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David hopped down from the back of the wagon And put his hat on. It wasn't much but it would at least keep some of the water out of is eyes. He watched Rain and Phil try to find a trail in the soft mud. Standing by the wagon, David could see something they missed, "I think I got something!", he yelled over the intensifying storm. He knelt down to get a better look. Yes! It was a handprint filling wat water. He rose to his feeet and looked at the print as a whole. david turned his head to look at the puddle from another angle, "It looks like...Someone landed baackwards" David was puzzled and looked at the wagon, "From the back of the cart? Looks like they hit pretty hard, this puddle is pretty deep." He then noticed something else. A footprint was visialbe about a yard away. This one was in harder soil so it was more detailed. He could make out toes, "Barefoot! Are any of your small and barefoot?" he asked. With any luck only one would match the description. David jogged towards the two kitsunes to aid in the search.




Bec picked up a flash of memory. A moonlit night. Blood. Horns. Hunger.

Bec clutched her fist to her head in attempt to squeeze the images away. She needed to break the connection. She struggled to snap the link, imagining as many metaphors and believing in herself as hard as she could. She couldn't break free. She was stuk.


She opened her eyes and glanced around. She had made it to some meager tree cover and hunkered down at the base. She was covered in a strange effect. The mud that smeared her arms and legs, none of it mixxed with the blood in her wounds. It wouldn't even smear when she touched it. It was like monster movie make-up. Damn good too.


She caught sight of a dark figure. Tall and spindly. It stood in the trees. She wasn't sure if it was even real. It was so obscured by the Rain she could barely make it out. She just got a sinking feeling of dread that froze her where she sat. Her eyes locked on the figure in the woods.







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Rains head shoot up as david came over to them. Giving him a confused look he tilted his head to the side.


"Im barefoot but not small. If they are small they are probably female as neither me nor phill and last time i seen you dont have small feet." Rain glanced at the tracks that david had pointed at.


Gritting his teeth he looked back to the woods where they lead.


"Well there's three trail, ill take the far one phill take the middle and i guess david take the one you found. Yell if you find anything." Rain gave one least look between the other two nodding his conformation and maybe last goodbye.


Turning rain took off I to the woods following his trail. The tracks would bleed in and out of visibility as some where washed away by the rain amd others treaded on by other animals. Sometimes the trail would disappear altogether and he would wander a little until he could pick it back up again.







Dauõa locked eyes with the bloody mess under some trees. Her wild eyes board holes into his as he watched her from his spot on the edge of the trees.


Snap, snap, snap



Twigs broke under his feet as he walked closer to her. He bent at the waist and walked on all fours as he came up to her.




Dauoas voice came out gravely and had underlining gutteral tones to it. Huffing out a breath he watched with his shinning blue eyes as it hit her face. Leaning closer he took a wiff of her. She didnt smell hurt so the blood and wounds must be a part of the form she took.


Dauõa backed up amd sat on his hunches and watched her. He was hungry but he would hunt later.


"You'll live, go back to the wagons." Was all dauõa said, he let his voice echo around the woods as he watched he small form with sorrow and mild curiosity.










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Phill tilted his head at rain and chuckled "i am pretty small so it could be mine as well." phill began walking towards the woods while humming softly to himself. Phill gave a glance to them before walking into the woods.


Phill let his ears twitch as he picked up on small sounds of tree branches snapping or just the rain hitting the ground. He had a hard time keeping on track as they seem to disappear. He walked carefully deeper into the woods while watching his surroundings. He was on high alert just incase he had to get to rain.

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David ran off, not so much following a trail but heading in a different direction from the others. Any kind of trail would be impossible for him to follow in the rain and dieing light. He cupped his hands around his mouth.

"BBEEEEECC!" he called into the storm. He powered on as he continued to call her name.




bec let out a small yelp and began to try to crawl away when the then lumbered towards her on all fours. She couldn't get traction in the slick mud so she froze. It hissed her name and studied her closely. She observed it as well. Now that it was closer she could make out the bleached white bone head it had. Whether it was a mask or it's actual head was not clear. It was spindily and colored such an intense black, it appeared as a void in the rain. It made no movement to attck. In fct, it gave her instructions on how to get back ot the group.It was letting her go. She couldn't speak, she just stared wideeyed. Finally, she willed herself to move and goot up off the ground. A long wail of her name cut through the den of the rain. She snapped her haad towards the sound. It was her friends!She looked back at the creature and smiled. It had spared her and she was grateful. She turned and darted through the woods towards the voice.


(((anyoe can ut her off. She is just running in the general direction of the camp)))

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Rain had been followimg his trail for a while with no luck. Evey time he thought he saw something it turned out to be just a play of light or shadows. It was getting pretty dark and visibility was dropping fast.




Rains head whipped around like he had been slapped. Scanning the woods for any movement. At first he didnt see anything.




There, he spotted it. Moving closer he walked on silent feet it he was with in 5 feet from it. He could make out its shape now. The ears and tail the slender body and short stature.


"Phill, any luck" Rain asked as he walked to him with a hand out stretched. Laying it gently on his shoulder he smiled happy to see him again after their separation of about 30 minutes.


"Beeeccccc" the faint voice of david could be heard drifting through the trees. He must have given up on following the trail and resorted to calling her name.


Looking off in the direction that his voice was originating from rain gave a look at phill before he set of in that direction.


Squish squish snap squish


Seeing a shape dart out of the woods he watched as it ran into phill. Growling he wandered back as he seen the thing pull away.


Rain couldnt help as a hiss excaped his lips. What he was looking at was a sight to behold. It looked to be a walking corpse with a missing hand and its stomach torn wide open but the contents held in place by some unknown barrier.


"Bec" he asked in a confused tone. He had heard the description from ella and he couldn't imagine any other reason that a corpse would be walking.


"What happened to you." He starred at her with wide eyes before he remembered he needed to call David.


"Daaaaavvvviiiiidddddd" rain called as he went to bec and Phil.






Dauõa watched as bec left after giving him a smile. It was strange at first he thought that she may have recognized him but that didnt seem to be the case when she left. Still though he followed he just long enough until she made it to rain amd phill.


He had been suprised to see them but he wouldnt have expected less from them. Now that she was safe though and back with the others he turns and started off into the woods again.


He would have kept walking happily but movemnet caught his eyes. Following it he recognized the bulky form of david. God he just wanted to leave now but this team of misfits like himself just didnt seem to let him go.


"David" he whispered hoping he wouldnt see him. If he didnt dauõa was sure he would see them in the river side town.



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Phill had heard that someone else was wandering around by him. Phill watched as rain walked up to him after thirty minutes of being alone. "None, i haven't had any luck at all." Phill watched rain start to walk away towards david before feeling something run into him.


Phill was knocked over and laying beneath a walking corpse it seemed. Phill ran his hand along his face as he ueard rain hiss before asking if it was bec. He began rubbing the back of his head while watching bec, moving slowly to try and stand up. "Well at least we found you, get attacked by something?"

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Rain came back over and helped bec and phill up. Bec was shivering slight but he couldnt tell if it was from the cold or the events she had just gone through.


Steading her by the arm he glanced at phill.


"Lets get you back to the wagon first, can you walk the rest of the way." Rain asked before he gently started to lead her back to the wagon and camp.


"We'll get ellas to look at you, and hopefully to link to someone else so you don't....appear..... as a corpse anymore." Rain could have said this with more tact but he wasnt sure how. He wanted to get her back to the wagon amd sit her down first.



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(My dumbass self didn't realize you posted anything as Kimon seacat, sorry lol)


Alexa nodded gently. She sat as still as she could as Kimon unwrapped and re-wrapped her leg. She saw him wince and felt bad for him. It was obvious he was worried. She smiled in an attempt to show him she was fine.

"So where do we go?"

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When bec raised herself off of the young kitsune she bowled into, she had changed. A mixture of her runing through the woods and moving away from Dauoa meant that no one was watching her. She jumped hosts.


Bec was now male and she could already see that he had both hands. His hair was a bright red mop on top of his head. He looked about twenty five and his curious amber eyes shone in the low light. He had a shadow of a red beard covering his jaw. His He had a twin set of red fox tails trailing behind him. They were swaying side to side playfully. He dropped his weight and hugged the kitsune under him,

"Ah, I'm glad to see you!" he yelped then released Phil from the quick hug.

Bec gratefully took the help standing, since his legs now felt like jello from exhaustion and fear. His eyes darted from his friends and the shadows between the trees. He was visibly shaken and clutched at the sleves of the thin jacket that had appeared with this form. He followed closely with the two as the exited the forest. Bec did not dare look back fear she see that creature again.




David called Bec's name again. He was soaked to the bone and cold. He couldn't imagin what condition Bec might be in. He heard Rain's voice drift through the rain. It was coming from behind him, almost backtowards the wagon. Had he really wandered that far?


Movement caught his eye I the treeline and he paused. his hand went to his holster but he did not draw. He scanned the trees, trying to catch a glimpse of what spooked him. He couldn't see more than shadows through the veil of the rain. He gave up and started jogging back the way he came. He assumed Rain and Phil found Bec and hoped she would have some answers.




Hector let once more while Kimon tended to the human's bandages. He did not say if he was oming back.Hector flew south, being pulled like a toy on a string, he followed the pull of dread. It was coming from a specific set of people. Hector could almost see their faces. They were heading to? South? Could it be they were heading to?


it clicked.


Hector banked right and turned around, heading back to Kimon's home folowing the same feeling he was using to track the other group. He wasn't sure what he would tell them but they needed to head south.


Hector landed just in time for Alexia's question;

"So where do we go?" She had asked.

Hector hooled towards the dwindling smoke cloud over the ruined town,

"We need to go to New Mesa" he said simply, "Something terrible is going to happen there and I think we can stop it".

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Phill stretched as he stood up looking over bec's new form. He chuckled as he was given a quick hug, patting bec's head. Phill took one side of bec to help them walk easier. He was not sure if it was the best idea since that only left his weak arm to help deffend but he trusted rain with that. He was happy when they got to the treeline and could see their ride. Phill looked at rain and smiled softly "you mind getting david or want me to? Bec seems a little shaken so one of us should stay."

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Rain studied bec for a couple of seconds before looking at phill.


"Why, we can just take her the rest of the way." Glancing back at bec he watched her. She wasnt shaking nearly as bad now but you could still visibly see small trembles raking her form.


Getting right next to her he bent at the knees slipping a arm around her back and the other behind her legs. Hoisting her up he carried her bridle style to the wagon. As he got closer he didnt spot any sign of david but ellas was still sitting in thw wagon. She was bent over looking at her hands with a hollow look on her face. It gave rain chills that ran the lenght of his body.


Gently placing bec on the back of the wagon he turned back to phill.


"So davids not back yet, I'll wait 20 minutes and see if he pops up.". Rain glanced back at bec and she now wet clothes.


"And unless you want to sleep on a wet bed you will need to change your cloths and dry out in general. After that you can tell us what happened." Rain turned back and smiled at phill. He was tired but he didnt want to leave david out possibly by himself.


He didnt want to climb into the wagon and change clothes just in case he had to go looking for David. But after 5 minutes went by he was getting fidgety and agitated.


Springing himself up from his spot of leaning against the wagon he walked over to phill.


"Well it's still raining and wheres dauõa."





Dauoa watched as david left making his way back to saftey. He felt a pang as he realized he probably could go back with them. And it was bec that had caused it, but he didnt blame her. She had no control over who she linked with and he had let his guard down because he had wanted to go eat. So the fault was of equal blame but he had still lost friends, something he didnt have a lot of.


Dauoa set off in the direction of the next town. With his speed he would be there in a day instead of 2. And maybe he would meet them there and he could resume traveling with them. Worst comes to worst he could always pack some meat from a kill. He doubted any of them know the difference.


Setting his mind he took off on all fours through the trees. Thoughts running through his as fast as he was running through the woods.


Get to town


Eat, satisfy hunger


Gather supplies


Meet them again and see reaction.


That seemed like a sturdy plan one he could work with. Now to just reach the town amd follow it.




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Phill nodded at rain, his ears twitching in the rain as the fall had knocked his hood off. "I meant one take her back and the other get david." Phill watched as rain picked bec up and gave a soft growl mostly to himself as he followed them to the wagon. He saw how all of this was effecting everyone and rubbed his head softly.


He looked at rain and nodded at his statement though he knew it would be less than twenty minutes. Phill was fine with the wer clothesthough the chill that was caused by them left him shivering slightly. He watched as rain approached him and spoke. "Yes it is still raining and who knows, maybe he decided to go off alone? Want to look for him too?"

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Rain watched phill from the corner of his eyes as he looked into the woods. He seen the shivers running up and down his frame. Moveing a little closer he heatd up the area around them so it was pleasantly warm and steaming slightly.


"Yea, its not like him to have douts of stupidity if you know what mean. But even so I dont want to leave ella and bec here unprotected." Rain ground his teeth together as he leaned against a tree bowing his head in thought.


"Do you want to stay or go looking. I'm fine with either but im a little weaker in the rain. Its the reason i didnt burn the woods down back when we had our talk." Rain hide his face with his hair.


"Anyway, while we wait tell me about youself. I actually dont know anything about you, and it bothers me." Rain looked up into phills eyes with curiosity shinning bright.


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Phill continued to look around unsure of what could possibly be happening. He felt the area around him heat up and gave a small smile at rain. He gave rain a gentle hug and smiled. "I agree, we can't just leave them alone, i am sure they are strong but who knows what bec will turn into if attacked."


Phill straightened up and nodded at the wagon they came in. "You should get changed and stay in there, i can handle the rain easier plus i can use this weather to strengthen me."


Phill looked at rain and gave a quiet little sigh. "My parents were taken when i was very little, they may have even been killed. Luckily they gave me the little ball, the one thing that would allow someone to control a kitsune, giving it orders it must obey. I was forced to run, never knowing what happened to them. I was alone in the streets of the town we met david in. I had to steal to survve, i was one of the reasons they came up with the ability to bring items back to the store. That didn't stop me though, i began killing at a young age to get money so i could survive, i would break out in fits of rage and electricute anyone in my path, i would sprint in a line towards anyone who hurt me and the others nearby became collateral. I have learned to control it most of the time though."

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It wasn't long until the feint light from the lanturn at their camp drifted out of the rain like a ghost. He had wandered right up to it and hadn't noticed. this storm was getting pretty bad.As he drew closer he saw Rain ad Phil standing outside the comfort of the wagon. He waved as he approached, "What are you guys doing standing around in the rain?" he asked with a wink, "Is Bec alright?"


David stripped off his soggy shirt and pants and climbed int the back of the wagon. He was happy to see an unfamiliar face already under the makeshift tent. His face lit up when he saw him, "Bec! I thought you were a gonner. Are you hurt?" he asked, looking the fox boy over.


Bec nodded his head, "Yeah I'm fine. Just a bit shaken." He said with a weak smile. Bec's clothing seemed to be drying at an abnormal rate and did not cling to his form like soaked fabric would. There wasn't a spot of mud on him despite slogging through it for the past hour. No visiable injuries, perfectly clean, even the red hair on his head was dry.


Something about Bec had always been off, but it was becoming more apparent that there was something more than DAvid originally thought.

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Rain looked at phill with pity for a moment before reaching over and wrapping his arms around him.


"Im sorry, but your will is now so it's better." Rain held him close for a moment letting his heat sink in more.




Rains head snapped up as he looked in the direction of the noise that was caused by a shadow coming out of the woods.


"What are you guys doing standing around in the rain?"the shadows moved being eatten by the little light someone must have put up to reveal david walking to the wagon. A grumbling growl came from rain, he wasnt sure why he winked at people but it was something he had come to associate with him.


Rain walked over to the wagon amd stripped crawling in next to the wall. Finding a blanket he wrapped it around himself and waited for phill to come over.


"So what happened bec. And have either of you seen dauõa?" Rain proped up on a elbow and watched bec and david waiting for a answer.


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Phill hated when people looked at him with pity and was half tempted to tell rain until he was hugged. He heard the twigs snap and shifted his gaze to where david was coming out of the woods. Phill ignored the wink and ruffled rain's hair to get him to calm down. "Yes bec is fine, we actually have been waiting for about five to ten minutes and were going to go looking for you."


Phill walked over to the wagon and stripped his shirt and pants off as best as he could, not caring about the huge scar across his chest. He left his clothes in a neat row by the wagon entrence so they would dry. Phill crawled over to rain sitting right beside him. He looked over at bec noticing how they were not wet at all, not even thier clothes. He shook his head as he was curious how she wasn't wet at all.

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(((Why is winking such a sin?)))


Bec shook her head, "I don't know where Daoua is. We were practicing to see if I could link with someone at will. Next thing I knew I looked like I had been attacked by a wild animal. I...got scared and ran. I shoulnd't have but it was so freaked out. I haven't seen Daoua since." she explained, leaving out a few importantdetails. She wasn't sure why she was coering for Daoua. She knew that it was him that caused her to go through a change and that it was him out in the woods. He had let her go. He could have ripped her apart but he let her go. Bec felt like a monster wouldn't do that.

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((((its not but to rain it would be a earth thing. But that bring up I wounder if nalom has any little quirks like winking and high 5s.)))))



Rain looked at bec foe a minute as he made room for phill next to him. He wasnt really worried about dauõa as much as he had been for bec.


"Well get your rest tonight. If hes not back by the morning were leaving him." Rain layed down with his head on his arm as a pillow. He didnt care much for dauõa anyways so he didnt have a problem leaving him. He kinda got the feeling that he was like a roach. You cant kill it and no matter how hard you try to get away they keep popping up.


Rain flopped one tail lazily over phill behind him and had the other resting on becs stomach in a friendly conforting manner. The tip would twitch occasionally as his thought ran there course through his mind.


Where was dauõa?

Was he ok?

Why didn't bec come back sooner?

Why would she change into that mess of a corpse with a link to dauoa?

What was dauõa then?


Rain gave a sigh as he turned over faceing phill amd closed his eyes letting sleep take over.


((( We can time skip when you guys are ready. I'm ok with til the next morning or just skipping to the town.))))






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Phill was worried about everyone and half tempted to go searching but decoded against it. He felt as if rain could use some comfort, besides he was still slightly cold. He scooted closer to rain, letting an arm lay across rain using his stiff arm as a pillow flexing his fingers.


Phill felt rain lay his tail across him. He let his tail curl loosly around rain's. Phill's ears wtitched when rain turned towards him, feeling his breath he hid his face in his arm, closing his eyes and letting sleep take him.

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(((ooooo!OOOOOO! let me!




David yawned and tipped his hat further forward to block the midday sun. He was sitting on the hard driver's seat of the carrage. He offered to drive on the last day of travel. They were all tired, injured and desperately in the need of a shower. Well, everyone except Bec. He was so unnaturally clean all the time. David's expression brightened when they passed a painted wood sign hanging from a post by some rusty chains.


Welcome to New Mesa

Best place in Nalom


David snorted. From the small settlements they passed on the way into town. He doubted there was anywhere on Nalom that wasn't a censorkip.gif hole. David cracked the reigns to coax them pick up the pace.

He was super ready to get out of this cart. On the way into town, they ad passes a few travelers going the opposite direction. David had, of course, stopped to talk to every one along the way. The conversations were often short and David was just looking for details. No one seemed to be worried about the plague gradually marching its way across the countryside.One man, however, actually said something that wasn't about crops or the weather:They described a man whom they knew was in the Brotherhood of civil Unrest.

That's weird. The boss guy way back in the town he woke up in told him that the sect here was MIA. He got the man's description and they went about their way. It bothered him that the things they said about him were not good.



"Grab your gear and get out!" he said playfully to the party. The gates of New Mesa stood anout a quarter mile away. A monolithic archway. The biggest buildings he had seen yet in Nalom stood in the background.

David hopped off the wagon when they stopped at a stable outside the entrance of the town. It was like a parking valet...for horses. David dropped some gold into the man's hand and he lead the horses to be fed, watered and groomed. He turned back to the group and smiled, "Alright. What do you guys wanna get out of the way? Wanna grab food? Or find a place to crash tonight? Or get cloths?" he asked, rambling, "Or we could split up? We can pick the first tavern we see as a meet up point once we are done."


Bec had told the party of her brief experience in New Mesa. She had lived with a woman who fell in love with one of his past forms. They had a relationship for a few months before she decided to move on to "greener pastures". She told all of this before she turned into a golden retriever.


Her stories made David excited to see this place in person. It reminded him of his home town. Rough but with plenty of things to do. He picked up his canvas bag off the dusty ground and started walking towards the main gate






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Rain had been sitting in the back of thw wagon talking to ella about earth and the hospitals that they had. Oddly they used no magic for healing purposes. They used advanced technology compared to nalom apparently but then again it also sounded like humans came down with a lot more stuff and fought a lot more in general. They seemed for the most part fragile creatures with a bad habit for destruction.


Rains conversation was cut short by David making the proclamation that they had reached New Mesa. Turning around rain took in the tall lumbering building. But if the colorful building and large ancient looking trees oddly placed about wasn't enough to get to you the sight of a giant river was. It ran through the city sharing the sparkling light from the sun plastering the reflection on buildings everywhere.


"Alright. What do you guys wanna get out of the way? Wanna grab food? Or find a place to crash tonight? Or get cloths?Or we could split up? We can pick the first tavern we see as a meet up point once we are done." Rain was brougjt out of his visual exploration by david rambling. He stopped listening about half way through as he leaped from the wagon.


"I'm splitting, ill find you guys later." Rain started to make his way into the large city before he stopped with another concern.


"Someone should probably stay with ella as shes fairly new here, and bec you may want to stay with someone you know you form a fairly strong bond with so the likely hood of you changing is smaller." Rain smiled then amd took off into the city.


First thing he was going to do was find a bath. He had been feeling filthy for a while now and he could use a good cleaning. Then if he could find his master guild, the unseen, he could get some weapons and cloths as they provide for there people. He would just have to be careful not be dragged into any work or to drag anyone else there with him.





Dauõa had been in New Mesa for a day and a half. It first the many different sounds and sights had him dazed and in a excited giddy mess. On the first night he was here he had been walking through a back ally and ran into some poor pickpocket that had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He tasted ok, not his ideal choice in food but it would have to do. When he had gotten there he had been hungry form the extreme workout of running in his more demonic form, so he had eatten the first person he had come across that would be out of the way.


After that he had found the public baths where the water was pulled in by the river and heated over magma rocks before pooling into a seatting area. The bath house had private baths to just in case someone didnt like to be seen but they where a little more expensive. After that he was pointed in the direction of a tailor for some new cloths.


At the tailors he had gotten some clean pants and shirts with a hooded jacket and a ceremonial garnet. He wasnt sure at first why she had handed it to him but the petit little red haired women had wanted him to bless her place. Which he did by throughing clear riverwater on it(?) He wasnt sure why that put her at easy but it did. Giving him the cloths she asked that he stay in town for a while, that just his presence would put people at ease.


He didn't ask her to many questions, as he didnt really care, before he left with a bag full of cloths and a address to a place to stay. She said it had been a bed and breakfast that was upscale. She new the owners personally and she was sure they would let him stay for free.


And it was upscale. The place was huge with bright white walls and a blue roof and trimmings. When he walked in the place was huge with polished cedar flooring and walls decorated with women in fancy clothing. The counter had a bell on it and a large book seated by a fluffy fountain pen. A blue curtain drapped closed what he had assumed to be the back where the owners sleeped and lived.


The man behind the counter gave dauõa a look of confusion but after explaining what he was and what had happened the man showed him to a small room up a flight of stairs. That is where he had been staying at night, doing the day he would venture out and see the town.


Today he had made his way to the square where a large sparkling fountain sprayed water from a woman holding a jug. She was beautiful and the water was lovely. There was a lot of people coming and going most in fancy or at least nice clothing. Dauõa sat by the fountain with his feet touching a piece of dirt that the stones had sunk into. At first he payed no mind to it until a little girl pointed at the flowers growing up from his touch. The mother had stopped and stared a second before coming over to him.


And this is what lead to his current situation of him growing plants for little children around his feet. They would squeal with laughter while yanking a handful of plants up just to watch them grow back again. Dauõa took joy from this as there was a possibility that if he stayed they or somwone in there family could end up his meal. So he would let them have there fun and joy now before he snatched it back later.

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Phill was listening aboyt hospitalsalong with rain asking ella questian. He listened two david who seemed in a happy mood. Phill smiled while he got out of the wagon and stretching his arms out. He quietly watched as rain walked away, splitting from the rest.


Phillip closed his eyes as he began thinking. He rubbed the back of his head "either food or a both would be best for me." He thoughtabout itmore before speaking. "Some more clothes may be a little heloful as well as i only have my hoody and a pair of pants."

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David watched Rain go. He had been acting extra angsty the past few days. He figured he needed time alone. He wished he would have waited. He had money for him.


David turned back to the group when they reached the gate. The four of them...wait! Bec was gone. David looked around their immediate area and did not see her. If she changed she would be impossible to pick out in the crowd. David shook his head and looked at Phil, 'Yeah, cloths sound great. Lets...lets get going" He turned on his heel and walked into New Mesa.

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Rain walked through the throngs of people milling about in the streets. In some areas the nearest person was a arms lenght away but in most cases they where shoulder to should with rain. Pushing abnd pulling him the the lull of the moving crowd.


He paid them no heed though as he darted in and out of streets and the occasional building. He was going to a certain building that was on the far side of town well out of sight to most unless you were looking for it. Rain journey lead him out of the bright building and the cheerful noise of the blissful side of town into the darker side. The street changed, where pavement once lead the way dirt was all that was there now. The beautiful houses decorated in there bright colors with pristine porches adorned with chairs, tables, and potted plants gave way to black mold covered shackles barely standing. Windows where broken or missing and the air grew pungent with decay and sewage.


Rain kepted on though as the people cleared and he could make out the building he was going for. Glancing over his shoulder he looked for anyone following him and took off at a brisk pace to a small tavern with a weathered placer 'see me' hanging over the door. Turning the rusty nob rain pushed the door open and walked inside.


The room was filled with smoke and thick with the aroma of food and sex. Lively music could be heard coming from the back but the brown walls and greenish lighting made it dim amd hard to see. But rain was accustomed to this place as he had been here many times.


Taking a right rain scampered out of the way of a drinkers and made it to the counter. Pulling out a dingy seat he placed his hands on the dusty counter he waited for a old friend to show.








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