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Phill looked around for bec curiously while humming to himself. He sighed and shook his head before looking up at david. "We may as well try and find someplace to eat after, though i need money and im not sure beating someone up here will go unnoticed." He followed behind david quietly and let his tails sway happily excited for new clothes.

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David walked into the crowded streets of New Mesa, taking in the familiarity. He maneuvered through the swamp of people easily and craining his neck to looks at the hanging signs that lined the street. He saw a few clothing places but when the reached the window everything was way out of their price range. David sighed and continued on, fallig into step beside Phil, "Have you ever been to this city?" He asked causally. He just relized he had never had a one on one conversation with Phil. He was always around someone else. Inf fact, Rain was almost always by his side. It was strange to see Phil without him.


David made the executive decision to cut throught a narrow alley to move one street over. The way they were going was too ritzy for David's blood. They needed practical clothing, Or at least David did.


DAvid stopped in front of a glass front store and cupped his hands around his face to peer inside. The first though that came to DAvid's mind was "thrift store". o particular theme was followed by the merchandise.DAvid even thought he saw saddles and chairs for sail as well. David stepped back and looked at the door, "I wanna go here. Looks neat and it looks like they got a little of everything."He gripped the doorhandle but paused, "Also I'm buying. Find me when you're ready to go" David yanked open the door.


The door stuck fast, causing everyone in the store to turn to look at the loud bang from the front of the store. David calmly swung the door inward and sheepishly stepped inside. He waved to an elderly lady who was staring at them angrily. David slunk away from Phil ad Ella to go look at cloths.

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Phill gracefully moved through the crowds as if dancing from all the times he had to shift out of the way. He was trying to make sure that he kept up with david unsure whether or not david noticed they were in what seemed like a higher class area from the decorations that littered the storefronts and the people mostly were wearing beautiful clothes which made them stand out slightly. Phill shook his head at the question before speaking "i have only been to the one city we met at, my home village and the woods."


Phill guessed that david noticed as they cut through an alley to cheaper looking stores. He walked up behind david and nodded "i will make sure to find you before i leave." Phill shook his head as david pulled the door that was meantto be pushed. He slipped in behind the sheepish david and began brousing the shop for clothes.

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David browsed the selection of clothiing on the rack. They called these second hand stores on earth. From the sign on the wall in front of him, it was safe to say they called them that here too. David pulled a dark green flannel from the row of clothing and held it to his torso. The fabric had a strange textureIt looked about the right size so he threw it over his shoulder for safe keeping. He continued to peruse the stock, grabbing items that intrested him.


Around the time he was looking at new boots, he wandered back over to Phil. It was inevitable, really. The store wasn't really that big. It was just crammed full of stuff. David had to use a pole with a hook on the end to reach the shelf high above his head to get the boots he was holding. He was akawardly leaning against the wall with one hand, and matching the size of the sole against the bottom of his current, dirty boots. His small claim of clothing drapped over his left shoulder making him even more unbalanced. At the same time Phil wandered around the corner. He smirked, "You lost? Children's section is that way", he said pointing in an arbitrary direction. He lost his balance and nearly fell over , planting his foot firmly to steady himself. David Held up the boot to show Phill, "Whatchu think about these? Practical but...stylish?"







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Rain felt a hand land heavily on his shoulder. The pressure a firm reminder of his friend stature. Turning around he meet the dark steel grey eyes of the owner of the hand. Rain had known him for many years by the name kale. For sure a petit name he was anything but, he was a tall beefy man with dark skin covered in scars. He had shoulder lenght hair he kepted up in a messy bun on the top of his head.


Rain had often wondered how he could survive in this buisness with a lumbering 6'3" frame and hooved feet. With no padding he was sure that you could here him a mile away. But somehow he always returned to the inn after he had finished a job.


"Rain, is that you?" He pulled rain from his seat to give him a look over as his face and voice filled with joy. It had been a while since rain had seen him and they had always gotten along well. In his younger years if rains master had to leave for a job and couldn't take rain you would find the two together waiting for Lucian to return.


"My boy it's been ages, where have you been." Chuckling he pulled rain into a tight hug nearly squeezing the life out of him.


Rain pulled away with a little effort, it seemed to him that kale didnt wish to let him go. And he couldnt blame him, sometimes rain felt like smoke. That no matter how much you try to hold onto him he slips through you fingers and drifts away on a subtle breeze.


"Around, I came into town earlier with some friends seeking answers to a problem." Giving a sigh rain reached over and pulled out a seat, a open invitation to sit and talk. Taking his seat again he watched as kale sat next to him and flicked his wrist successfully getting the attention of the bar tender.


" Moon mine please" rain smiled at the usual that he got. He remembered that for as far back as his memories went with kale when he drank that's what it was. He never understood why, the stuff was nasty. Once when he was 15 he had gotten back from his first high class assignment kale ordered him one. Rain would have put the taste close to horse piss. It had a strong bitter taste to it with a smell just as bad.


"So what seems to be this problem of yours" kale turned his attention back to rain with a full mug and a smile.


"About 2 weeks ago I was staying with someone and i was almost buried alive. This evil grey stuff came through sapping the life from everything around it. And on the way here it has taken hold. Have you heard any news on it." Rain dropped his voice not wanting to be overheard.


"Straight to the point I see. Same as always but that why I like you, you dont see the reason to beat around the bush."




"I dont know what it is exactly but it is magic related. Since there is no mages around here we have no one to ask. Thankfully the river has protected us so far, eventually we will have to leave in search of a new home to like so many before us." Kale looked to rain with regret on his face as plain as day. He wished he could have given him more but without anyone magically inclined in town they had no starting point.


" But before you leave though shes not a mage but go see ekia. She's said to see things, you know tell prophecies and such. Its not much but its worth a shot."


"Thanks, I may be back in a month or so. If you need me you know how to get into touch, and please dont send that blasted bird." Rain stood smiling at kale and the silent joke.


Standing he patted kales shoulder as he placed some money on the counter for him and his food before turning and making his way out of the inn.






Dauõa stood from the spot he was sitting and stretched enjoying the feel of his bones pop. Swinging his arms down he set off do do a little sight seeing. But he had already seen the bright beautiful side of town. Deciding that today would be for the worst side he set off in the direction of the slums or just remotely not as good as this side.


Letting his eyes wander he took in the differences int he buildings and the kind of shops. Most novelty shops where gone replaced with ones that sold essentials. Most where thrift shops but a couple were actual shops that sold everyday items like soap amd bread.


One shop caught his attention as he walked by, it wasnt the look of the place or the kind of shop it was but the people inside that he could see. A little ways back from the front door he thought he had spotted david reaching for something up high.


It made sence that they would be here. It was about time that he pop back up and see what happens. Besides he was in town where no one know what he was yet and he had most people backing him. So worst comes to worst he would turn the town on them. But he didnt think that would be a problem.





Dauõa pushed the door open and stepped inside. Walking from row to row he found the person he was looking for.


"David" He asked somewhat curious and cautious.


Slowly he walked up to him as he was bent over. He looked like maybe he had about fallen but caught himself at the last minute. And the closer dauõa got the more certain he was that it was david and that he probably had about taken a tumble.


Holding his hand up to him mouth, fingers curled he chuckled looking at david. He hadn't realized he had missed his company. He had missed bec but david had grown on him and it was a relief to seen him again.











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Phill was wandering around and had picked up a few pairs of shorts and a shirt. He wandered around until he came around to where david was. He chuckled at david's remark and shook his head. "You know that not every adult has to be as big as you, though that also means not everyone is as clumsy as you either." He walked around david bumping him slightly. "As for the boots they look good though maybe you should fing some shorts too." He gave Dauoa a smile at his chuckling, "you are pretty entertaining though david."

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Dauoa spotted phill walking around david with a stack of clothes on one arm. He was so small that dauoa hadnt even seen him at first. If he hadnt said anything he probably would have missed him altogether.


"Phill, how are you guys." Taking in there over all appearance they looked dirty and woren out but fine. They must have had a rougj couple of days getting here.


"How long have you guys been in town, not long im assuming." Glancing around he didnt see bec or rain.


"Where's rain and bec" he tried not to sound to worried but he was wondering if she had said anything to them. Although he got the feeling if she had they may have said something by now and phill would definitely not be smiling at him.

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David scratched the back of his head and smiled, "Yeah well you don't know. I make up for it in anyway" he said with a wink, "Nah, I really don't like shorts. Adults shouldn't wear them". He almost dropped his clothing when a familiar face said his name from behind Phil. He blinked, his face showing the surprise he was feeling. "D-Dauoa?" he asked.


"Phill, how are you guys." he said like nothing happened.


David shook his head. "Oh no no no. You don't get to ask questions yet. Where the hell did you go?" he asked. He didn't sound angry, just...unsure of what to think about the situation.



"Where's Rain and Bec"


David shrugged, "Honestly? I have no idea. Bec changed into someone while we weren't looking and Rain ran off as soon as we parked" he explained, leaving out what he thought Rain was doing. David jerked his head towards the counter, "Com'on. Lets pay and get out of here. I'm starved"


After David had paid for their cloths, He had changed immediately in a somewhat private alley. He tightened his holster belt and laced up his new boots. A little small but they would break in. David dumped his soiled cloths in the trash and packed away his new apparel in his backpack. There didn't seem like a point to wash his old clothing. Especially after all they went through. He shouldered his bag and smiled at the group, "So...I'm not sure if Rain and Bec heard me but I think we should go back to the gate we came in through and find a tavern. We can make a game plan for the rest of our time here. I don't know about you but I have a list of things that I want to get done here". The first thing on the list was to find the MIA contact he was suppose to meet. David started walking back down the road.


David was less confident now that they had been walking for about half an hour. It didn't take this long to the get the shop, did it? All the streets they walked down looked the same and it was more than possible that he had gotten them lost. The group was walking down a road that was lined with grocery stalls when they were all stopped. Commotion in the building to their left caused David to pause. It sounded like someone very drunk and very angry was yelling at the top of his lungs. Seconds after this thought entered David's mind, the door slammed open and a thin man in a long coat sailed from the top step and landed face down in the dirt. The man did not move and following his path of travel showed that a very pissed, very large man was standing in the doorway with his arms crossed,

"I don't care what you said you did. Everyone pays for their drinks! Stay out until you get a real job!" the man said before slamming the wooden door behind him.

The man on the ground finally stirred, pulling himself carefully to his feet and looking back at the door. The man swayed as he yelled at the closed door, "No! YOU get a real JOb! Maybe then your wife will stop runnin' round town!".


The man turned and faced them, his bushy eyebrows furrowed into a look of anger, "And what the censorkip.gif are you ugly bunch lookin' at!?!" he yelled.

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Phill chuckled at david's reaction "so if it is really really hot you rather wear pants still? That sounds wierd to me though i am hungry as well." He walked up to the counter besides david and placed his small amount of clothes up at the counter. Phill was happy to have a good pair of clothes.


Phill changed in the alley as well making sure that his pair of pants fut him as well as putting on a plain grey shirt. He put the shorts and blue shirt in his backpack. "I am not sure if they heard you but they will probably find us or i could at least find rain by scent i am guessing bec's scent changes when she does so i can't be positive."


Phill was walking around behind david, he couldtell that he was lost but stayed quiet. His ears twitched due to the yelling and he grumbled in slight irritation. He watched as the angry man yelled at the door before turning and yelling at them. "By the looks of it a sad, lonely, bitter man who is drinking to forget his pain, someone that tries to use something they may have done in the past as a way to get what he wants instead of using money. That is what i see and frankly it saddens me. As far as your comment goes i am fairly certain that none of us are ugly so maybe you should stop taking out your anger on others."


Phill looked at david while rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry if i end up in a fight i just call it how i see it. Where are we going for dinner or do we need to find more money to allow that?" He began to run a finger along his hurt arm making symbols out of boredom.

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(((Imma god mod real fast. I hope you don't mind. It's important later, I promise )))


"By the looks of it a sad, lonely, bitter man who is drinking to forget his pain, someone that tries to use something they may have done in the past as a way to get what he wants instead of using money. That is what i see and frankly it saddens me. As far as your comment goes i am fairly certain that none of us are ugly so maybe you should stop taking out your anger on others."



The Drunk seemed to think for a moment, "Well....consider this." The man's bony fist slammed into the side of Phil's head, striking him in the eye socket. Who the hell did this boy think he was? Talking to him like that. Someone should teach these boys a lesson.


David looked at Phil with worried eyes, "no Phill. Keep your opinions-censorkip.gif" David didn't get to finish his advice against arguing with drunk people. They were dull and violentand should be ignored. That proven when he flew off the handle and punched Phill. David grabbed the grip of his blunderbuss and drew. The lanky man focused on him with a sudden look of curiosity. He looked like he wasnted to say something. David didn't let him. He fired.




The drunk was smiling like a madman, flower petals showerig around him. David's gun ejected thousands of white flower peteals instead of the gravel he loaded this morning. David looked at his gun in wonder, missing the tall man move.


David struck out with the metal cap on the grip of his gun but the man Suddenly slid to his knees. David's shot missed and he received a punch between the legs. David saw stars and doubled over.He didn't even see the jagged knee before it struck him in the face. David cried out and sprawled backwards, landing in a daze on the dirt street.


The man stood over him with DAvid's pistol in his hand. Not like he was going to use it, just inspecting it. No, appreciating it. He chuckled and tossed the pistol back to DAvid, the heavy metal barrel striking him in the chest, welcome to New Mesa" he said with a wink. The drunk backed up, turned on his heel, and staggered off down the road.


David groaned and rolled to one side, "Phill? You ok?" He called, rolling to his stomach to stand.

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((As long as you don't mind a little bit of a response.))


Phill growled as he was hit hard giving him a black eye and knocking him off his feet. He watched on getting angrier and angrier as the drunk made a fool out of them. He slammed his fists on the ground as the man tossed the gun ondavid while saying welcome to new mesa.


Phill slammed his fists on the ground as the electricity was flowing through him causing the air to feel electrified. He shot off the ground just as the guy was looking back and punched him hard square in the mouth, satisfied he would at the very least have given the guy a fat lip.


Phill rolled backwards afterword and kept crouched right next to david, electricity crackling around him. "Just because i am right doesn't give you the right to attack us, i suggest you keep walking, you gave us your welcome now i think it best you leave, you may be able to hit me more than i can hit you but i only need to grab you once and i will be able to put an end to it." Phill growled but soon bit his lip and huffed as he heard david call out to him seeing if he was okay. The electricity around him stopped as he offered a hand to david "i am okay, are you alright?"

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Dauoa had watched silently as he was lead down the street and continued to watch in silence as a drunken older man was thrown from a bar. He landed in a heap in front of them on the ground.


He watched as he pulled himself up into a sitting position before he noticed the trio amd offered a insult.




The drunkard was wrong about phill and david. On the outside they were both good looking men, even the scars both held only added a more mysterious light to them. On the inside they both had kind hearts even if one had a slightly harder time showing it.


Dauoas glance left david as he turned his attention. Back to phill who was beside the man who happened to smell like a bar. He hadnt caught what phill said to him but he guessed it wasn't very good as he watched as phill had a fist slammed into his face.




Looking at david he watched as he pulled his gun from its snug resting place on his hip. Bringing his arm up he aimed and fired, small white flower petals flowed from the barrel littering the ground. David followed soon after with a heavy kick to the family Jewel's. Cringing dauõa went to the two as the drunk left making his unsteady was down the street.


"Are you guys ok." Dauõa gave them a quick one over before taking out a small peice of paper from his pocket.


"I know this place is big. Here this is the address of where im staying. Go there and tell thw man behind the counter that your with me, he will give you a room. Probably the attic with the group beds, that would be interesting."


Dauõa puased for a second co sidering his next move.


"Ill be back I'm going to go follow him. Ask some questions if you will." Dauoa didn't know if he wanted to eat him for harming his friends or just talk.


Standing dauõa made down the way he had gone running to catch up. But it was a little hard in his slightly fancier clothing.


"Hey mister drunk dude, I want to talk." He shouted over the noise of the street.






Rain left the building with a smile on his face. He felt as if they were finally getting somewhere given it wasnt much but better than what they had.


Back in the streets he wondered around almost aimlessly. He know where he needed to go now but he hated going to see sorcha. She always had a way ro make him do what she wanted. Most of the time it included killing someone to get his supplies.


Walking beside the River he watched mesmerized as the light banced across it in slimmering patches of white blue and gold. He remembered time when he would play in it with kale. The water was said to have great magical properties and that's why the town did so well. Rain suspected that it had more to do with the way people who lived here tended to pull together and make things work. But if it gave them comfort to believe in something why not. Who was he to yank that fleeting happiness away.


Stopping at a little two story building he watched as little wisps of smoke drifted up from a large chimne creating long elegant drifts of swirls and lines. Placing his hand on the door knob he resigned himself to his fate.


"Sorcha" he called out into a room devoid of life at the moment.


"Sorcha its me rain. I need some cloths and weapons." Stopping he took in her little room. It hadnt changed much sence he had been gone and if it resembled it own then she must have looked awful. The room had dust everywhere and cloths had been thrown hazardously around. The back wall was covered by drapes and a curtain of beads, random pieces of things lined the shelves that where by the window. Yellow light filled the room where the window hadnt been cleaned in ages and the smoke or dust gave every thing a hazey look.








"Rain is that really you. Oh my goddess it really is." A portly woman with ginger red hair up in a messy bun came out from behind the curtain. She had on a brown shirt and brown amd tan skirts layered around her waist.


"Yes. Sorry it took so long to come back." A grimace crossed his face as she brought him into a tight hug before letting him go. Something akin to sorrow passed over her face


" Im sorry about Lucian, I heard he kicked you out."


Signing rain hung his head a little.


"Dont be because it seems no matter how much I want to leave this life I get dragged back in."


"Well that's for sure, and i take it if thats the case you are here for cloths and weapons."


Shacking his head in conformation he felt slightly bad. He only ever came to see her when he needed something. But he suspected that it was that way with everyone in the guild.


"Yes, I would like a set of throwing knives and two smallish swords, I also need a couple sets of cloths."


Sorcha smiled but it didnt quite reach her eyes.


"Yes give me a few minutes." She turned and beckoned him to follow.


"Also do you know where I can find a woman named ekia. I was told she is a profit of some kind." Rain followed her dutifully with his arms out slowly collecting the items she discarded on him.


"Yes I do actually, she makes a great goo like substance that cleans my bowels nicely. Get it if you are ever constipated." She said while slapping two swords and a rolled up leather pouch into his hands. She busied herself at another counter taking random things off and slipping them into a bag. Rain blanced at the comment but let it go, he could only watch as his small pile slowly got larger and then disappeared into the leather bag.


He couldnt keep track of all of the stuff and after a while he stopped trying and focused on finding ekia.


"She lives out along the edge of town, I suggest you take something to give her for what ever it is you want or else she may not tell you." With that sorcha came back to him and handed him the brown back amd a couple of items that would fit in it. Rain just looked at it like it was some venomous snake.


"What it doesn't bit, it will hold most anything and never gain weight or get full. If you destroy it ill kill you. Other than the the price for all of this is...." she gave a pause for dramatical effect. " Cain.... he's a merchant who just moved in. He sells just about everything amd at a discount ted price. He's hoping to drive me out of business but that wouldnt be so bad as I have alot.png of life long customers if you know what I mean. The issue is he's slandering my name when something goes wrong with his merchandise. He sells everything cheaply but it's also made cheaply. Instead of owning up to it he is blaming me saying things like 'she must have put a spell on it ' or something along those lines."



Sighing she looked at him before pushing him to the door. She didnt give him a chance to talk before he was tumbling out her door.


"I want him gone for my sake and for my people." Rain smiled and nodded his head in understanding. He didnt want to but she had given him so much and if Cain wasnt stopped he could do some serious damage to people. But first he would hunt down david and phill. Finding a spot to sleep for the night came first he would tackle that target tomorrow.



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(((You guys did exactly what I thought you would do wink.gif )))


The drunk turned with horror on his face as Phil screamed closer with an electrically charged punch. His fist landed solidly on the man's mouth, causing him to spew blood and fragments of teeth.


A feminine scream could be heard from the heap on the ground. After Phil finished giving him a lesson, it was clear that it wasn't the drunk Phill floored. In hysterics and muffling her screams of pain with a bloody hand. She looked at the kitsune in horror as the last of the drunk's appearance melted away. Standing close by, a woman identical to the one of the ground laughed and began to change. The drunk man had swapped his appearance with a random bystander to protect himself. IT also caused Phill to deck a innocent woman.


The drunk wagged his finger at Phill, "Such rage but no brains. You should learn to keep that temper of yours under wraps" He turned to walk away. Pausing after a while when a voice told him that he wanted to talk. He turned and looked the boy over. It was the third boy that didn't step into the fight. And here he thought this was the smart one. The drunk paused, nearly taking a tumble with the sudden change of momentum. He seemed to think for a moment, "Nah." he said. He rambled something intelligible that was lost to the noise of the crowd. The man winked and wrapped his coat around his body. It kept wrapping around itself until it closed in on itself and was no longer visible.


The man vanished from the streets of New Mesa.


David took Phill's help and struggled to his feet. He was hunched over slightly, stomach was killing him from the punch. That old guy was strong! He reached up and touched his tender nose. It didn't feel broken, just swollen, blood soaked the front of his new shirt. He groaned when he realized this fact. David cheered when the small boy landed a solid punch on their attacker. His next cry died in his throat when some sort of illusion passed and replaced the drunk with a sobbing woman. David picked up out not far away and caught the moment he wrapped himself up like Dracula and ceased to exist.


David had seen a lot of weird stuff since he work up in Nalom, but this whole encounter takes the cake. The whole fight seemed surreal and if it wasn't for the pain in his face, he would doubt it ever happened. David picked his gun up off the street and replaced it in his right holster. David looked around at the bystanders beginning to stare at them. Had they all missed the beginning of this?!? David looked at Phill, "Hey, lets get out of here. I don't want to go back to prison" he said to the kitsune, keeping his distance from the electrical storm he was creating in the air around him.

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((Was thinking of something else but tried to think what someone like him in a rage would do.))


Phill growled as his tail swayed in his rage. He grumbled about ready to chase after the guy unsure how he could trick him with an illusion since phill usually could tell an illusion from a real thing. "You say that but you are not the only one with tricks up his sleeves. If we have to fight again it will not be as fun. "


Phill watched as people began to gather around and he nodded at david. He walked ahead of david a little ways, the current of electricity in the air from him caused people to back away though it wasn't strong enough to cause much pain.


Phill looked at the paper he was given and began walking towards the address. The electrical current calmed down once they were out of that part of the city. Phill was quiet as he walked, slowing down to be beside david. "That was unfortunate i really want to kill that guy."

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David walked along in silence, take each step careful not to jostle his sore body. Things were just looking up, they they got in a fight with a drunk. A fight that could have been avoided. This has been David's luck since he got to Nalom.


"That was unfortunate i really want to kill that guy." Phill said, falling into step along side David.


What was with this guy? David pinched the bridge of his nose, "Phill. Come on. No you don't." He said, suddenly very tired of the whole thing, "He called us ugly? So what? He's drunk and an censorkip.gif***. He didn't even deserve an answer".


David bit his lip and checked the name of the street they were on. The address Daoua gave them was unclear on the exact location but it gave enough clues. He glanced sideways at Phill and sighed, "I'm sorry. It's just...this place isn't like the town we came from or the road. They have rules." David paused, unsure what he was trying to say, "What I'm trying to say is we can't figure out whats killing your planet without if we are in jail."



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Dauoa watched in fascination with a smile on his face at the trick that the mystery drunk man had done. He couldnt be sure what he was but he must have some power in order to just disappear .


"Hey guys, what do you think he was." Turning around dauoa scanned the street not seeing them. They must have left after david punched the lights out of the poor woman under him. Snickering he figured that she must have been the first in a while and if thats how he treated them he could see why they didnt stick around.


But he would never tell david that. He quite liked his face smooth and not black and blue. Currently thats how phills face looked sporting a nice forming black eye.


"Hey wait up." Dauoa cried with a fake pout as he took off after them down the street. They were heading to thw nicer part of town now and it was evident with the nice large houses and fancy shops. Trees lined the street every 10 feet or so. He hadnt thought about it before handing his paper to phill but they came from a thrift shop because they didnt have money to spare and now they were getting free room and board at one of the nicest places in town.


"Just ignore the look of everything and be happy you have a place to stay." He said noticing their looks as he lead them to a navy blue door.


Pushing it open he held it there until theybwhere through.

Stepping around them he walked up to the man at the counternwho stared at them with a look holding skepticism.


"Hey im back, is it possible that my freinds can stay here to. Im ok with taking the shared attic room that has 2 beds. I also have another party member who is running around somewhere. If payment is what you want I will accommodate to the best of my abilities." Dauoa plastered on one of his best smiles and laughed internally when the man sighed and handed over a key.


"Thank you" bowing at the waist he lead them up the deep brown stairs past a silk blue curtain.


The other side didnt hold much as it was just a hall with doors but at the end was another set that lead up. At the top of those there was a light blue door with silver scrolling artwork on it. Pushing the door open he stepped into a room filled with light and dust. The smell was of stale air, like the room didnt see much use.


"Far beds mine. And it looks like we're sharing so whos my bed mate." A wicked grin spread across his face reaching from ear to ear as he held the edge of the bed. Leaning foward he planted his feet apart and watched as they came in and sat.




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Phill walked beside david while he rubbed his head. He listened as davidtold him that he shouldn't have responded. "I didn't want to kill him for that, i wanted to kill him for making afool out of you and i both, then using a cheap trick to involve innocent bystandards." He walked behind dauoa just looking around.


Phill kept quiet as they walked past the front desk, up the stairs and into the attic. He shook his head at dauoa and sat on the floor of the relativly big room. He chuckled and leaned back slightly. "Or two people could have the beds and two have the floor and that switches each night. I have slept on worse places than this floor so that wouldn't be too bad for me."

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(((David didn't punch the woman...)))


David shook his head, "What kind of person just murders over something so small? You're better than that Phil" He said. Daoua caught up and asked what they thought that drunk was. David shrugged, "No idea, Whatever he was it was out of my league" he said, touching his sore nose. Hopefully they don't end up seeing him again.


David craned his neck to look up at the ritzy hotel Daoua was leading them to. David whistled through his teeth, "wow. What did you have to do to afford this place Daoua?". Before the strange boy vanished in the storm, he had mentioned something about New Mesa. David couldn't remember what it was. Maybe he was as son of someone important?


David stepped into the attic room they would be calling home. He eyed the beds and smiled, "I don't care who I have to spoon with, I want to sleep in a real bed tonight" He sad a-matter-of-factually.

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Phill let out a small huff of air and looks over at david. "I sadly have killed for stuff like that before, i am not better than that. I guess i should try and be better than that but oh well."


Phill looked at david and chuckled "maybe you could be his bed mat then david, then i will have this one to myself for a while." Phill walked to the bed that david occupied and sat by it.

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A thin eye brow rose at David’s statement. That was by far the last thing that he would have thought would have come out of his mouth. But it appeared that he was still full of odd surprises.


“I’ll share a bed but you’re not spooning me.” A smile lit up his face as he watched David touch his noise and try to work out the stiffness. Standing he made his way over to the other bed taking David’s face in between his hands.


“Does it hurt much” he asked as he ran his hand over the reddening skin. Dauoa could feel his magic pool in his figure tips as he ran them over the sensitive area. A smile lit up his face that caused his eyes to twinkle as the skin turned back to its normal shade and the swelling went down.


“looks like it will be better sooner than you could hope” he was not about to tell him that he had healed the slight damage done. Straightening he stretched out and walked over to phill giving him the same careful examination, healing the forming black eye and possible busted lip before the damage could really take hold.


It had been a while since he had used his magic for healing as he eats most of those that could use it. But it didn’t bother him that much as they were now people that he cared about and would help if need be.


“well I’m hungry” Dauoa mentioned food in the hopes that the other two would forget the brief moment of a healing surge that went through then. But that presented another problem; he had to eat but he couldn’t eat with them because of the differences in their diets.


“well its getting a little dark, I’m going to go get some food.” Backing up he turned sharply to the door and started down the stairs.




Rain wondered down the street as he waited, hoping for the scent of David or phill to come through. Instead what he got the odd smell that he had associated with Dauoa. Traversing the empty street, he made it back to a square that was layered with cobble stones. Places here and there were broken and a patch of wild flowers grew in abundance by a striking fountain in the middle of the area.


Following the smell out of the area he walked down a street where the houses where getting nicer and the road turned from dirt and mud to stone and gravel. The smell stopped at a large white building with blue trimmings, small flowers grew in pots outside the window and a large sign hung over the entrance. Rain slipped in silently as he catches the subtle scents of David and phill.

Well it looks like they found a place to stay, although this isn’t quite what I was expecting.


Slipping in and around a corner he waited as a man in a suit came out from a blue curtain up to the counter. He looked around with a puzzled face as it appeared that he had yet to see rain. A couple minutes pass as rain waits with baited breath until he leaves before making his way up a flight of stairs.


He was hoping that it would lead to them but instead he was greeted with another hall full of doors, it was sparse of furniture. Still the scent of phill and David was stronger, following down the corridor he turned and was greater with another set of stairs. But to his joy he could hear the familiar rises and falls of two familiar voices.


Running the rest of the way he through the door open and was meet the sight of phill on the floor, David on a bed and no sign of Dauoa.


Smiling he walked in and closed the door.

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Phil had moved away from Dauoa's approaching hand from instinct as he continued to keep distance between them. He did not want to be touched clearly and continued to move around the room avoiding the hand as much as possible. He let out a sigh as he had cornered himself, letting dauoa examine his face. He gave a loud sigh at the mention of food and held his tail. He had felt strange when his face was grabbed and was just about to mention it when dauoa walked out the door.


Phil lay back on the floor and looked up at david "we just seem to find more and more strange people. I wonder what that man was and who he is." He heard the door fling open and watched as Rain walked in. He gave a slight smile and stretched out.

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David held still as Daoua inspected his nose. His gentle fingers brushed over the swollen skin, tickling slightly. He then felt what he could only describe as a gradual deflation of his injured nose. He touched his now compleatly fine face and looked at Daoua in wonder. Where was this back at the ranchhouse? He had been walkig around with an arrow wound in his shoulder. Not to mention the healing process Phill had to go through. He brushed it off as a thing to bring up later.


He watched as Phill all but ran to get away from Daoua's helpful hands. He rolled his eyes as he whined and huffed, "Oh relax you big baby. He's trying to help" he said playfully. David sat on the bed behind him and watched Daoua heal Phill. It was a crazy thing to see. "Wow", he muttered after he was finished.


Dauoa Immediately changed the subject to food and David got the hint. He shrugged, "I could eat. I saw a buncha places while we were out walking. Maybe one of thos-" He trailed off as he shut the door behind him, "Ok, guess he had other plans. What about you? I'm starving."


"we just seem to find more and more strange people. I wonder what that man was and who he is." Phill asked from his place on the floor.

David shrugged, "I really don't have a clue.I'm new here, remember." he said, 'Besides, don't worry about that guy.ew Mesa is pretty big. We probably will never see him again".


The door banged back open and in stepped another familiar face.


"Raaaaain!" David streched out his name, "Wait. Where did you go?" David suddenly remembered that Rain had been absent for most of the day. Also, Bec still hasn't turned up. Had they seen the last of her?

"You hungry?" he asked, looping Rain into the earlier conversation.







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Rain glanced from david to phill as he walked in taking a seat on the bed beside phill. The room they were in was nice, with two beds and a bed side table for each with a lamp on top. There was one window that was letting a cool late afternoon breeze blow throw causeing silver curtains to sway.


"Well ive been out, went to see a old friend and i collected some supplies for us. alot.png of it is random as she throw a lot of stuff in the bag." He held the bag up along with the two swords, clanking slightly from the movement.


"I also found someone who may be able to help with the grey that destroyed his place." Pointing at phill he held davids gaze.


"What have you guys been up to." A growl from his stomach interrupted him causing a light blush to creep its way up onto his cheeks.


"How about we talk while eating." Standing he pulled phill up with him before heading to the door, stopping he waited for David to take the lead as he had offered. So he assumed he knew where he was going, and hopefully it was as nice as the inn david and phill had landed. He wasnt sure how they could afford it but he didnt care.






Dauõa had just stopped at the bottom of the stairs when he spotted rain coming around the corned. Pulling his hood up he prayed that he wouldnt notic him as he slipped into a random room using it as a escape.


Luckily he heard rain pad by on light feet followed by the heavy thumping as he must have bolted up the stairs. Cracking the door open he peered outside checking up and down the hall. He didnt see him but it would be a matter of time before they left to eat, and truthfully he didnt want to get stuck with them. He didn't think he had it in him to eat their food just to have to puke it up later because he couldnt stomach it.


Sliping out he silently padded down the hall and the last set of steps. At the door a quick word in passing from the butler counter guy made him smile.


" Going out to eat, might I recommend the restaurant across the way. They serve a spectacular armil soup."


If only he knew what he eats he wouldnt have given him a place to sleep and since good hospitality. Instead he would be chasing him out with a pitchfork and fire.


The door jingled as he left turning to the left and making his way through some back streets. It was dark now and there wasn't a moon out, drapping everything in a black blanket in the shadows of the alleys. But with his eye sight he didnt need the light from the street lamps on the main road, they town was his play ground and the night his home.




Dauõa had wandered back into the darker parts of town and the piercing scream came from a poor woman trapped under a larger man. He had her pinned to the ground as he tore at his clothes. He could see plainly what he was trying to do, and dauõa wasnt usally pick about his food. Most of the time he would have stood by and watch then kill the woman when it was over.


But as she screamed again bec flashed into his mind. What if it had been her, could he just leave her. No, he had something with her that he hadnt had before. He had a friend, well someone he veiwed as one. He could picture he telling him to save the woman but he was hungry so he would have to take the man. Surely bec wouldn't mind if he ate him.


Dauõa nodded his head with a smile as he pulled his mask from its place on his belt. Slipping it on his face he felt the change take over, his bones snapped and his white hair changed to a raven black.


Stepping out he walked slowly and soundlessly until he was with in 5 feet of the man and woman. He hadnt noticed his approach as he was to enthralled at what he was doing.




Cursing mentally he lunged at him, grabbing him by the neck, as he stopped and looked up. Suprise flashed across his face as his long teeth sank into his flesh.




Dauõa tore the man from her violently as he struggled briefly. The woman scrambled still screaming as she made to run. If she didnt shut up, anyone in the nearby area would come, looking for the source of the noise.


Growling he flung his arm out, catching her on the side she flow into a near by building. She landed with a loud crack amd tumbled into a crumpled lump on the ground.


Ha, why had he even cared in the first place. Everything he touched in this form dies anyway.


Swinging his head he dropped the bloody mess in his moth on the ground. Bending over he inhaled the scent of blood that hung in the air. It was intoxicating and it filled the small ally and wafed out into the main road. Smiling he gave a low growl, luckily not many had a keen scence of smell so he could safely stay here and eat.


If the woman didnt wake up he would have desert to go. He felt a small tickle in the back of his mind when he thought of eatting her but with the smell amd taste of the blood clouding his mind, he could recall what it was.






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Phill was amazed as hiseye and lip was healed. He watched as rain walked over to him and sat beside him. "It looks like you found quite a good amount of stuff, well we got some clothes and walked around for a little bit.' Phill nodded as rain mentioned his place.


Phill chuckled as rain's stomach growled causing him to blush. Phill smiled as rain pulled him up and walked towards the door. Phill kept ahold of rain's hand while looking over at david "you know a place? I didn't see any resteraunt just that tavern we passed butwe probably shouldn'tgo by there again."

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David rolled his eyes and smiled. They were back at it as soon as he walked in the room. It didn't bug David, it was cute. There was like, zero cooldown though. David took the invitation and exited the room first, grabbing a key off the dresser on his way out. David clopped down the stairs and paused at the bottom to wait for the two kitsunes.


"you know a place? I didn't see any restaurant just that tavern we passed but we probably shouldn't go by there again." Phil asked when he reached the bottom.


David shook his head, "No. But I saw a place across the street that looked tavern-ish. I figured we could just try there" He explained. Once they got food they could discuss their next move.


After they ordered and got settled into the table by a side rear window David decided to get started, "So Rain? You mentioned something about a person that could help us solve the grey plague problem? What does this person look like?" he asked, taking a sip of his beer and leaning back against the wooden chair, "I only ask because the Brotherhood of Civil Unrest gave me the info of some rogue agent hiding out in New Mesa. Maybe they are the same person?" It was a long shot and he would like to visit both anyway. Knowledge is power after all. The BossMan back at BoCU HQ told him that he was a poacher and researched phenomenon like this one. David didn't know how he would find him, but it was better to start somewhere. Maybe he will ask the staff if they knew anything.



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