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Phill smiled at david's reaction to rain and himself. Phill followed david down the stairs while looking around making a mental note of where doors were and what was around just incase something happened while they were there later. Phill remembered the place across the street and nodded "sounds like a good a place as any."


Phill was happy to order his food listening to david talk to rain, asking him if his friend could help with the grey plague. He leaned back in the chair slightly while looking around, after taking his mental note he relaxed and took a sip of the water that was placed in front of him.

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Rain followed david down the stairs and through the hall in the low level and down the last set of stairs. Coming out into the cool night air he huffed, blowing out a puff of white air.


He followed the others actoss the street to a small tavern. It was quiet and the inside was dimly lit giving the small place a homey feeling. Taking a seat at a round wooded table in the back he glanced around looking to see if anyone was paying attention.



"So Rain? You mentioned something about a person that could help us solve the grey plague problem? What does this person look like?" Rain attention snapped back to do david.



"I only ask because the Brotherhood of Civil Unrest gave me the info of some rogue agent hiding out in New Mesa. Maybe they are the same person?" Giving a questioning look he thought over what he had been told.


He highly doubted that a old profit could be a rogue for his group.


"Im not sure what they look like, I was told they live on the out skirts of the city."


Giving a heavy sigh he shook his head.


"Hello what can i get you fine gentleman today." A beautiful blond elven woman with large blue eyes walked up to the table with a small note pad and pen in hand.


Looking up at her he gave a small smile.


"Yes I'll have a mug of ginger root ale and a house special."


Turning he returned his attention to the conversation at hand ignoring the woman beside him. Giving a small pout she took their orders and left.


"The only thing we may have a problem is she doesnt take normal payment. I was recommended to bring comething of equal value to trade foe the info that she will give. And i dont have anything nice to give." Laying hia head on the table he had a short staring contest with the ground.


"Before of after we see her, her names ekia by the way, I have something i have to do. But all of this can wait til tomorrow. Tonight I just want to eat and sleep."


"By the way, I smelled dauõa on the way here. Where's he at?"










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"Another one of these and the same as him" he said to the pretty waiter, shaking his half full mug of amber liquid, "Man I'm starved.


Something seemed off with Rain. He had been huffing since he arrived. He wondered what could have possibly have happened? David dubbed it none of his business and took a swig of his drink.


"I'm not sure what they look like, I was told they live on the out skirts of the city." Rain said.


Well that was unhelpful. New Mesa was huge. He had the same chance of finding his rogue agent than this prophet on the edge of town. Both was worth a shot though.


"The only thing we may have a problem is she doesn't take normal payment. I was recommended to bring something of equal value to trade foe the info that she will give. And I don't have anything nice to give." Rain explained.


David crossed his arms and thought for a moment. David didn't have much to trade either. Except maybe his guns or hat but he wasn't about to give those up. Maybe they would find something when they go out tomorrow, "Well me too. I wanna go see another blacksmith about my guns. Wanna make some...improvements" He said, trying to think if he needed anything else on the next day.


David drummed his fingers on the table, "Well, I gotta pee. Be back in a sec" he said, rising from his seat and wandering off to find the bathroom.


On his way back to the table, he stopped at the bar and leaned on his elbows, "Excuse me! Bartender." he asked, getting the man's attention, "I'm looking for a man that used to work for the Brotherhood of Civil Unrest. He's a skinny guy, tall, magic user I think." The bartender furrowed his brow and thought for a moment, "Well... We don't have any magic users in New Mesa. There is a man that lives by the river that calls himself some made up title called a "scientist" He said, adding air quotes, "He is just a crazy man though. Rambling about how our doom is coming and that he can only hold it back for so long. Trust me, this guy is crazy but he matches your description. Let me ask around the staff. I'll have you an address soon."

David thanked the man and headed back to the table.when he sat down, he leaned into the duo, "I was just talking to the bartender and he thinks he knows who my BoCR agent is" he said leaning back in his chair, "He also said said he might know something about our grey death problem"

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Phill nodded as he looked up towards the waiter "i will have the same, and an ale for me also. " phill took a sip of his water as he normally didn't drink much else, he felt like something else would be a nice change. Phill let his ears twitch while he listened to other people talking. He nodded while david went off to go to the bathroom which left him to stay by rain "well we could always try and search for something she may like or give her information on kitsunes she may not know." He looked up as david leaned back in his chair saying they may have found the person he was looking for "that is nice, if so that could make things easier."

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Rain glanced between the to as he got his food and took a few bites. He let the warm buttery taste drift over his taste buds. A warm sensation. Ran through his body as he felt it make its journey from his mouth to his stomach.


Taking a swig of his ginger root ale, it went pleasantly with his soup. A few seconds later a basket of what looked like cheese bread was deposited on the table between the three.


"Well I have a stop I need to make sometime, I guess I can see what i will get from them to take." Rain nodded while devouring his food. He was eatting like he hadnt had a bite of food in days. Glancing at the other two he slowed his pase as they were eatting a little slower.


"Do you guys want to split up tomorrow and meet up at a later time. We could cover more ground that way." Rain gave another sigh while setting his spoon down on thw table giving a soft clink.


"When dauõa comes back then there would be two teams of two. "











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David dug into his soup once it was placed on the table before him. It was strange like the stew he had in the first town. It was delicious but something about the meat and vegetables was...off. It must have something to do with the plague or maybe just that the soil here is different. Didn't matter, David was enjoying himself anyway.


After a while, the bartender approached their table, "Excuse me, gentlemen? The man you were asking about earlier just walked in. He is sitting at the bar over their." the man said, pointing in the direction of the bar. David followed his gave and saw a tall lanky man hunched on a bar stool. David's mouth fell open and he gave Phill a gentle kick under the table to get his attention "Phill. Is that the drunk from earlier?" he hissed, jerking his head towards the man. He had just ordered a drink and when he tilted back to take the shot, David could see the profile of his face. Yep. Despite the size of New Mesa and the odds against seeing him again, their paths have unfortunately crossed.

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From the sudden silence that fell at the table after the woman left a strange unsettling feeling welled in rians stomach. He had know david for a while and for him to just go silent was a odd occurrence. Turning in his seat he followed davids line of sight to the bar behind him.


The slight movement under the table and the tiny jump from phill alerted him to the subtle kick that must have just happened.


"Whos that, is he important." A hint of cautious curiousness leaked its way into his voice. From what he could see, the man appeared to be a human. One sitting and drinking, so why did he hold davids interest.


Rain watched him a couple more seconds before he turned back to david. Tapping the table he brought his attention away from him.


"You going to talk to him." Slight amusement worked its way into rains voice. If the woman can't get his attention,it was slightly funny to think a middle age man could. Who know!

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David turned his attention to Rain when the tapped on the table, "You going to talk to him?" Rain asked. David had been staring without the man noticing since his back was mostly towards them. He blinked in confusion and realized Rain was talking about the man at the bar. He shrugged, "Apparently that's the man I was sent to find so I guess I have to go talk to him" he said, rising from his seat again, "Phill can fill you in on what happened"


David weaved through the crowded pub and approached the man at the bar. He was still running what he was going to say through his head when the man slowly turned and caught David's eye. His bright green eyes locked onto his own. David stopped dead and tensed up, expecting another attack but the man just turned back to his drink. weird David thought, walking up behind the drunk. David took a seat on the stool next to him. He called the bartender over and ordered another drink to take back to the table with him. When his drink arrived the drunk still hadn't said anything. He sipped his beer a finally figured out what he was going to say.

"I was sent to find you

"I'm not interested in men"

Both men spoke at the same time and stared at each other dumbfounded that they had said something unexpected.

"What?" they said at the same time. The drunk shrugged and turned back to his drink, suddenly uninterested in what David had to say.

"I was sent by the Brotherhood to find you. They said you were here to study the grey plague killing ev-"

David was cut short when the man clamped his rough hand over David's mouth.

"Shhhhhh!" his hissed, a wave of alcohol breath washed over him, "you want to start the rumors again?"

He released David, "Rumors? No I want to stop it"

The man laughed, "You can't stop it, you idiot. If I can't do it then what hope does a human like you have?" the man growled, "Now buzz off. You're bugging me"

David's looked at the man in surprise and anger. What a dick. he thought. David inhaled through his nose and calmed his heart rate, "My point is: you're a magic user and I know you know how to stop this. Now WizardMan, I suggest you help my friends and I"

"What did you call me?"

David blinked in surprise. Wizard was the part that got to him? David's mug rocketed off the bar and shattered against the side of David's head, flinging glass behind him like a shotgun blast. David toppled backwards on his bar stool and lay on the floor in a daze. The Drunk calmly got off his stool and leaned over him, "no one calls me that. Magic is a bull**** term morons use to label things they don't understand. I have worked too hard in my career to be demeaned by a mouthbreathing yahoo like you"

David's ears were ringing from the impact to his head and he was only half aware of the man standing over him. He was bleeding from multiple cuts on his face and scalp.

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Rain watched the whole exchange not moving until the stranger had knocked the glass into davids head. Phill hadnt told him anything on him yet and the mn looked positively livid standing over david.


Rain didnt think his body just reacted as he stood and bolted across the room to davids defence. Reaching him he crouched over him while his tails trashed behind him, his hair bristled as he watched him.


"no one calls me that. Magic is a bull**** term morons use to label things they don't understand. I have worked too hard in my career to be demeaned by a mouthbreathing yahoo like you" baring his teeth he listened as the man all but screamed this at david.


Not making any sudden move as he didnt want to provoke him anymore he glanced at david. He looked like he was having a hard time focusing on him and he had multiple cuts and peices of glass on his face and shoulder below where he had been hit. His head wobbled a little and rain reached out with a steady hand for support so he could stand.


"Look mister, I apologize for whatever it was that my friend said to you." He ground out through clenched teeth, his gaze still looking david over for any additional damage. There was a great likely hood he would have a small concussion in the morning after a blow like that.






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The man looked at the growling demi-human with glazed eyes. He fought a snallygaster last week, why would this runt scare him? The man looked the boy over. What was he? Fox ears and two tails. weird colored eyes. What were those things? The alcohol clouded his memory and hindered his focus. No matter. This thing was apologizing for what the ignoramus said, even if it looked like an angry cat. The man held up his hands as a show of innocence, "Hey. I was just trying to enjoy a few moments with a drink before work and your friend wouldn't stop pestering me about issues out of his dept" he said, pointing at David as he struggled to stand.


The tavern had gotten much quieter and most patrons were watching the show the three were putting on. David was having a better time with his motor skills but he still didn't know what hit him. He hadn't see the man do anything that would have caused the mug to hit him in the head. That was twice this man had gotten the jump on him with a sucker punch. David would have drew his pistol and shot him if he didn't remember what happened last lime. This man, as incoherent as he is, was dangerous. He placed a hand on Rains shoulder to try to calm him down, "Relax man, He is just some drunk. It's not worth your time" he said, keeping his eyes on the swaying man.

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"Relax man, He is just some drunk. It's not worth your time" Even so rain still held a low growl at he hauled david to his feet. He had a little trouble as david was taller and heaver than he was but he still managed to successfully stand him on his feet.


Not letting go, for fear he would fall without rains support he grumbled from his spot under his arm. "Come on, I think our welcome here is over. Well probably have more luck with the prophet anyway."


Slowly rain teied pulling him to the door, but it was a slow process. And with no help it only seemed to take longer, and he could feel the eyes of the other patrons on there back.


" You know we havent been in town for even a day amd you already made someone mad. And i thought i was bad with people." Muttering under his breath, he just wanted to get out of sight of the public. With the racket that they had caused he was sure it wouldnt be long before some form of police showed up.


"Lets retreat for now, we'll get you a bath and go to sleep. Just dont die on us overnight ok."







Dauõa had finished with his meal when he came down off of his high. Looking around at the bloody mess with body parts thrown about he hung his head. Tears slowly trickled their way down his face when he looked over at what was left of the woman.


The man had gotten what was coming to him. He had tried to take something that didnt belong to him by overpowering someone weaker. But didnt that mean he was the same as him, he killed just because he wanted to, because he was hungry and stronger.




A anguished roar tore from his throat as he ripped the mask off letting it fall to the ground with a noisy splashing as it landed in a puddle of blood.




The distant sound of foot steps drew him from his saddened mind. The sound of steps ment someone was coming and to be seen now covered in blood would not look well.


Standing dauõa mutter a quick prayer to the woman who was died. He couldnt change this but he could try harder next time. Glancing down the other end of the ally he took off away from the oncoming people.


Slowly he dodged in and out of alleys and vacant streets, stopping when a person came a little to close . Weary and cautious he made his way back to the inn in which he was staying, glancing up at the windows of the attic a soft sigh escaped him.


With no lights on that meant that either they were out and about or were asleep, and he hoped it was the first. He prayed that he could make it upstairs with out being seen, he was so close


But if anyone seen him the would ask questions, there was no way that someone wouldn't notice that his once orange shirt was now red and his white pants now speckled with red drops of rain.


Steeling himself around the corner, still in the dark, he prepared himself to bolt through the door and up the steps.










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((Ugh sickness is not good))


Phill began explaining to rain just as he got up and walked over. Phill decided it would be best to keep his calm though he growled watching the man get the drop on them again. Phill watched as the two began walking out of the bar. He walked over and gave a quiet sigh "i am sorry about before, we are just trying to look for help and we don't have many leads, it is leaving us irritated and rather desperate."


Phill was done talking and knew better than stay in one placelong. He followed the other two out ofthe bar. His tail was swaying and his ears down. He began to grumble as he figured out that tomorrow he would be of no use to anyone as his powers would be unable to be used as they are strengthened and his second tail grows in. He quietly tapped on rainsshoulder filling him in on what happened with the guy before, also mentioning tomorrow he would notbe as useful explaininghow usually he would probably hid since he would be an easier target and in slight pain the entire day.

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David graciously supported himself on Rain and let him lead him from the tavern. He suddenly felt very tired and his face hurt for the second time that day. Already a nasty bruise was developing on the side of his face. It was peppered with spots of blood and broken glass. He could not feel the customer's eyes on him so embarrassment was not on the forefront of his mind. Neither was law enforcement.


The man caught Phill's arm as he began to walk away. He held up his finger to indicate he should hang on. The drunk patted his coat and pants down until he located a tarnished silver rectangle. He slid a card from a tiny slit in the side and scribbled something on the front with a ink pen. He passed it to Phill and smiled, "Wanna make some money? Come to this address at four pm tomorrow and bring your two friends. We can talk in private about the...problem the planet is having" the man winked at Phil and smiled, "Have a good night". His boots crunched on the broken glass as he walked back towards the bar. The man snagged a worn hockey stick that was resting against the bar.


David and Rain they stepped into the cool night air, carefully since David wasn't quite right on his feet yet. He looked down at the kitsune helping him, "Whad'I get hit wit?" he asked, slurring from both head trauma and the alcohol in his blood. Mostly the alcohol. He was grateful they were going back to the room. He really needed to get some sleep.



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((( thats ok volt, ive had strep since like Friday)))



Rain listened intently as he lead david out the door into the cool night air. Hopefully with the cold david would sober up a little. Both from the alcohol amd from the nasty bruise already forming.


Halfway across the street he paused in their tracks. The scemt of blood hung heavy in the air. It was almost suffocating and it seemed to be coming from the inn.


Scanning the building for impending danger his eyes locked with bright neon blue. Slowly the figure walked out into the open with wide eyes taking in davids slumped over form on rain.


Rain gave him a quick once over, his normal orange shirt was almost entirely red and his pants where splattered with red. But he didnt see any wounds, assuming it was someone else's he motioned him over. He was taller that him and phill, and about the same height as david.




Dauõa heard a door open on the other side of the street and watched as 4 figures emerged. One was slumped over another with the third following close behind. He didn't get a chance to see the fourth as his eyes meet bright emerald green ones.


It was rain and david was over his shoulder. He was walking a little weird and rain seemed to be having a hard time moving him. He was suprised when rain motioned him over once taking in his clothes.


Moving over to them he got a closer look at david. He could barely smell the alcohol over the blood between him and a nasty bruise and bash to his head.


Blood was running down the side off his face and dripping onto his shoulder. It looked like a lot but he know from experience that it wasn't. And the wound was small, it would be a easy thing to heal.


If he did it, it would be like he was trying to do a little good to out weight the bad that he had done. As he gently traced over the cut he watched David winch a little before the magic seeped in, taking hold and mending the broken skin.


Pulling back he looked at rain as he slipped david onto his shoulder, relieving rain of his weight.


" I healed the wound but I can't do anything for the alcohol. I'll get him up to the room then I'm going to bathe and throw away my clothes." Dauoa was happy that rain hadn't asked any questions, but it could juat be a matter of time before they ask.


Slowly he make his way in the door, giving a sign as the clerck wasn't there. He started up the first set of stairs, and it wemt pretty smoothly. The second set however was not as smooth as a couple of times david would lean back amd almost take dauõa and rain with him.


Dauõa could tell that he was exhausted, and that was a common thing when you get bashed over the head. Finally reaching the top he pause just long enough for phill to open the door before he walked in and dumped david on a bed.

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Phill jerked slightly as the man grabbed his shoulder out of reflex. He calmed himself and took the card. "Thank you, we could use the money and information about this particular problem would help quite a bit since we need all the help we can get if we want to slow or stop it. I will try and get them there but they may have trouble after you hurt them, i will see if i can get them along, if not i will show up to try and get information and money if possible."


Phill walked out of the door and watched as a bloody dauoa healed david of his injuries. Phill followed them up the stairs opening the door for them. Walking in phill rubbed his head and sighed in frustration. "Tomorrow at four pm we can talk to that guy about the plague and make money, i appologized for what i did before and i don't think he is going to attack us. I would go alone if need be but he asked for all three of us and tomorrow is going to be a....rough day for me."

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Rain watched as david was dumped non to gently on the bed before dauoa left out the door. Moving over to his side he straightened him out and removered his shirt. Standing he went in search of his bag for a new shirt. Finding it on the floor next to the wall he ruffled through it and pulled a deep red shirt from it.


Setting the shirt on the bed he disappeared out the door coming back a couple of minutes later with a wash clothes and a small pan with water in it. Placing it on the bed side table he set to cleaning up the side of David's head and face.


For the most part dauõa had healed the cut but dry crusted blood still clung to the area.


"You want have to go alone, I'll be there. Cant say so much for David though. That was a pretty bad hit he took." Glancing back at phill he took in his slightly worried and agitated movements.


"You'll be fine tomorrow, I won't let anyone hirt you will your practically weak. Although you could ask dauoa, with his new found healing if he could alleviate some of the pain." Smiling he gave thw most reasurring grin he could. He would have preferred if phill stayed inside and away from people for a day. But he knew better, phill would go alone like he said if he had to and that didnt sit to well with him.


"Besides you would protect me if our positions where reversed." Rain finished up cleaning davids face and set the cloth in the pan. Standing he made his way over to the other bed, leaving the shirt forgotten.


"Come on, its late and im fairly sure davids out for the night. Dauõa can take care of himself so I'm going to bed. You can share with me or david." Giving him a mischievous grin he stripped to his boxers and through the covers back before jumping in.


Curling back to one side he left room for whoever his bed partner was as he watched phill with eyes that were hazing over from exhaustion. Lightly patting the bed he took a deep breath and waited for the dip in the bed, telling that phill had joined him.

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David tried his best to help his friends help him. The damn stairs wouldn't hold still though He made a mistake having that third drink when he went to the bar. He hadn't had a drop of real alcohol for almost three years. There weren't any bars in jail after all.


David graciously flopped onto his assigned bed. his head was swimming but at least Daoua fixed his head. Rain emerged from the conjoined bathroom with a basin of water. He tried to wave him away but he was insistent. David gave in and let him clean the blood off the side of his head. "thanks" he muttered, not really wanting him to take acre of him. It was his own fault after all.




The man from the bar had a job to do. He walked through the dark streets when a trio of men overtook him. The man caught the arm of the closest one, 'Woah! Whats the rush?"

"didn't you hear that scream? We think the Mincer struck again"

The Mincer was the nickname the citizen's of New Mesa gave the mysterious serial killer that began to strike about a week prior. Seems him, her or it was developing a fan club. The man sprinted off after the trio.


The man turned the corner to an alley and was faced with a small conglomerate of rubberneckers. The Drunk elbowed his way through the crowd and made it to the center.

If he had anymore to drink he would have ate cobblestone. The road was slick was blood. The center of the crowd, two Pacifiers crouched over a smimmering blob. As he drew closer he could see that the blob was actually a mass of entrails and blood. It was what was left of the victim!


As the man drew closer, one the Pacifiers eyeed him suspiciously. Before he could start throwing his weight around, the man flashed a wrinkled piece of paper. The Pacifier snatched the paper from him and held it into the light to read. He looked atthe scruffy man with suspicion.

"Luke Skinner?"

"It's Skinner"

"whatever. How the hell did you get a class four investigation order from the Grand Pacifier?"

"Cause I actually get censorkip.gif done. Now step aside boys. Let a professional do his job."

He stepped up to the remains and paused, "Speaking of jobs, how about you do yours and disperse this crowd. I don't need an audience"

The Pacifier narrowed his eyes but turned to the crowd, "Alright, show's over!" he said and the crowd groaned.


As the grumbling crowd began to dispurse, Skinner crouched in front of the mass of blood. He dug through his coat pockets until he found a roll of leather. He unrolled in on the bloody cobblestone and pulled a metal rod and small vial of iridescent blue powder. Skinner sooped up a sample of blood with the small rod and let it drop into the uncorked vial. He replaced the cap and shook it. When he was satisified, Skinner bit the cork off and dumped the glittering powder into the mass of viscera. The reaction was not apparent at first. Skinner based this method off something called Luminol, a liquid that made bodily fluids glow under ultraviolet light. He didn't have UV light so he had to imporvise. Slowly, the mass began to give off a strange light blue glow. Skinner packed his stuff and stood back up to look around. It would take a few minutes to take full effect.


After a while, the glow was begining to spread into the air. The first clue in days began to show itself. A rather large pair of three toed footprints appeared facing the direction he cam down the alley. A trail of glowing mist hung in the air. Skinner smirked. Gotcha.


Slowly but surely, Skinner's potion revealed the trail the bloodsoaked killer took. He took a moment in the alley to sketch the charcteristics of the footprints. He would look for posiable species when he got home. Skinner was basically retracing his steps back to the bar he began at. Skinner looked at the tavern in confusion and truned a slow three sixty to take in his surroundings. at one eighty, he paused. He was facing a tall inn. The very same inn that human walked into. He guessed he would have a little more to talk about when they came to visit at four.

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Phill was unsure of how he was going to be of any use to the guy and he nodded at rain who had told him that he would help protect him. He gave a soft sigh and nodded as he watched rain finish cleaning david and go into bed.


Phill was sleepy and was not fond of what would come the next day. He walked over tiredly to the bed rain was on and got in behind him. He lay an arm across rain while closing his eyes. He was soon asleep his tail swaying while he slept.

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((((((( time skip to the next morning, and pad, what is luke hunting.))))))


Rain woke to the soft snores and light beaming in through the window. Turning onto his back he disentangled himself from phill before tolling to stand at the foot. Looking around he seen dauoa had come back sometime doing the night and appeared to try to smother david with his bad sleeping habits.


He was sprawled across his stomach with one arm flung over his head covering half of David's face. The other was trying to drag him of the bed onto the floor.


Taking tenitive steps over the rocked there bed with sharp jerks.


"Get up, we have a long busy day ahead of us." Finished with those two from the moans and groans coming from the bed, signalling them waking up, rain turned to the bathroom. Stopping just long enough to grab a change of clothes, he though about what to say when he came back out.


He wanted to ask dauoa why he had been covered in blood. It was not a normal thing to disappear and then repeat covered on blood. And the healing was odd to, why hadnt he said anything on it yet.


Turning the water on he let it warm while he gathered the shampoo and such from a small cupboard over the sink.




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Phill had let out soft mumbling groans as rain untangled from him. Phill was in pain immediatly as he woke up, feeling as if someone was digging by the side of his tail. He bit his lips as he slowly forced himself onto his feet. He watched as the other two woke up slowly.


Phill grabbed a new set of clothes and ran his fingers through his hair. He took a sip of water from his cantine and stretched out uncomfortably. He was curious about how dauoa was covered in blood. He looked over seeing that he wasn't standing yet he decided to wait until everyone was awake.

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David was jostled from his dreams when someone decided to kick his bed a few times. He opened his eyes and immediately slammed them shut again. The pain in his head was splitting and he felt like he ate sand the night before. He flicked Dauoa's hand from his face and sat up slowly, letting his bare feet touch the cold floor. David rubbed his face and sat for a moment to wait for his uneasy stomach to calm down. He felt like death. No, he felt hungover.


David rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom. Yes, he saw Rain head in their first. No, he did not care. The door squeaked as it swung open and he went straight to the sink. He ran the cold water and stuck his head under the faucet. The cool water refreshed his sore head and chased away the last of the sleep. "What are we doing today?" he asked, his voice echoed by the sink, "Or are you going to wander off on your own again?" he asked. Not that there was anything wrong with that. He was just wondering if they would be sticking together. David grabbed a towel off the rack and dried his wet hair and face. He tried to remember what had happened the night before but he was only getting snippets. He remembered that wizard guy hitting him but not much after that. He wiped the steam from the mirror and looked at the side of his head. Not a scratch or bruise. Dauoa must have healed him was his guess. "Don't take too long, I'm starving" he said before leaving the bathroom.



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Rain jumped slightly in panic as david walked it. It wasnt that rain was scared of him, more like he couldnt believe david would openly walk in on him. He didnt know why he would have paniced, david couldnt see pasted the brown curtain that blocked his veiw of rain. But he had always had a little privacy when he bathed or censorkip.gif so this was fairly new.


"What are we doing today,Or are you going to wander off on your own again?"


Hr knew from David's tone that he wasnt really upset about the other day. And why would he be, rain had come back with some useful information and supply's for the group. Given that they hadnt gone through them yet, but with the fast pace of yesterday it was understandable.


" Well I have something I need to do and then we have to go find ekia the prophet. But after your little episode with Dracula last night he passed a message onto phill as we left." Rain commented as he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself while following david back into the room.


"Apparently he wants to see the three of us, and i dont think it would be a good idea to split up with him running around. Something about him feels......off. So we should all go and then we can go see ekia later today or tomorrow afternoon. The other thing ill have to find time to do." That was all rain would say on the matter as he didnt particularly want to drag them into it. Even though the merchant was doing some bad censorkip.gif, he was the one to make the deall and he didnt want to get them unnecessarily involved.


Glancing about the room he caught the subtle smell of food coming from downstairs. They must serve just breakfast. Which was ok with him.


"I'll run down and get us something to eat while the rest of you clean up and wake up. Be back in a minute." Rain disappeared out the door and down the stairs following the sweet smell of fruit and syrup.





Dauõa groaned as david wormed his way out from under him wakimg him upbthe rest of the way. He was more than content to fall back asleep bit that didnt seem to be davids plan.


Sitting up on the edge of the bed he watched as david disappeared into the bathroom. Phill was the only one left in the corner of the room. He was stretching but everynow and then he would wince as if pain.


"Do you want me to try to fix that, or relieve the pain for a little while.


He didn't know if phill had heard him or not but he had to wait for David and rain anyway so he could use phill as a excuse to pass the time.





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Phill watched as david just walked right into the bathromm causing a slight growl from him that was cut short by a jab of pain. He let his eyes wander over to daoua and nodded. "I could use some help with the pain, why didn't you tell us you could heal? "


Phill was not sure if the pain could be taken away but he guessed it could. Phill gave a small groan as his tail swayed. "It is my lower back right by my tail as my second one is begining to come in."

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"I haven't told anyone mostly because i have no need to. I dont make friends, you guys are actually the first." Keeping his eyes down cast he stood making his way over to phill.


"Turn around and I'll see what I can do." Dauõa motioned for with his hands fot him to turn around. Bending slightly he placed gentle hands on the small of his back and probed his back.


He could feel a small bump where the other tail was starting to come through. A bundle of nerves was forming around it and was continuously sending out pain waves. Sending a small wave of magic at it he pulled away.


"So how do you feel, I dont know if its permanent or not but my guess is no." Walking back to the bed he plopped down looking at david and rain as they walked out of the bathroom.


"So what's the plan" He asked to no one in general.

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Phill nodded at him while listening to him being able to heal but not making any friends. He watched as dauoa approached him and had him turn around. Phill turned around and bent slightly for him to look at his back. Phill let out a low whine as the bundle of nerves where his new tail was growing was touched.


Phill was swaying his tail around behind him as he began feeling better. "I think that it will be okay, i feel much better. I am not sure fully the plan but i do have an address of somewhere we need to go at four."

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