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Phill grlooked down and shook his head. He decided to follow skinner to look around, he had gotten an apple as well from acting cute and shy. Phill was keeping himself behind skinner for the time being not really liking the big group especially since he was with skinner and dauoa which were two others that he had met recently, with rain and david it wouldn't have been so bad. He listened to the grocier and listened to the summary.


Phill looked at skinner when he said they could stay, his ears to the side and his tails flicking slightly. He rubbed his own head slowly while closing his eyes. "I guess being able to rest in an inn would be nice for a night. " phill left the place and tilted his head. As his hair was lifted he was tempted to pull away but allowed it to drop onto his face, covering his left eye. "I am not sure if i want my hair short or not but i definitly need a brushing."

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As soon as the screaming started, she panicked. There was no a mirror in their room so she wasn't sure who or what she changed into. She inspected her hands. They were normal human hands so it was who she was that was scary.


She was both grateful and embarrased when Rain walked in and demanded what she did. She couldn't even give a real answer, she just sputtered like an idiot. Bec grabbed her necklace from the bed and ripped off the sheets. Throwing them over her body, she hoped it would give enough coverage to change.


The humanoid shape under the sheet seem to flutter before shrinking to a much smaller size. Bec was now a small, white haired kitsune boy that peeked from under the blanket. Bec took a step back and put the necklace back around his neck. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the boy who was snarling at him and demanding Rain gets them away from them. Bec dropped his gaze to the floor,


"I'm sorry. I thought it would become something fun" he said in a quiet voice.




David was going to answer Eskia when she asked what was going on but Alduin stepped in in his place.


"Well, David here suggested we hit a larger settlement to throw the Brotherhood off our tail" The man said, throwing his arm over David's shoulder. David could feel that this was a power move and not on out of friendship. David didn't care as long as he wasn't trying to kill them anymore.


David then noticed Skybane tailing Eskia. He raised an eyebrow questioningly but the look on the mystic's face told him that she was just as confused as he was. He would have to ask later when they have some time alone.


David glanced back at the pegacentaur.


If they get time alone




skinner raised his hands innocently when both Daoua and Phil mocked his suggestion for them both to get cleaned up, "Hey. A few hours ago you both asked if I could cut your hair. I just figured you would prefer a professional." he said. Skinner looked both ways down the street and blew out a puff of air.

"Well I'm going to find a place to stay and get ready for the festival tonight" he announced, "I don't want either of you going off alone so If one of you is getting a hair cut, the other needs to go as well." Skinner glanced around at the few townsfolk wandering the shops, "I have a weird feeling about this place" he said quieter as if someone would overhear.

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Throwing a look over his shoulder at Bec rain sighed, it was a heavy and tired sound. “It's fine, At least you've changed back.” Grabbing the plates of the table rain handed one to each child. He figured that they wouldn't be able to eat much, but they needed the food more.


Grumbling while looking at bec Alex sat, wiggling on the bed with lily next to him. The new Appearance was a pleasant change from there what she was earlier. Still he eyed her carefully.


“Alex, lily” sighing he ruffled lilies hair before backing up to get a good look at the two. Lilie wasted no time digging into the food. With bec changing into someone else no longer cried.


“Bec didn't mean to scare you guys, it's something that just happens.” Turning to Bec he smiles, hopefully if he showed a good face to Bec the kids would pick up that rain didn't find her scary.


“So bec, what do you suppose we do with them”. Rain hauled bec away from the kids to talk. He didn't have the heart to leave them in the position they were in.


Thinking to himself he looked at the floor, thoughts flying through his head. “I could always send them back to sorcha”.








“We HIT a larger settlement.” The disbelief was thick in her voice before she shrugged at Alduin. “Ok, when do we leave.”


While eskia was talking to Alduin and david skybane went to fetch some food. He hopped to woow eskia, partly for her power and what she was. A few minutes later he popped back up at the end of their discussion.


“Hey if you're going on a raid I'm coming to.” Handing eskia the plate of food he smiled when she took it. Ruffling his feathers he meet David's eyes in a glare over Eskia's shoulder.





Dauõa didn't wait to see if phill followed or not as he stepped into the small shop. At first it smelled strongly of chemicals and burning incense.


“Welcome, how may I help you today “ a thin woman stepped out from behind the counter while looking dauõa over. Her eyes seemed to linger on his nose and ears.


“Um I'm not sure, I need a haircut and a trimming on my horns.” Raising his hand to finger his them he sighed


“Well we don't normally cover that. We do piercings and tattoos. But I will say, you have a face that could look fantastic.” Dauõa shied away as she came closer taking his face into her hands.


Giving him a gentle push to a chair she sat him down and took out a few pieces of jewelry. “These earrings would look fantastic with your skin tone.” From her fingers dangles a gold earring sporting a blood red tear drop.


“Tell you what, let me dress you up all pretty, I'll cut your hair and trim your horns if you let me have some fun.” Tilting his head in confusion at her he smiles a little. For a older lady that smelled some, what did she play, poker?


“Sure?” Sitting in the chair she directed him to he sat. Watching as she watched around and found a set of scissors and cutters. Coming back she brought a brush and started to run it through his hair.


After a few moments when his hair was brushed and smoothed she took the scissors to it. Watching bits of blondish white hair fall he was suprised when another person walked in. This one holding a small needle and ice.


When had she called for someone else?


The man came to stand in front of him as the woman cut his hair. “Don't worry, this will be quick and painless. “ Glancing up from dauõa's eyes he meet those of the woman behind him. “Which one you want it in baby, for both.”


“Do the right ear and the left nose.”




A little while later dauõa walked out of the shop dressed nicely, with what little they had dressed him in. Occasionally he would tug at the shirt that showed his to much of his stomach. And the thing they had shoved theory his nose and ears hurt. All he had wanted was a hair cut and trimming instead he had gotten more than he had bargained for.


Now he had a painful earring and a red gemmed nose piercing. He had promised to find them at the festival but he wasn't sure he wanted to.


“Hey phill, you floating around.” Dauõa called out to the streets waiting for a reply from either.

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Phill had walked in behind dauoa and tilted his head curiously while listening to her talking to him. "Wait so you can't get haircuts here usually? I need a trim as well and my ears and tail combed, we aren't from around here." He couldn't stand there without squirming as she stabbed his ear and nose, staying around the shop.


Hearing dauoa calling out to him he giggled at the view that he got. "Why don't you get some different clothes on? I may need to find a barber so i don't wind up wearing barely anything. Though i have to admit that those piercings do look pretty good on you but im sure they must be irritating and if you take them out will the hole close?" Phill's messy tails swayed behind him as he walks up beside dauoa and looks around the area a little. He walked up to a nicely dressed woman who seemed well groomed and asked her where to get his hair cut. She pointed down the street saying that there was a large building on the left side of the street. Phill looked back at dauoa and smiled "we can go there right?"

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Dauõa​whirled around to look at Phill, doing the whole time they were in there he never got his hair cut. It had been a good opportunity, all he had to do was play with them at the festival.


“Why didn't you get your hair cut there, They did mine. I mean they asked for me to play with them at the festival, but at least my hair was cut.” Dauõa followed behind Phill as he walked to a largish building a woman had pointed him to.


“And besides, I think these clothes are kinda cute. Yeah they show a little to much but there better than yours.” Tugging the dark purple Lacy material out he looked between his and Phill's, “ maybe we can get you some.” Puasing a thought crossed him mind. “ What do you think Skinner will say about the cloths and the piercings.” Reaching the building dauõa pulled the door open and held it for Phill.

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Shane's search was nearly complete; he had been silently following his former colleagues, waiting impatiently for the right moment to attack. He's already had to silence a few bandits that managed to catch him... his victims' remains being ripped in many aspects from the cannibalism. Shane had waited long enough, his time to emerge from his hiding spot had come. It wouldn't be too hard to spot him coming... but Shane wasn't going for stealth here. Only a faceoff.

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Phill shook his head "i am sure they would have wanted to pierce me as well and i would much rather prefer not pierced i don't think it would look good on me." The clothes are kind of cute but i dont think i would like to show off so much of my body.@ phill walked in giving a nod in thanks to dauoa before being greeted by a large man who seemed to be partially reptile having scales and skin. Phill shrugged at dauoa before walking in "i will look for new clothes then, we can go back there and they can pierce you some more." The man smiled at their bickering and took phill to a chair to get his hair cut.


After about ten minutes phill walked over to dauoa smiling. His messy, unkempt, long hair was now trimmed up and brushed to cover his left eye and not just be sticking up everywhere. His ears and tail's fur was clean and brushed down giving them a slight gleam in the light. His clothes seemed dirty compared to his clothes and he held up a brush so that he could fix his hair as well. "I am not sure what to say, you were right i need new clothes and i think that your friends there may be able to help. As far as what skinner says its anyone's guess but if you like it that is all that matters."



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Dauõa looked Phill up and down, it was true that his clothes didn't match his hair. But clothes were a easy fix. “Yea, well Skinner's opinion matters to me. You know. Like he's a important person in my life right now and I don't want to make him mad” turning dauõa walked to the door to head back to the shop they were at earlier. “So are you wanting clothes like the ones they put me in.” Dauõa smiled at that prospect. It wasn't like Phill would look bad but he had always dressed... Conservatively.


Passing a small shop dauõa stopped. A small piece of jewelry in the window had caught his attention. It was plain, just brown leather and a small sun pendant on it. A few blue and green bead decorated the leather but that was it. Glancing back at Phill he went inside to look around.


“Hello how may I help you today.” A small child asked on a stool up front. He would have laughed he thought it was so cute. Shaking his head he walked around. Occasionally he would pick something up, look it over and put it back. “Just looking, although my friend here could uses some clothes” dauõa pointed to Phill as the little girls face lit up.


She hopped off her stool and went to him,pulling him back into a clothing part of the shop. “I'll be here when you're done.” he called after them. Mostly it was for dauõa.


Turning back to the front of the shop dauõa had a itch. It was a inkling to take the necklace​ that had had him coming in here in the first place. Taking a step towards it he felt the orb pulse with every step he took closer to it. Finally when he was at hands reach of it he picked it up slowly. Turning it over in his hand it hummed, the very air did.


Looking around the shop Phill and the girl still were not back. Silently dauõa tucked it into his pocket and left the story, Phill could find him later.

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Skinner left the two boys to get cleaned up. Skinner briefly thought of doing the same but then it hit him. He didn't care how he looked. He would still like a shower. He tracked down a relatively nice Inn located above a small pub. He paid the extremely friendly barkeep for their room. The man had given him a discount for bringing a party and even offered them separate rooms for the same cost. Skinner graciously obliged, it was rare to have privacy on trips like this, Skinner wasn't about to say no to it when it was offered for free.


Skinner left his name and the keys to Daoua and Phil's room with the front desk so they knew where to look. He walked up the flight of stairs in the back and unlocked his room. It was small with only the bare essential furniture. Skinner locked the door behind him and dropped his bag on the mattress. Skinner disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door. Shortly after, the sound of the shower could be heard.




David furrowed his brow at Eskia's disbelief in their plan. He shot her a look that said, "Don't censorkip.gif this up" and she quieted down in her own nonchalant way. David smiled at the thought of maybe pulling this off. It was a bummer they were going to double-cross this group of thieves. They were starting to grow on him in the short time he had been there. Maybe they reminded him of his old crew he used to run with. Perhaps David was feeling the first inklings of homesickness?


He came back from getting food with Skybane and was surprised to see Eskia still chatting with Alduin. The rest of the group had dispersed to get ready for the raid. In fact, the camp seemed to be buzzing with activity. Word travels fast. Skybane handed off the plate to Eskia then glared at David. David shot him a look back. What the hell was he eyeing him for? Was he on to them? There is no way, David was so careful. He glanced at Eskia. Maybe she let something slip.

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Phill blushed as he saw dauoa looking up and down his body. "I can't be sure what he would like but i think he could like them they do look nice on you. I think i can try and get some like you have and maybe that way if skinner doesnt like it it won't be just you. I don't think he will care though but may as well try." Phill followed dauoa as he made a turn into a shopthat had something that must of caught his eyes.


Phill was quickly taken by the girl into the clothing department and bombarded with questions and clothes that were really tight or revealing to match daoua as best as the girl could. Phill was soon putting clothes in his bag but the girl insisted that he wore a pair of her clothes to advertise for her before she allowed him to leave. He had given a loud sigh but went into a small room to change before paying though highly discounted.


Phill walked out of the shop and followed the scent of dauoa to the source. He slowly follows it straight to him. The young kitsune was wearing a shirt that showed his slightly tanned flat stomach and was sleeveless. It was a purely purple shirt, matched with a pair of jean shorts that seemed a little tight on the kitsune but had holes cut for his tails to show as well and they had been brushed again. He was getting a lot of looks due to the revealing outfit and he was sure that the devil girl had made everything so revealing so her clothes would be seen as he had given her most control over what he picked out in exchange for the discount. His ears were back as he held a black and purple hoody in his arms while looking away from dauoa.

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Dauõa looked back to Phill, his new look was certainly a change. Smiling he pointed off to the middle of town, “let's go. I smell Skinner that way.” Setting off he wandered the streets as he got close and closer to the inn that he was staying at. It was nice looking- like the rest of the town.


Opening the door and going inside he walked up to the counter, “ Excuse me, I'm dauõa and I'm looking for Skinner. He kind of tall and skinny.” The inn keeper held a key out to him without saying anything. In fact he didn't even look up from the book he was reading. It left dauõa feeling a little unimportant but he didn't have time to dwell on it.


Smiling with a yawn he handed Phill a key and took off to the stairs, “race you to the room!”




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Phillsmiled as he looked towards where skinner's scent was going towards. He took off after dauoa and followed him to a nice inn walking in slowly. He dwasn't sure about the guy at the front desk but was distracted by a key in his hand. He looked at it then to dauoa who took off running towards the stairs. Phill took off after him, his lean and strong body following close behind dauoa while his tails swayed behind him. He kept the key in his left hand as he was trying to get past dauoa sneakily.

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Bec nodded in agreement with what Rain had said. His transformations were just something that happened, "It's like a sneeze. I just...change when no one is looking" he said. It was strange to talk about his abilities like this. She never really though about them until she met Rain, Phil and David. Seeing them made her want to understand herself better. Daoua even said it himself, he couldn't get control if he never practiced.


That was just the thing though, there was no practice. As far as Bec could tell, the transformations were almost completely based on hidden desires of his observer and happened at random. He followed Rain as he pulled him away to speak privately. They were standing close in the small bathroom connected to the room. It wasn't much but it would hide their topic.


“So bec, what do you suppose we do with them” Rain asked in a hushed tone.


Bec blinked. He hadn't really thought about the long run. He assumed they would be taking care of them while they were in town but the trip was much too dangerous for two small children. Not after what happened the night before. The image of the slimy probe of the firefly monster stabbing Rain in the chest flashed through her mind and making him shudder.


"There is no way they can come with us. We can barely look after each other, let alone two kids" he whispered back, motioning towards the general direction they left the kids.


“I could always send them back to sorcha” Rain muttered.


Bec furrowed his brow and cocked his head, "Who?" He asked. Did Rain know someone nearby that could help?




The sun had dropped past it's peak in the sky by the time the raider party left the camp. About a hundred men traveled towards the main road where they would split into three groups. One to raid a small village to the south. Two to flank the larger settlement to the east. David and Eskia were on a strong grey and white horse in the latter party. They were keeping a steady pace that, if Skybane was correct, would put them in sight of their target in one day. As well as Skybane, Alduin had also joined the party heading to the east. Something about wanting to be a part of this great victory with his men.


For most of the trip, David remained silent. They were surrounded by other raiders and Skybane was always within earshot. Now that they split from half of the raider party and headed cross country, they were beginning to spread out to better deal with the terrain. It was then, once Skybane fell behind in a thicket of trees they passed through, David felt it was safe to talk.


"So...I haven't thought this far" he muttered to Eskia, "I mean, I haven't really thought about much to this point. Most of it has been luck and I'm afraid it is going to run out sooner or later." He was scared that the "sooner" would be when they tried to make a break for it during the raid. David was also feeling guilty for directing this raider party to a innocent town as well as whatever effect Eskia's power had on the land. With what happened with Shane added on top, David realized that they were leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.




Skinner was just finishing up shaving his beard when he heard running in the hall. He glanced from his place at the sink at his wooden spoon resting on the edge of the night stand then back at the closed door. Skinner poked his head out of the bathroom to listen. No voices, but he heard the running feet pass his bedroom. Following was the jingle of keys. Skinner shrugged and went back to what he was doing. It must have been other guests. Certainly not someone coming to kick his door down. Those days were over. He was in a town that he had never visited and never planned of visiting again. Still, the blueberry festival seemed worth sticking around for.


Skinner finished shaving and getting dressed, equipping himself with only what could fit in his hip bags and pockets of his vest. His wooden spoon stuck out of his back pocket awkwardly. He opened his door and locked it behind him. He walked to one of the other two rooms he got for Phil and Daoua and knocked twice firmly on the wooden door. He had no way of telling who took what room. Skinner just knew that if he tried one, he would get someone he knew. Skinner glanced down the hall. The window at the far end showed that it was nearing late afternoon. The sun would be going down soon and already he could hear the sounds of the festivities beginning in the town square.




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Phill had ran as fast as he could and seemingly at the same time, him and dauoa both reached their dores unlocked it and dove in. Phill sat against his door for a small amount of time. Just as he was getting up to go talk to dauoa he hears a knock on his door. Phill opens the door forgetting the..different and attention catching clothes that he now is wearing. Seeing skinner he smiles at him giggling "look i got my hair cut by a barber and got new clothes from a girl she looked really young but she owned the shop. Daoua got his haircut too but not from the same person as me." He curiously looks around for duaoa to see skinners reaction to him as well. The small kitsune had his charm in plain view without knowing it the small bell was purely gold with a lightning bolt in front and back to symbolize his type of kitsune and on one side a rose seemed carved in to it that rose had 2 thorns at the very base of the stem.

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Dauõa slammed through his door and closed it, he was fairly certain he had beaten Phill to his room but without being outside to see he wouldn't know. Either way he was alone now and sitting quietly on his bed. Sinking into the mattress he laid back and looked up at the ceiling as he thought through the events of the day.



He had basically looked for an escape from Skinner, gotten made up, dolled up, and dressed up. He had stolen a necklace and found the inn. Since he had left Skinner this morning he had not seen him since, was he ok? He didn't feel anything wrong through the bond so he must be ok. Sighing he stood on the hard wooden floor, he didn't want to stick around here. Truthfully he wanted to find Skinner and the necklace.


Looking down at the bag that hung from his shoulder he sat again pulling the orb out. The smooth surface of orb called for him to rub his fingers across it. Looking into its milky brown surface he curessed the side, a thin slim figure ran. Who it was he didn't know as the face wasn't visible​. But it looked like he was running from a fairly large figure and it was gaining on him.


Dauõa’s fingers curled around the orb spasming as he watched. His gaze was locked onto the figure as it fell and scrambled to get up and run again. As it looked up dauõa caught it's gaze and his heart froze. He knew that person well, he held his power and had saved him countless times. He had taken him to the brink of starvation and feed him to bring him back. It was Skinner.


Then what was the beast chasing him?


As Skinner stood dauõa watched with baited breath as the beast jumped landing on him. As a long clawed hand dauõa jumped when it came down, the hand looked alot.png like his. The implications where there, that was him chasing and killing Skinner. But why, he would never harm him, he liked him to much. Skinner was no longer just another person to dauõa, he was his friend. Why?



Dropping the orb in the bed as the clawed hand of his other self fell dauõa screamed. “No, i...I would never do that.” A low whine escaped from him as he backed away, his throat constricted and hurt. Tears peeked over his eyelids and slide down to his chin. He would NEVER hurt Skinner, would he?










Rain stared at Bec, of course they couldn't come with them. She couldn't possibly think that he had thoat to take the two. They would never survive the harsh road and any enemy's they may eventually encounter.


“Of course not”! Rain throw his hands in the air a little, “no I could send them to sorcha. She's one of my old contacts, kind of like the mother hen of a few of us.” He didn't really want to get into the specifics of it, of what would happen to them. In all likelihood Alex would get turned into another assassin and Lily would follow in sorchas steps. Lily would have the easier life as she was a girl and would spend most of her time with sorcha, and sorcha wouldn't let anything happen to her. Alex would be forced to apprentice under someone and that's if sorcha doesn't send him back and tell rain to do it. Heaven knows rain was younger than him when Lucian took him in.


Looking back to the two he sighed before addressing Bec again, “we can give them a horse and send them to new mesa. I could give them directions and send word for sorcha to keep a eye out for them.









Eskia had set out with David later that day. She didn't know and didn't particularly care where she went, as long as David was with her. David was a much needed member of this group. Leaning back eskai glanced up at David, “luck is something I can't give. Do you want a distraction?” Looking around she took notice of the lack of riders, it was safe to talk now.


“Where's skybane, he's been like a rat and hasn't left my side for like ever. As for a distraction, how about a lot of fog or a fire.” Shrugging and throwing of her worries about skybane out the window she looked at David. “Also you may want to kick the horse into a faster gear.” smiling when the horse picked up the pace slightly she grabbed at david's arms to keep her in place.


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(((holy **** I'm back. I got a new job, started another new job, and moved apartments this month and just got the internet back)))

(((And the new update makes it so you can't post from mobile)))

(((And the hard drive in my laptop is going out. Currently running my computer from an external hard drive and in safe mode just to get the browser to work)))




Skinner didn't get and answer right away so he tried the doorknob. the wooden door swung inward a crack so Skinner knocked again, "The door is open, I'm coming in." he announced before swinging the door open the rest of the way.


The room was identical to his. No surprise there since they were staying in an inn. The first thing he noticed was Daoua. Skinner's face lit up to see a Daoua's new look. His smile deflated when he saw the look on Daoua's face, "Hey...Daoua?" he said gently, "You alright?". At that moment, something tapped Skinner's boot gently and made him look down. The orb from the ruins had rolled into his foot. It must have fallen out of Daoua's bag. Was this making him so upset? The boy looked like he saw a ghost. 



Bec sighed in relief when Rain was shocked that Bec had even mentioned taking the children with them. He was glad they were on the same page, "Oh thank god. Taking care of them for an hour is hard enough" he said in a low voice so not to let the kids hear. He listened to Rain's pitch and nodded, "Maybe we can ask Ishmael on the way out if he could take them? I would feel better if we left them with someone, you know?" he said, glancing at the children that had more or less calmed down by now. It was a tragedy that the children were all alone now. If they were sent to Scorcha would they end up like Rain? Not that that was a bad thing, just a lot of change to drop on kids all at once.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~David (is coming)




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As the orb skittered across the hard floor filling the room with it's hollow thuds dauõa looked up as the door opened with wide eyes. The very man he had wanted just minutes ago came into the room and now he wanted nothing more than to run, run and never look back. Had the orb showed him what would happen, that one day he would kill skinner or was it a fabrication made to corrupt his mind and turn him from Skinner to a beast like before. If that was it's intention could he hold onto his humanity long enough to live out Skinner's life. It worried him, there was no definite answer, none that he liked anyway.

Inhaling a shuddering breath he scrambled from the bed like his life depended on it and plowed into Skinner. He was real and as long as he was here dauõa would hurt him, that was a vow he would make and keep even if it killed him. Skinner just meant to much to him now. Looking up from Skinner's chest dauõa stepped back placing a small smile into his tanned features. "Yea, I'm ok". His voice was dejected and soft but he fake happiness until he felt it, he could worry Skinner or keep making him worried. He was practically a grown man, he needed to act like one.

"So what now"? Glancing around Skinner he waved at Phill with a quiet, I beat you, muttering on his lips. Sticking his tongue out he looked back to Skinner before grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the door. It was more of a distraction than anything, it wasn't like they had to be anywhere yet but it would hopefully keep Skinner from asking questions.




Rain sighed as he listened to Bec, he did have a point but Ishmael had already done enough for them. Asking anymore would be rude in his opinion, “I'm not asking, I was alone and with my first kill at Alex's age. The town isn't even three weeks travel, they should be fine. Unless you want to find someone who can teleport them but that's expensive.” Turning from Bec he smiled lightly, it was almost funny. Bec was both a man and a woman, weren't women good with children?


Padding back to the sibling he grabbed Lily and Alex and hauled them to the bathroom stopping long enough to Todd like at bec’s chest,”here, wash her”. Moving back to the door he stepped out into the hall with a very angry squirming Alex in his arms. “I don't want to take a bath, stop rain, nooooo” screaming out, rain glanced down at the noise that was coming from his mouth. “Shut up before I spank you.” His threat fell on deaf ears as he finally made it to the door at the end of the hall and went in. Slamming the door closed seconds passed before the screaming stopped and a few men walked out with towels around there waist to vacate to there own rooms.


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