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Growling low in his throat he snapped at her arms as she tried to give him a hug.


"Dont touch me i dont know who you are!" Rain brought his feet up amd curled fully into phills lap as he tried to get thw woman away. Placing one foot on her stomach he tried pushing her away. She appeared pretty defenceless and weak.


"Why do you act as if you know us." Rain asked as he leaned over onto phill while maintaining his growl at the stranger woman.


"And wheres david. If you did anything to him I'll kill you." Rain narrowed his eyes at her as he watched her carefully.

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The woman with purple eyes stepped back, uninjured from Rain's kick but hurt none the less. They don't reconize her? "of course I know you. I have been traveling with you guys for the past five days", he explained, puzzled. What was going on, had they really not known? "I've been helping you guys since you left that larger town. I stole your weapons back at the Caravan, I got you guys away from Dodge after you lost your mind, I even carried that jackass David around" She looked as if she might cry. This always happened to her. She would get a new form when she meets someone new but then the people she thought were friends would forget about her. "My name is Bec! We met almost a week ago but I was kidnapped by an egotistical dragon. You didn't think it was strange that a horse just followed you?" she wiped her eyes, "I don't know where he is. I think outside with the doctor"

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"...It'd only make sense for more people to be here. Why would it just be us two? Neither of us are special. So, it's only logical for more people to be here. Otherwise, what would the use be? Two humans? Unlucky or not, I highly doubt the world is that cruel- Or kind, depending on how you look at it. No, it would likely take more than two." She frowned at his other question, reaching in to pull the rest of the arrow out before moving a cloth to wipe off the blood, disinfecting the needle once more and beginning to stitch up his injury.


"Trusty scalpel. Cut through the webs. I don't like to relive the memory; She left for a bit, so I escaped," she lied. Well, it wasn't completely a lie. Elin had used her scalpel to cut her out, and left the cavern while Ella 'escaped'; It was just stretching the truth. A lot. Thankfully, she was used to telling lies, so she managed to say it without her tone wavering. And it would have been odd to look at him, anyways, since she was busy stitching him up. Working while lying was easy, honestly. "I just hope she doesn't follow me." That was more of a lie; She knew that the spider would likely do so, to keep an eye on her.

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Phill smiled at her "it is difficult to tell who you are when you seem not to have a form, you also didn't talk to us or let us know you existed, all that time i looked for you after you were captured and noe you say you have been with us?" Phill dragged her back into the hug but quietly let his grip lessen on rain. "Didnt you just transform when around others so why didnt you become a kitsune like before or shift at all while on the road?"


Phill gave rain's ear a gentle nip. "Be careful, luckily i cant feel pain now but pressing my immoble arm into the couch seems like it would hurt. David is getting the arrow removed from his shoulder, he went outside so im assuming thats where he will be for a little while."


Phill took in rains scent as he kept him in the one armed embrace. "I use to kill all the time too i was a hired assasin i could walk up and shake someones hand and cause a heart attack from the electricity pumping to their heart or worse, just one touch, it was fun, i enjoyed it for the longest time. I decided to turn over a new leaf though and stop killing for the fun of it. At the moment all i want is to hold you..i have been alone for a long time but it feels good to have someone to hold and care about. I feel happy knowing that there are at least a few that care."

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Rain stopped his administrations of kicking her away giving her a funny look.


"The white kitsune boy from earlier the one who turned into his mom." He asked while pointing his head to the side indicating phill. Confusion gave way to clarity in his eyes. Then another emotion passed through.


Hugging phill to him even tighter he looked bec in the eyes.

"Why did you come back, and why do you look like your getting ready to cry, its not like you really knew us or where freinds before. You showed up and then disappeared."


Rain pressed more into phill as he was talking and listening to him talk. Feeling the nip at his ear he drew his head away to look him in the face.


"Well I like you to i guess. Anyways I suppose we will be staying here for a little bit." Rain still kept trying to pry bec away from phill. He didnt like her on him at all. Actually he didnt like anyone touching phill.


Groaning he held onto phill buring his face into his chest while pushing bec with his foot.

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Phill could see how rain was reacting so he softly nudged him in the side of his neck. "Just because i pull someone else close doesn't mean that they are intruding on our closeness, noone will come between us so don't worry. "


Phill knew he would feel the same and gave out a small content sigh as he felt rain burrow against his chest, his warm breath and the way he acted caused phill to smile. Phill used his arm and instead of the hug he had it creep up until it started playing with rain's ears curious to his reaction and still trying to figure out why he seemed to not let bec close, yes phill didn't trust her but he was at least happy she was alive."

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Bec hugged Phil back, "Like I sadi when we met, I don't really know how it works. I just, change forms when no one is looking. I did change a few times though, Like when you put me in the stables at that party, I changed into a local and tried to find you guys." the happyness from her face sudden;y changed back into sadness, "oh...well...I thought...". maybe Rain was right. Had she wasted her time traveling with them? Was her thought of friendship only in her mind? Perhaps it would be best if she slipped out the next time she changed forms. She swatted Rain's foot away. He was being very disrespectful. Not to mention clingy. She huffed, "I need some air" she muttered. Before they could answer, she crossed the room and left out the front door.


In the backyard, David listened to her story as she stitched him up. He shuddeded at the thought of her being trapped by a giant spider. that was super creepy and David hated spiders. He was suddenly more grateful that he had only woke up in a gutter with everyone ignoring him. "I was told someone in the next biggest town south of here could help me get bak to Earth. Would you like to go see the wizard with me? He might give you some slippers to click together." He said, smiling at his own joke. Their party had almost doubled in size iin the past hour. On top of that, they were now down a horse. Maybe after his surgery, David could look around the farm. Maybe he could find something to solve that problem.




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Rain watched her leave not really caring, she hadn't been around long enough for him to grow attached to her maybe if she did and in a form that could talk he would.


Rain looked back at phill with no shame on his face. Crawling off of phills lap amd back onto the other side of the couch before bowing his head.


"Im sorry for what happened, really. If you need anything or want anything ill do it. I'm in your care of a tab I should never have had to owe." Backing up some more he looked phill in thw eyes again before standing to head out the way bec had gone.





Dauõa walked down the road lucky he had gotten away with his mask. Sometime he got luck though and today was one of those days. He was alive when he shouldn't be and he would live to see the sun again amd to hear the birds, smell the blood...


Blood... and smoke...


Both were very faint but there. And he had missed his last attempted meal. Following the smell through the woods and then some more along a road he stopped when he spotted a man on a set of old steps. There was a woman standing behind him but the smell was coming from him.


Dauõa's stomach rumbled as he stepped closer into there line of sight.

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Phill looked at rain, he felt attatched to rain more than the others though he wasn't fully sure why since he met david not long after. Rain just seemed like someone phill could be more at ease with. Phill blushed as rain bowed to him flustered as he had no idea how big a tab rain thought he owed but phill didn't want him in debt to him since he was the one that rushed the angry and crazed kitsune.


Phill stood up and began rubbing his feet on the carpet after they all had left him. He gave a small sigh as he felt the electricity going through his body. He gave a groan as he began to feel the pain creeping into his body, moving slowly he found a room that had a bed in it. He slowly lay onto the bed throwing his clothes off sleeping as he felt most comfortable, nude besides the the bandages on his arm and torso to cover his wound on his side. He kept his eyes slightly open as he recapped the events with rain and felt happy even though he was sore.

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as soon as the door shut behind Bec, she changed forms. She did a quick check, looking at ther callused hands, feeling her corse short hair, and grabbing the front of her pants. He was now standing much taller than she had in her last form, at least six and a half feet tall. He was male now. He had jet blck hair and a white set of large fox ears atop his head. Behind her a bouquet of four white tails swayed from his split pants. His eyes were deep red, easily mistake for a dark brown in this light. Bec leaned against the north side of the house and watched the pillar of smoke rise into the sky.


He glanced towards the front of of the house when he heard the door slam again. He narrowed his eyes when he saw it was Rain, "What the hell do you want?" he spat.




David caught sight of movement out of the corner of his eye. He scanned the treeline, trying to make out the shape he thought he saw.


Standing just in view was a pale individual with what looked like deer antlers sprouting from his head. He stared for longer than he should have, quickliy looking away. He turned his head to the right keeping the person in his peripheral, "There is someone standing in the woods", he muttered carefully to Elin, enunciating each word. He didn't want to engage. the events over the past few days made him weary of the natives.






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Rain glanced over at bec. She must have chamged does again as she appeared as a tall white kitsune with four walls. It was definitely Bec though judging from the attitude. It unnerved him how she could change.


"Nothing really, do you ever try to hold on to your form. Its hard to get to know someone if they are different than you every time you see them." Rain said making a attempt at mending any relationship that would be there if she stayed. Besides Phil hadnt liked how he had treated her so rain would be civil with her for Phil.


"Anyway how did you get away from the wyvern. I would have thought you would have become lunch. You had Phil worried for a while." Rain walked a little ways away and sat down on the ground leaning on the side of the house.


Closing his eyes he leaned his head back and took a deep breath.


"And who are you supposed to be now. Although I would have to say I like this form a little better than the woman."






Dauõa's eyes locked with the stranger on the steps. He didnt make any move to run or arm himself so dauõa took the chance and approached him slowly. He had eaten some corpses he had found earlier, seemed this area was full of them, so him hunger was satisfied for now.


"Hey, you two........ things. Names dauõa and I'm a weary traveler and night will be down upon us in a couple of hours. Seeing as this is the only house around you wouldnt mind me staying with you party. I would rather not spend the night outside on the cold ground. Besides in 19 still considered a child in the eyes of many, and you wouldnt leave a child out in the cold would you."


Dauõa stood about 5 feet from the brown eyed man and a tired loking woman. The man looked like he would taste better but thay was a opinion that he was not about to voice.

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Bec Eyed him suspiciously when he asked his question. Deciding that he was not being sarasti, he allowed himself a small smile, "I can, but it's related to who is observing me. Once that changes, so do I", he explained curtly, a longer explanation would only bring confusion, "Yeah...lots of people have told me that'


Bec snak to the ground next to Rain. She thoguht back to her time with the wyvern. He shrugged, " SA soon as I left you guys I started changing. A throne, a gold bracelet, a silver scepter, and finally, A female dragon. I caught his attention and asked if we could talk. I guess I spooked him after we landed and I turned itnto an exact copy of him. What was funny was the timeing. He had just finished telling me how great he was" he chuckled t the memory of the look on his face. "He must have looked away for a second because th next thing I knew I was a bluebird. I escaped using my small size and ended up in a horse field where you found me...as a horse". Rain should be able to guess the rest. Bec had been so happy when Rain showed up to steal him and the other horses.


'And who are you supposed to be now. Although I would have to say I like this form a little better than the woman." Rain asked.


Bec was unsure how to answer that. He wasn't entirely sure what he looked like at this moment which made identification difficult. Even so, he doubted he would know. Bec sighed and shrugged, "I thought you would know actually. I thik you're the one who picked this form'. That much was the truth. He could feel a psychic link with someone but it was impossible to tell. He only assumed it was either Phil or Rain because she was a Kitsune.




David tensed when the person in the woods stepped forward.


'Hey, you two........ things. Names dauõa and I'm a weary traveler and night will be down upon us in a couple of hours. Seeing as this is the only house around you wouldnt mind me staying with you party. I would rather not spend the night outside on the cold ground. Besides in 19 still considered a child in the eyes of many, and you wouldnt leave a child out in the cold would you."


wwell thats friendly David thought when Daoua introduted himself and made his intentions known. It seemed a little...offf. It was as if he was trying to guilt them into letting them stay.


"Where I'm from, nineteen is old enough to be considered an adult." David replied, "Besides, it's not up to me. Let me speak with our...leader." David was lieing of course. Their little group didn't really have a set leader. It was more situation based. He had said that because he needed to ask Rain what he thought about this person. He needed someone that was a native to help identify what he was.



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Giving bec a confused but curious look he thought back to people he had seen over the years. Because current form didn't fit any that he had seen before. But he had a tough telling him of the first time they meet. Thinking back he remembered the little boy with white hair.


"Remember the little boy you were in when we first meet. The you now looks kinda like what i would have imagined him to look like if he had lived to be that old. Unfortunately life was against him amd he passed at 10." Rain sighed as he got up walking back to go inside.


"Those are memories i dont wish to bring up, and i know you dont do it on purpose but ..... it hurts seeing you in there form. But I guess its a small for of retribution. Anyway im going to go find david and check up on him."


With that rain walked back inside and explored alittle. Popping his head into a room he spotted the lumpy form of phill sleeping soundly on a bed, smiling softly to himself he continued on. Any other time he would have loved to stop but he felt he had done enough. He would let phill sleep and recover before annoying him anymore tonight.


Padding softly away he came back out to the living room and dinning area. Off to the side was another door he could hear voices from. Placing his hand on the knobb he turned it and it opened with a screeching noise of wood on wood.


Spotting david and another lady on the steps he stopped holding the door open. There wasnt enough room for all 3 to stand outside.


"There you are, you ok" rain puase when a odd smell touched his scences. Glancing up a little he spotted a young man with antlers on his head.


Giving a small growl he looked between the new comer and david then to the woman at his back. They seemed to be collecting people like a dog collects fleas. First it was just him and phill, then david was added then bec and now this lady and possible man.


Rain never liked people much but this was pushing it slightly.


"Whatever, you discide." Rain huffed before walking back inside. He was still tired and .... just didnt care anymore.


Padding back to the room with phill rain stripped out of his dress and climded in beside him. Turning on his side he curled up beside phill placing his head on phills shoulder from where he had moved his arm. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.






Dauõa caught the sound of the door opening and seen a kitsune holding the door open. He caught the look he through his way and didnt like it that much. He watched as the kitsune opened his mouth and said something before turning around again and leaving the way he had come.


"So mister let me ask, what is the verdict." Dauõa asked taking a seat on the ground not far from them. He smiled trying to look as innocent as possible mostly because he didnt want to get stuck outside for the night.


"Come on mister have some compassion. Its getting dark amd kinda cold and im tired, if you let me stay I can surely help some how. Just name it."

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Phill hadn't been fully asleep yet, relaxing under the soft covers. He heard someone walking by the room he was in and sniffed the air curiously, smelling the unique almost spicy like scent of rain that he enjoyed he smiled. When the scent got further and further away he let his head fall slightly further into the pillow.


Phill was just drifting to sleep when he felt a light pressure on his good shoulder. He opened his eyes to see a sleepy rain who was already falling asleep. Phill let his leg drape over rain and pressed his nose into rains hair. He figured that rain was asleep so he could be happy and not worry about anything. "I wish i could spend more time like this, i wish that i could confess my feelings without fear, i wish that i could maybe even get a kiss from you, though im not sure why i want that yet in all honesty." He kept quiet as his eyes closed trying to rest.

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Bec listened to Rains explanation and frowned. Tht was a problem with his abilities. The first person he takes the form of is often a loved on. Later on, as he speant more and more time, his forms will become more unique. Taking aspects the viewer finds attractive and combining them into a cohesive person or thing.


Bec rose from the ground and dusted off the back of his pants. There was a barn in the rear of the house she wanted to look through.




David sighed when rain came out. So much for the fearless leader. The only clue he had given was a soft growl as soon as he saw the boy with antlers. That could mean anything though. Rain growled at him many times and he seemed fine with David now. Well, until lately.


"Sure. You can stay. But! I have rules:" he warned, ticking off his fingers for each stipulation, "one; you have to disclose what you are before you step through this door. Two; you must leave all weapons with me, and don't thing I won't frisk you. Three, You sleep in a seperate room from the rest of us. While we are awake you can be chummy and hang out but as soon as it's bedtime, find a different room." David put down his hand and smiled, "That aside, Welcome to our little band of misfits."




Was David talking to someone? Bec paused around the north side of the house and listened. He was. Who else was back there? As Bec crept around the side of the building, she changed again.


She didn't notice, but her skin was a light green ike the color of a seedling. Her hair was to the middle of her back, extenting in all direction were little unrulery ringlets blue like the morning sky. Her eyes were large and a deep emerald green. her skin was covered in vinelike designs. She peeked around the building and was surprised to see a new boy sitting on the ground in front of David and the doctor. She stepped into the open and leaned against the house. She studied the boy. What was he? She felt like he was familiar i some way. Maybe it was the antlers?







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Alexa strained to see what the others had looked at. A bad feeling grew inside of her at the sight of smoke rising in the distance. She looked at Hector and dismissed any fear. "We should try to stop whatever disaster is gonna happen." She said boldly. She smiled softly and glanced between Hector and Kimon.

Her leg wasn't in any pain, though the cloth it was wrapped in was more red than white. She felt up to walking. She felt a need to get up and do something, though she had no idea what.

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Nodding his head dauõa smiled happily. He though over the way he was acting and thought that he was awfully trusting but then again he thought he looked innocent, not reason for the man to not trust him enough to let him in.


" Well person, whom I do not know the name of yet, I am a stag. In human form." He rectified as he recieved odd looks from both parties. He smiled again tilting his head to the side slighlty letting his hear hall amd brush his shoulder.


"And i agree to your rules. Anything else...... no, ok then ill just be going inside then."dauõa said as he nimbly jumped up behind them and edged the door open a little. Turning before going inside he spotted a green amd blue looking...... thing. Giving a confused and inquiring look before going inside he stood in what he assumed was the livingroom.


Spotting a small fire going and a couch next to it he walked over and plopped down. Picking his feet up he layed down getting ready to sleep.


Woundering on what tomorrow would bring he thought that today had turned out fun in a way and now he was looking at the possibility of traveling with food. Smiling to himself he rolled over and into the couch with his back to the fire. Wrapping a hand around the skull that was now at his chest he fell asleep quickly.



(((((( I think me and voltage is ready to time skip, when you guys are done if you want to skip a week or two for the healing process I'll start back with the next thing they have to do.))))





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(((eh, maybe not quite that long. I mean, conflict and handicaps makea rp intresting, no? How about till the day they are going to head out for the next town? Sooo...four or five days?)))


"David" he grunted after he agreed to his rules and passive aggressively asked for his name. David watched Dauoa dissappear into the house. He turned back to the doctor, "Keep an eye on that guy and don't be alone with him. Us humans are squishy", he said with a wink.


Sice he was done getting doctored up, David stood and rolled his rm, feelingthe tension of having a wound stitched up. He was familiar with this feeling, the wounds on his side had him patched back together like frankenstien. While he was up, he oticed the woman standing at the edge of the house.


"Who the hell are you?" he asked, unwilling to deal with a new member to the household.


" I'm Bec, stupid. The chick from inside


David stared at her, dumbfounded. He shook his head and stepped inside.


The new guy already took over the couch and he wasn't about to steal the only other bed from Elia. "The food's in mybag, Take as much as you need. Oh, also a blanket if you want it." daivd said, handing the bag over to her "Now if you will excuse me, I need to be getting to bed." He walked into the master bedroom and was midly surprised to see Phil and Rain already taking it. He was about to go bak to the living room when he stopped at the door.


David turned back around And Kicked off his shoes and dropped his hat on the floor.. He was sleeping in a bed tonight. The two kitsunes had taken up the right side cuddling so DAvid took the left. He plopped facedown on the pillow. Sleep came faster tha expected for the exhausted human.





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(((Super risky double post maneuver)))


David, Bec and Phil were all out in the barn early that morning. The party had rested in the house for about four days. They would be staying longer but they were almost out of food so the discussion was had the night before and they decided to move out the next day at noon.


"Alright, on three! One...Two...THREE!" David yelled to the other two people. Bec was to his right in the form of a pink haired kitsune with jet black ears. To his left was Phil, his arm usually wrapped in a sling, was free and helping. The horse drawn buggy flipped upright having been on it's side. Bec had found the broken down buggy in the barn the night they got there. With one less horse and three new people, it was a blessing in disguise. Three of the wheels had been broken and the floor had rotted out. After spending most of a day salvaging from the smoldering town to the north, they managed to find enough supplies to fix the delapidated art. The last thing they finished was hammering in the floor. To do that, they had to flip the buggy on it's side, a task that required the help of all six of the party members.


David put his hands on his knees and panted. The wooden wheels had held when the cart came slamming back to earth. That was a great sign. "Good job guys" he said, passing out high fives (A earth custom taught by David the day before), "Guess the last thing to do it throw the matress in there and hook up the horses.


So they did. The trio wrestled the akaward matress from the master bedroom and situated it in the ope space of the cart. Then they tied in the horses with the rigging Phil had created from salvaged material found aroud the barn. David brushed his hands together and looked at Phil, "You wanna go rally the troops? I think we are ready to leave ahead of schedule."







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Phill had been helping david and bec as best as he could, he had been against it at first and was really really against getting in the buggy with others. He absolutly hated large crowds and to be honest if anyone else joined in the barn at that moment he may have wound up electricuting someone.


Phill pushed when told to by david though he was only good with one arm, his left arm was against it but he had a rough time using it. He bit his lip as pushing as much as he did bothered his arm, his side was mostly healed but his arm still hurt like a censorkip.gif.


Phill gave them each a high five as david called them and stretched out. Phill was glad his rigging he had created worked, he was good with his hands but only having one made it very difficult. He nodded quietly as he approached the house and opened the dorr "Buggy is done, we may be able to leave ahead of schedule." He spoke loudly though he was very nervous about all the people that would be by him.

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Rain glanced up from the table. Nodding his head at phill he started to garher the few things that he had layed out. One was a map that he had found in what may have been a study. It had been almost bare but there where a few book, a couple of extra bags various writting utensils a mirror? And glasses.


He had been planning there next route to a large town south west of here that looked promising. It was beside a large river and looked to be a center point for trade and such. If rain was a betting man he would gamble that there was probably people left and if they couldnt tell them what was happening they could at least point them in the right direction.


Rollimg the map up he stuffed it into his bag and left the livingroom to the master bedroom where he and Phil had shared the bed with David. Stopping he looked at the empty space amd sighed. It had been awkward waking up being sandwiched between the two. But as the days wore on he had gotten used to them sharing a bed.


Now all 6 would have to share and rain decided that he would take his chances on the ground. Besides the chance of phill and david joining him was high as he was sure they felt the same way. And he took comfort in that thought.


Walking beside the window he stooped to pick up his bags, some with clothes and others with weapons of things that could be used as weapons. He would have to distribute them later so no one was with out one.


Walking back to the door rain took one last look at the place he had been at for the last couple of days and smiled. It had been interesting. Shutting the door he left finding david and the cart out front. Coming closer rain spotted bec with her stuff in the back. He smiled and gave her a polite nodd in recognition. She had been somewhat helpful over the last 4days and rain doubted she was going anywhere so he may as well be nice. He still didnt like her touching phill though. Growling a couple of times when she did.


Rain came up and dropped his stuff in the wagon before turning to walk up to David and phill.


"Morning," Rain waited a couple of seconds for the morning greeting to be passed around before starting with his plan.


" So to the south west of here is a large town situated beside a river. I think that would be the best bet to finding some one who knows what is going on. I say its worth a shot." Rain keeped his eyes looked onto david. He would only occasionally look over at phill, he had had a weird dream on the night of there first stay and he didnt know what to do on that subject.


He figured he would leave it, it would work itself out of his system eventually or he would forget about the dream.


Rain looked back at the drivers seat on the front. It was big enough for two or three people to sit. Putting his foot on a small metal step he hosted himself up and patted the seat for either or both to join him.


Glancing over his shoulder he made sure everyone was there before he left. He would hate to leave someone. Rolling his eyes at the though he could get away with it, hell they probably wouldnt even notice they were gone with all the people.






Dauõa saw the young kitsune, phill, walking in the front door calling for everyone. Jumping up from his spot on the couch he all but ran to the door barreling past phill in his excitment to get moving. He had been stuck here with nothing to do for 4 days, 4 goddess damn days. He wasnt sure why they let him stay but he didnt care.


After weaving around phill he took a flying leap of off the steps. Looking up he let the sun soak into his skin, loveing the feel he looked back down at the wagon. There he spotted someone he hadnt seen before, assuming that it was bec he took off in that direction.


"BEC...... BEC" dauõa ran and slammed into the side of the wagon in his excitment. Bec was one of the people he had come to like thw most. She/ he/ it was different. And he liked that. She also had a awesome attitude and he just liked her. He would definitely not eat her. Tilting his head to the side he thought for a moment. No he took that back. He wouldnt eat any. Even david, well maybe just a bite but he didnt think he wouldn't taste great though.


Dauõa crawled up amd took a seat next to bec with his legs dangling over the side.


"Hey, morning how are you feeling this morning. Im assuming your bec. Just making sure before I start to talk to you like i know you just in case you aren't." Without a pause he continued on


"Hey do you want to try training a little later to get your powers under control. It may take a while but I think its possible. Besides your a beautiful strong willed guy and or girl sometimes. I think you can do it." Dauõa smiled really big at bec waiting for a reply.








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Phill nodded quietly, he wasn't sure why rain wouldn't look at him. He curiously tilted his head and watched him go to the front and get on. "Yes, since it is so big and by a river there may be a chance of it staying safe for a while. Phill hopped up in the front like rain and yawned holding on with his good arm.


Phill was grumbling at the amount of people that were there but he continued to stay quiet. His tails swayed slowly behind him. He hummed softly as he looked down the road that they were going to go down towards the direction of the big city/town.

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Daavid tossed his bag into the back of the cart and climbed in after it. He leaned against the back of the driver's seat as Rain addressed the group. He was telling them the plan they had after leaving the ranch house."Is that the town you were showing me last night?" he asked, remembering Rain pouring over his found map at the kitchen table. Seeing a map hammered home the fact that he was not on earth anymore.


David motioned the Phil to take the seat next to Rain up front, "Go ahead Phil. You can hive shotgun", h said with a smile. He his position with his back against the driver's seat so he could watch the rear.




Bec smiled and held up her hand. What Dauoa didn't see was the X she painted on the back of her hand. She too was surprised to see that the mark was missing. "Aw goddamnit. It worked for a little while. Thanks for the idea" She said regretfully. The stag boy suggested that she paint somekind of markigon her body to show the others who she was. At some point, her change had erased it.Perhaps it was a mental thing?


She nodded at Dauoa's suggestion, " i would love too. I'm not sure how it wil help though. I gave up of trying to control it. As soon as I think I have it figured out, I go and surprise myself again" she said with a shrug. It couldn't hurt to try and who knows, maybe this stag knows something she doesn't






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Rain glanced behind him making sure that his crew was all there. they were all assembled in the back and it looked like they would get along for the most part. David sat behind him, but in front of Dauoa, leaning against the back board for the drivers seat. Bec and Dauoa sat at the end talking about god knows what, not that he really cares. Ella sat beside David right behind phill, and in front of Bec, keeping him company in a silent manner.


rains ears perked as he was asked a question.


"yes" was all he graced David with. He was feeling a little agitated this morning, actually for the past for days he had been a little. Though he could hold most of it in. And he did enjoy his time with the other two.


Rain felt the wagon move as phill climbed in next to him brushing his leg against rain. slowly as to not bring notice to him he pulled his leg away and gave a gentle slap of the reigns to get the horses moving. it was going to be a long day and it was warm out. but rain got the distinctive impression that it wasn't going to stay warm and sunny as he could smell rain moving in from the east. if they were lucky they could avoid it if not they were going to get soaked.


slowly the cart meandered down the road thudding over a pot hole occasionally. this caused for a very rough ride and with every little jump of the cart he felt as if he was getting closer to phill. he couldn't keep this up, he would end up tearing the trio up, yes rain didn't count Bec Dauoa and Ella as a part of the group yet there just tag along's.


giving a sigh he chanced a glance over to phill speaking low to keep there conversation somewhat private.


"sorry if the past 4 days have been rough. I know this will sound stupid but I had a weird dream that has had me on the edge." rain blushed slightly at the recall of it, reaching a hand up he rubbed the back of his neck.


" never mind, I don't think you want to hear about it." rain count look phill in the eyes he was so embarrassed so instead he opted to look straight ahead, taking a couple of deep breathes he calmed his nerves and, shaking his head he gave a tap of the reigns urging the horses to move faster.








Dauoa smiled at her giving her a view of his slightly pointy teeth. taking a breath he leaned back and into David's personal space. he laughed at the looked he was given but continued on.


" i think your going about it wrong, you said that your form is based on a mental link right. Then you should try to make a link with someone, scratch that, try this." Dauoa sighed as he took a deep breath getting ready to explain his idea.


"later when we stop for a break, take whoever you are linked with now, and two other people. I would take David and rain. phill is the one you are connected to right, I'm assuming because you are the black and pink kitsune , I've been told that she tied to him, so you should have him come also." Dauoa raised his hands waving them in the air as he gave his instructions. he felt himself sink more into David and looked back at him with a smile before continuing.


"so you know that David's connection brings the red eyed lady and that rains brings the white kitsune. pick either David or rain to latch onto and then have phill leave, snapping the connection. practice this till you can choose who you are connected with when the old connection is lost." Dauoa smiled and sat back up before leaning down on his knees smiling sweetly at Bec.

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Phill was spacing out when he sat by rain, it had been very rough, it got so rough that he had preferred helping david and barely even saw rain. He was trying to find out why but he wasn't sure, he was always nice to rain he thought but wasn't sure if he upset him or what.


He came back to reality as rain whispered to him. He gave a look over at rain before sighing. He kept his voice just as low "i want to know, this whole time i thought i had made you mad or that i had wierded you out.." phill thought back to what he said when he was tired, he had meant it but he had meant it to be something not heard. Be bit his lip hard and fidgeted slightly as his tail wrapped around his waist and his ears lowered.


Phill was a bright red but and looked as if he would cry if rain had been looking but he quickly pulled his hood up and over his head. He was once again wearing his hoody that had camoflauge for the water. He left his left arm out of the sleeve and began flexing his fingers and doing slight movements with it.


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