know when he would have to go on another hunger strick. So he would eat as much as he could, he was almost always hungry anyways.


"I vote we go shopping for random useless stuff. Or me and phill could follow david around all day." He said this last bit with a real smile. He got the feeling sometimes that he and phill aggravated david although he never said anything.




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David gathered the arm and sword off the floor and dumped them back into his upturned hat. Now that he knew why it had been locked up in the store he stole it from he figured it would come in handy. It was defiantly better than his backpack. If push came to shove, he would hand it over to get the information they needed. That didn't make David happy though. He placed his hat on his head and watched Rain go,


"Well I'm going to head out and start the job. I'll be back shortly." he said before shutting the door behind him.


David threw his stuff over his shoulder and looked at the other two in the room,


"If only it wasn't today, maybe an illusion could help, making an illusion that the canteen is gold or that we have a diamond or ruby." Phil offered.

David shook his head, "I don't think that's a good idea anyway. You're probably not the first person to try that." he said, remembering when they tried to steal from the blacksmith in the first town. They could just do this fair and square. It seemed safer that way.


David opened the door when they were all ready and left the room to explore New Mesa.




Skinner sat across the street from the in, hidden from view by the dark windows of the tavern. They had not opened so Skinner let himself in the back door. He sat at the bar facing the inn and sipped from his flask. He had been watching the building since the night before when his luminol trail lead him here. So far no one of interest had left the premises. That changed when a familiar face emerged.


It was the red head that protected the human in this very bar. Skinner rose from the bar stool but paused. He was alone. The other two men were not with him. He stood there in the gloom, tense and indecisive. He couldn't be the killer since he had a solid alibi. So did the other two since they were all in the bar when the attack happened.


A few minutes later the other two emerged from the inn. Their was a new man in tow as they walked down the street. Him, the one with the antlers, he was new. Skinner decided that was a suspicious as any. He turned on his heel and left the bar through the back door.




David wandered down the streets of New Mesa, following the simple directions scrawled on the scrap of paper in his hand. He was going to talk to the blacksmith first. He assumed he would have to leave his pistols behind whale they were being worked on. David turned down the last street and could hear the clang of metal and the roar of a furnace. A small wooden sign hung over the entrance that advertised they were in the right place. David pushed open the wooden door and stepped inside.


The interior was hot from the forge in the back and the smell of hot metal was heavy in the air. a burly man stepped from behind a curtain and walked up behind the counter, "What can I do for you gentlemen?" he asked in a scratchy voice.


David smiled, "Hi, I need some close combat modifications added to these." he said, placing both his guns on the counter.

The blacksmith picked one up and inspected it closely, "What the hell are they?" he asked after a while.

"don't worry about that. I just want a small blade protruding from the bottom of this opening." He said pointing where he wanted it, "Actually, do you have and butcher paper and a pencil?"


David spent the next ten minutes drawing plans for what he ad in mind. It was basically a switchblade attached on the end where the release would be a switch near the trigger. he and the blacksmith discussed the plans and finally came to a decision.

"Alright Mister Stein, swing back by later and I should have them done" he said, shaking David's hand, "As long as you'll show us how these work when you come back". David smiled and nodded, "Absolutely, I'll see you this afternoon. Thanks again", he said as he was leaving.


Back on the street he clapped his hands, in a much better mood to be getting a new toy. He looked at Phill and Dauoa, "Alright, that's all I wanted to do. Your turn."

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Phill had been looking around in the blacksmith's shop as well. He didn't need a weapon when he had his power though the sword helped to guide his aim. He watched as david came up with a new sketch and handed it over. He was really impressed at the creativness of the weapon.


Phill tilted his head as david said it was their turn. Phill nodded as he took the lead and went into a shop that was pretty cheap, he found some small things of interest but he wasn't finding anything of use. He looked over at david "i am thinking there should be a way for us to make clothes and spend less money, or i am thinking possibly buying some thing that could be used as a trap for when we need it."

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Rain looked him in the eye, interest dancing brightly in his green depths.


"Really now, I guess i would. But if that's the case then i dont want to risk buisness with you. I would hate for something that i get to be faulty. I would only put out if it was rare and worth it. You know what I mean." Rain let his soft tone lead the man down a path he couldnt return.


"Yes I know exactly what you mean, all the good stuff is worth fighting for. Go big or go home right." He said, ringing his hands together.


"Takeing your look in I would say you dont do alot.png of heavy combate, right. You seem more like the kind that either shoots a bow from fare away or used knuckles or something of the sort." Flicking his wrist he lead rain down a small isle.


"Some of these steel knuckles are the best around, their plated with silver or gold set with jewels. A small spell keeps the silver and gold from flaking off."


Rain picked one put gentle. It was a nice piece, a silver line ran down his fingers when he slipped it on. 4 spikes stuck out from between his fingers. But other than that they where plain, silver plating does not make a weapon beautiful.


A beautiful weapon is in rains opinion one that is well crafted and balanced. It had to be made to last and be inconspicuous, something gold and silver was not.


"These are nice and all but not quite what I'm looking for." Letting out a exasperated sigh he tilted his head slightly, a sad look plaguing his face.


"Do you have anything made of steel and maybe enchanted with necroses."


Rain watched as a smile broke out on his face.


"Yes, yes I do. It's in the back let me go get it."


"Thank you"


Finally fat lard is moving to the back. Out of sit out of mind.


Waiting a few seconds he set to following him silently. Stopping he watched as went through a back door, what rain assumed was the back. Stalking he turned the knob and walked in.


He stopped the man leaving over a crate. Waking so quietly he glided, he pulled out a knife. Up behind him, he must have heard he turned along.


Man I must be getting rusty. Sorry old man, you've hurt to many people and slandered a good woman's name.


Rain didnt give time for him to react as he glided his hand up and into his throat. His eyes grow large from surprise as he gurgles and sputtered.


Riping the blade away get reached out and snapped his neck before leaving shop. He couldn't stay it was to risky and he didn't want any of the merchandise, they had explosive tendencies.


Once back out he set to sniff out the other 3.








Dauõa had lost interest following did and phill around. It's not he had a weapon or needed one really. Any fighting that was needed was doing in his other form, and no one know about him. Not they would know what he was anyway, hell he didn't even fully know. He had never seen another of his kind.


Stepping po of the weapons shop with them he split, wandering away to find something else of interest.


At first nothing really caught his eye but a little shop has a small array of trinkets. One was off two foxes made out to different necklessess that came together. Another was a stang small symbol, it looked like a moon sun put together. The last was a small bird, fragile and beautiful. Figuring rain, phill, david and bec would them he wandered into the shop.


"Hello deary, see something you like." A little old woman asked from behind a counter.


"Yes"Dauõa grabbed the necklessess and made his way up front.


"How much are these" he asked a large grin ok his face.


The woman looked as then carefully while pawing over then. It was almost like she couldn't see, the way her hands danced over then.


"150 gold for all 4, reach has a enchantment ok it, Nothing to special."


Dauõa handed her some money he had pocketed earlier he took pieces and wandered it the down. Looking down the street he didn't see party, figuring they would make their way back to the inn her set down a back alley try get there quicker.

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A figure ducked into the alley after the boy with antlers. The man saw him exit the knick knack shop and immediately gave chase, not wanting to lose him in the crowd. The man was huge. A least six five and looked to be about three hundred pounds. His lower half was that of a bull and he wore lose fitting slacks to cover himself. Hooved feet poked out from the short legs of the pants and his shirt was tight across his chest. He had a gold piercing through his septum and a pair of thick bull horns on his head.


He swiftly made his way up behind the boy and wrapped him in a bear hug. His muscular arms had a grip like iron shackles as he lifted the boy up and let out a roar.




At some point they lost Dauoa. David was unsure when it happened but sometime between the blacksmith and the shop Phill selected the man had vanished. He looked at Phill. He always seemed to get left with him. Ironic since he was completely willing to to abandon David before. Come to think of it, Phill didn't seem too fond of anyone other than Rain. David picked up a book off a shelf and thumbed through it as Phill browsed some other things nearby. He was one the lookout for something interesting they could trade. David was lost in thought when Phill spoke up.


"i am thinking there should be a way for us to make clothes and spend less money, or i am thinking possibly buying some thing that could be used as a trap for when we need it." he mentioned.

David was silent for a few moments, unsure what he was talking about, "I don't know. I'm not much of a seamstress. Firearms are sorta my expertise" He said, scratching the back of his head. David wouldn't know where to begin making clothing. as for the second part of his statement, "What would we be trapping?" he asked. David assumed he meant food but he was unsure. It was at least conversation.




Dauoa! I can't believe I found you!" The man bellowed with a deep laugh. He gently set the man down and took a step back. He looked around in confusion, "where are the others? Did you ditch them too?" he asked playfully.



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Rain ducked back out In to the bright sun and damp morning air. Thankfully that had gone well and it should be a little bit before his body was found. Usually he would have hated to take a life but in certain cases such as his he felt it was justified.


Sniffing the air he scented it to see if blood could be smelt. What reached his noise was not blood but his favorite smell, honey and melon. Following the smell he stopped infront of a small antique like shop. Hw spotted phill and david rummaging through some old looking objects.


Pulling the door open he wandered down another ilse so he could sneak up on phill. Coming to the other end he peered around taking note that phills back was to him but david was faceing his way. Stepping out he caught davids eye and held a finger up in a shushing posture. Slowely he slide up behind phill amd wrapped his arms around him before lifting him off the ground and spinning around.


Laughter bubbled from his mouth, it was for people like phill and david that he did jobs like that for. He loved both, given one was a mate like love and the other was a friend/family like love. Still he would be devastated if they had bought a weapon from him and pasted away because of a injury caused by it.


"Hey guys, im done." He said while setting phill down but still held onto him. He placed a gentle tender kiss on the top of his head before letting him go.


"Well its only lile 12-1. What do you guys want to do."





Dauõa froze in panic for a split second, not knowing who was crushing him from behind.



"Dauoa! I can't believe I found you!" The large bull man thing said as it dropped him to the ground.


Only one person had not been accounted for so far and no one else knew his name and was familiar with him.



"where are the others? Did you ditch them too?" He ask as a large smile broke out on dauõa's face.


"Bec..... oh my goddess. I didnt think we would see you again. What happened you werent with the others when they came into town. They said you had disappeared." Dauoa excitedly jumped up onto the large stomach and clung there.


"I didnt leave them. I split for a little while but I'm meeting them around 4. And what about you, you scared me. I was worried something had happened to you. Dont ever leave again without a warning next time." Dauoa almost never got emotional but he had been worried about her and as he finished his speeded ramblings he was crying a little.


"Let's go back the the inn and catch up ok" falling back onto his feet he took her hand and lead her back toward the inn to wait for the others.



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Phill looked over at david after searching around more. He had been left with david which was fine with him, he was not sure where dauoa went but he was used to it. "We would be trapping food of course, i mean i guess we could set up a trap to fend off intruders around where we stay but food seems more likely."


Phill was glad to have someone to talk to and all the time around david was causing him to get closer to him. He thought he picked up on a familiar scent but when he looked around he couldn't figure out what it was. He was just getting ready to turn when two arms wrapped around him eliciting a squeak from him. He was spun around in the air causing him to giggle. He blushed as his head was kissed, he nuzzled into his neck. "I am unsure what to do, i was looking for stuff for trapping maybe."

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Bec allowed himself to be lead by Douoa towards the Inn they were staying at. Bec narrowed his eyes at the horned boy, "Well of course I disappeared. I used to have pretty steady work when I lived here. I decided to dip into that a little before we left." He said, "Besides, I wasn't the one that turned into a monster and took off". He hadn't forgotten when he saw in the woods and planned to get to that later. The others probably were wondering why he suddenly decided to pop back up. He guessed the same could be said about himself.




"Monster?" Skinner muttered, lowering the wooden flute he had to his ear. He was hiding around the opposite mouth of the ally, out of sight of the man he was tailing. Out of nowhere a Minotaur nearly bowled him over to give chase to the man with antlers. He was surprised to see that the man was not a mugger or a enemy, but a friend. Skinner turned on his heel and walked in the direction parallel to the direction they turned. He had more or less moved to New Mesa and since then, he has learned the correct way to follow someone. People in New Mesa, despite what the advertisements tell you, were not inherently nice. People were paranoid. If you followed someone the normal way, they usually catch on pretty quick. The trick was to run across them just enough to tell where they were going. It was risky but Skinner had a pretty good idea where he they were going.


Skinner broke into a light jog and slung the hockey stick from his back. He spun it once over his head, "pellere" he spoke into the staff. He slammed the blunt end into the street. A pulse of red energy radiated from the impact and the gangly man was launched into the air with a dull thump.


Now this particular method of travel was new to Skinner so he hadn't quite gotten the hang of it. He pinwheeled through the air, flipping head over heels. "o'rabor" he grunted against the G-force. Before he could smack into a angled tile roof, he suddenly began to slow. His coat and hair blew back as if he hit a massive updraft and he floated onto the roof. Granted that he was stomach first didn't matter to him. He got to his feet and repeated the phenomenon. He shot off the roof and sailed through the air, this time heading back towards the inn.



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"Besides, I wasn't the one that turned into a monster and took off".


Dauõa's mind went blank as he as he stopped and turned slowly to look bec in the face. Unadulterated fear welled up in him, no one has ever non about his other form. The few that had known didnt live long enough to pass it on.


"How do you know that, do you know what I am. What I do, what I EAT."


Letting their hands fall apart he watched he with wide eyes as he backed away. Could he trust her, what she knew was large. It didnt seem as though she knew the specifics but if he know the longer he stayed with her the bigger the chance that she would figure him out.


"I shouldnt be here if you know, its dangerous for me." Turning he ran his hands through his hair tangling in it giving it hard tugs in frustration. Should he stay and chance it or leave and be safe.






"I am unsure what to do, i was looking for stuff for trapping maybe." Rain walked around looking at the various things displayed out on the shelves.


"Trapping for food, I guess just basic travel supplies. By the way I never did get amything to give the prophet. Any ideas besides the hat and a magiced canteen." Rain came back round with a small arm load of stuff.


Taking inventory of the items he glanced at david.


" Well if you dont have money to pay for everything you can put it in the hat. It may cancel any magic tyied to it." He said while leaning in close to phill.


Turning he whispered into the furry appendage watching as it flicked from his breath.


"How are you feeling by the way, tail hurting any. I dont know how to help but ask and I'll do anything I can." Leaning back he watched as a blush spread across his face.




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bec was shocked to see suh fear and distrust in Dauoa's eyes. what? did he really think that he was inconspicuous? especilly after running of and changing right after causig her to turn into a walking corpse. it was as plain as the nose on his face.he crossed his arms over his chest and snorted, " don't be such a drama queen. i won't tell the others"



"How do you know that, do you know what I am. What I do, what I EAT."


Bec raised an eyebrow, What? Did you think I woulnd't put two and two together. After I changed into that horror you ran off as well. THEN, some tall dark and horned creature who knew my name emerged and told me to go back with my friends" he said as the continued on.


Bec's face softened when he could see how stressed he was getting while he was talking. He even said it wasn't safe for him to stick around. Bec frowned. If it was such a big deal he shouldn't be so careless. He placed his large hand on his shoulder, "Look, your secret is safe with me.I know a thing or two about becoming something you're not"







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Dauõa stopped his retreat and scuffed at the ground. Fear and uncertainty still raceing thought him. She was smart he had to give her that, and if she was truly out to get him she wouldn't have come back and hugged him. She would have back and killed him while he was unsuspecting.


He could put his trust in her, what was the worst that could happen. She would turn and try to kill him although he didnt think that would happen.


"Ok, sorry if im not good with trusting people, you know up intil you guys I didnt have friends. Everyone I encountered was food, so there was no need for me to make friends." He said sarcasm lacing his words.


"I eat people to survive, are you ok with that. Do you even know what I am." Thinking back he realized he didnt know much about bec either.


"Come on, we can talk more at the inn while waiting for the others." He said turning away and continuing the way he had been going. He waited just long enough so bec was beside him amd not behind him. He could be to lax now that she knew. Only time would tell if she would still like him enough to not hate him.

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Phill watched as rain began walking around the shop. He saw all sorts of basic items that could have some usefulness but not for trading. He gave a chuckle at him talking about the hat "yea that is true it may cancel any of that stuff. "


Phill turned bright red as rain leaned in against his ear. His ear flicked from the warm breath on it and he softly swatted at rain. "I am alright, it is somewhat sore but not as bad since dauoa helped out. I will keep that in mind and will ask if something comes to mind."

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David glanced around to make sure the clerk was busy. One by one, he dumped the items Rain gathered into the mouth of his hat. There was not a change in weight or size as the items vanished. David did not know how common items like these were so there was no way of telling if the stores security would detect the stolen items. He placed it back on his head and smiled at the tow foxes. He shrugged when Rain gave the time and asked what they wanted to do, "I don't know. We could try to find that guy's address so we aren't late" he offered, "Phill do you still have that card he gave you?"




Nothing. These guys didn't have any ID, no cursed artifacts, no smuggled goods, nothing illegal. In fact, these guys weren't traveling with much at all. They seemed like a bunch of amateurs in over their heads in Skinner's opinion. Thinking they could stop let alone understand the plague of death eating the planet was laughable. Skinner glanced around the room to make sure he had put everything back the way he found it. His method of ransacking was also different from the traditional methods. The trick was to go slow. Pick something up, look inside, set it down, repeat. Never dig too frantically. Haste makes waste, right?




Bec nodded but did not say anything. He understood the idea of using someone for personal gain. Dauoa seemed to have this divine force thing going for him. AS well as the frail looking form and passive attitude. If she hadn't been in his head, he wouldn't believe his hunch was correct.


"I eat people to survive, are you ok with that. Do you even know what I am."


Bec shrugged. The truth he didn't know what he was exactly. Only what he looked like. Bec never really concerned himself with the details of other's species. It tended to complicate things, especially since there were so many different species out there. It seemed impossible to catalog them all. He was one to take a person at face value as much as he could. It was simpler that way.


"No. Of course not. I can't be alright with murder" he said as gently as he could, "BUT, I also don't judge lifestyle so it's whatever." As for what Dauoa was, Bec didn't have a clue. He just followed him back to his inn so they could talk.




Skinner closed the door behind him and passed his hand over the lock. A rune on his bicep began to smoke and the latch clicked shut. He tugged on the knob to make sure it locked. Satisfied, he clopped down the stairs to the lobby. He exited the Inn and walked down the road. None of his biting questions had been answered and many more have cropped up. No matter, he was meeting them later today.

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"No. Of course not. I can't be alright with murder. BUT, I also don't judge lifestyle so it's whatever." Came becs gentle reply. Even still dauoa felt a little peice of him die, but he would get over it.


Slowing his pace he pointed to the large white and blue building. It was mid day so people came pouring in and out going about their business.


"This is were we are staying, I'll answer any questions you may have up in our room." Turning around dauoa took in becs large form before a smile broke out on his face. It was a stark contrast to how he felt earlier. He would trust her, she dont nothing to harm him.


Reaching into his pocket as he resumed walking inside amd up the stairs he fingered the neckles for bec. Pooling it from the confines of hos pants he turned and handed it to her.


"Here, I got this for you earlier. Its supposed to have a enchantment on it but im not sure what kind."


Opening the door to there room and walking in he took a seat on one of the beds.


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Phill nodded as he took out the card and showed it to david and rain. He smiled as he saw that all the stuff going in david's hat didn't seem to effect the hat at all and stayed inside. He gave a small smile at the others, his ears twitching as he walked towards the exit of the store his tail swaying. "Sounds like a good a plan as any. We may as well know what we are walking in to."

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Rain followed phill out the door with his ears trained back,listening for any sign that they had been caught. When nothing went off he gave a little skip before he caight up to phill and snatched the paper from him.


"Come on phill, perk up a little bit." Giving him a censorkip.gif eatting grin he uncharacteristically spun around before ending up walking backwards.


"Should we go back to the inn for dauõa. He only asked for the 3 of us, maybe......"


"Nevermind, I dont think he knows dauõa exists. So why involve him."


Rain smiled before playfully giving phill a light push and walking back to david linking his arm with david he sweeped it out to the street.


"And what about you. Your so quiet." Stopping rain tilted his head to the side.


"Nevermind, I.... just feel wierd. So ignore my outburst." Letting go of david he shyly took a couple of steps away accompanied by a deep breath for every step.

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Bec took the necklace from Dauoa and turned the charm over in his large hand. A small silver bird hung from the thin silver chain. It was gorgeously simple and fit most of her forms. The one she was currently in was not one of them.

" thanks Dauoa I love it he said, fastening the clasp behind his head and letting the charm fall against his chest lightly, "I'm usually not one for jewelry. It tends to get lost or absorbed when I change. Maybe the magic will protect it?" he wondered, looking at the tiny bird on the end of the chain.




David plucked the card from over Rain's head and inspected it closely. At first glance the card looked blank. After moving it around, david could see the shine of blank ink on the dark background It was a single word across the top of the card, "Skinner". No title, no address, no phone number. David turned it over and found the back equally blank. Only a black rectangle was printed at the bottom. It was useless.


David nodded at what Rain said. He was right, why get Dauoa involved. The rule of thumb with shady people was to not surprise them. Bringing an extra person may make in less friendly than he already was. David looked closely at the card again,


"And what about you. Your so quiet."


David looked up confused and realized Rain was talking to him. The kitsune linked his elbow with his and pulled him ahead, almost making him drop the card. David was unsure what to say. He had never known Rain to be like this. He was cheerful, almost giddy. He was used to doom and gloom with a few rare rays of sunshine. Now Rain was so joyful he thought he would give David a sunburn. David shrugged,

"Not sure, just thinking I guess." he said lamely. Something was bothering him but he couldn't put his finger on it. It was just a gut feeling that had been persistent since they left the inn this morning.


David glanced back at the card pinched between his thump and index. He did a double take. On the front there was a glowing blue arrow pointing back at his chest. David stopped dead and held the card up. The arrow vanished. Puzzled, he tried to recreate how he was holding it. Sure enough, the arrow came back. David flipped it over and found that his thumb was placed in the rectangle. He turned around to face the direction the arrow was pointing. The arrow rotated to keep pointing in the same direction. It was like some kind of rudimentary GPS navigation system. David was mildly impressed.


"I think we are suppose to go that way" he said, pointing in the direction the card was pointing.




Bec sat on the edge of the closest bed, causing it to groan in protest under his weight. He looked at the antlered boy carefully. Now that he knew the truth he was more warry of what was hiding under his skin. For the first time he found himself really noticing the mask dangling from his belt. Bec had noticed it before but most of the men she was traveling with had some kind of weird trinket dangling from their cloths. He looked back up and caught Dauoa's eye, "Ok, answer for an answer", he offered, "What's with that?" Bec was of course pointing at the mask




The trio expected to be lead to some mysterious building or hidden hovel. Instead, they were standing outside what looked like a brothel. The smell of incenses and tobacco spilled out into the street. Less the desirable patrons would emerge or enter every so often. David looked at the arrow on the surface of the card which was now flashing steadily. This had to be the place but it didn't seem like anyone could or would live here.

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Jumping slighly rain grumbled as the card was ripped from his hands by david. He watched as david turned it over in mild confusion followers by understanding when he held it about waist level.


Rain couldnt see what david was looking for on the card but when he set out in a direction he followed him none the less. Edging his way closer to phill he wrapped a tail around his feet before smaking his shoulder.


"Come on love, your so quiet. Whats wrong, is you tail hurting." Rain listened to phill when he bumped into davids back.


"Sorry" rubbing his nose he took on the place that they were standing infront of.


""Um why are we in front of a brothel. I though we where going to his house. David are you sure you know how to read." Rain asked in a playful mood again.


He got this odd bubbly feeling in him that was making him act odd. But the other two acted as if the didnt care, which was ok with rain. Their was a possibility that he had gotten a spiked drink or peice of food this morning.


"What ever, let's check it out." Taking a beep breath he walked through the door.




Dauõa lostened as she sat on the bed causing it to Creek under this forms massive weight. Smiling he walked to the other bed and plopped down.


"What's with that?" Looking to see where he was pointing, his eyes landed on his mask.


A small groan excaped him as he picked it up. Letting its light weight settle in his laps he looked back at her a little leery.


"Jumping right in for the heavy stuff."


Taking a deep breath he lined up his info to tell her. She would be one of the first people to know about him. But she had his trust and companionship.


"Let me start at the beginning. First I have two forms, and you've seen both. The first is this one, the white stag. It's more of a cover for the darker side allowing me to move easily in the population. The second is my wendigo form, the massive black thing. " Dauõa stood and made his way infront of bec . It was funny how she was sitting on the bed and he could still see eye to eye with her.


"The mask is how I transform to hunt food. Its also like my life, break it and I die." He said a little solemnly leaving out that they could controll him if they had it.


"I dont think you got a good look at the other side of me that night. Do you want to see" pausing he added as a afterthought.


"I promise I wont eat you or anything. Your a friend and im not starving so I can control myself."


He almost wished she would say yes. He was afraid but it felt like a life time weight had been lifted from him.



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