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Rain caught out of the corner of his eye as phills ears dropped and he pulled up his hood walrapping his tail around him in a protective layer. Rain hadnt know what had brought on this behavior but he had a inkling to say that it was his fault. And with the way he had been acting he wasnt suprised that phill didnt want to talk to him.


Rain could feel the gap that was now there, almost like phill didnt want to be in his presence anymore and that he was drawing in on himself to excape him. But he had caught what phill had said just seconds earlier.


"As I said its because of a weird dream, you didnt do anything " glancing over at phill he took in his almost fidgety movements


"But I can see you dont wish to talk about it." Rain was silent for a minute as his heart felt like it was breaking and a feeling of betrayal set in. He had thought that they were close enough friends to talk about their problems but apparently that wasnt the case.


Rain let a blank look fall back onto his face receding back to how he was when phill had first meet him. He listened with only half a ear as the 4 in the back talked but not taking a interest in there conversation.



It was mid afternoon and a storm had rolled in. Rain parked the wagon and hopped down walking away. He would leave the tending of the horses to someone else while he went in hunt of food. He figured he would get luck if he found anything but he more than anything just needed the chance to think.


Rain walked off into the woods without a sound letting the rain gather and stream down him in little rivers.rain continued to walk as his mind rain in circles, all his thoughts centered around one person.


Rain looked up feom his death stare with the ground realizing he didnt know where he was. Running a hand down his face he took in a shuttering sigh and sat on a drenched log that was near by and put his head in his hands. Grinding the heal of his hands into his eyes he took a deep breath. This was the first time he had walked in the rain blindly since that day so long ago and this time he walked for a different reason but with a aching heart all the same.

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Phill let his bad arm move to grab rain gently. "You are wrong, i need to talk about it badly. I need to know about the dream..i need to talk." Phill could feel that he had messed up. Phill wanted so badly to talk but he was really anxious and the way he looked around had showed it.


Phill let out a deep sigh as it took him a minute to get off the horses. "David, please take care of the horses." Phill followed rain, this was his element, the rain covering the sound of his almost silent foot steps. He was at ease in storms and he let his hood down. He wandered aling with rain though he remembered the general way back.


Phill walked up and gently tapped rain on the shoulder as he walked past. He stood a few feet away with a mixture of anger, saddness, and loneliness on his face. He sighed "look i said something the night we slept together the first time. I thought that is what caused the distance, i thought i made things awekward with my words, asking to be closer and asking for something like..like a..kiss..." He made sure rain would need to strain to hear the last word.


Phill gave a kick to the ground. "I have been on edge around them and bec has our hearing, i didnt want to talk about that there, i wanna know about your dream i wanna talk with my best friend but you got mad and sad..i just didn't want to end up with it being made into a big deal, i am not going to let you leave. So there is no mistake i did not mean to harm you, i will never leave you, and i believe that i love you..but with the way your acting you must not be able to stand me anymore... What kind of dream can cause you to hate me for real.." phill was becoming unstable from his emotions electricity sparking around him before he ounched the ground with his good arm. "What could that dream have made you think of me.."

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Bec smiled at Daoua. It was sweet that he was trying to help and it was obvious that he had given this a lot of thoguht. Much more than Bec had. Ever since she was "born" he had been copying what others found as beautiful. At first, she thought that meant she was beautiful. This group was different. Though she still copied what they found beautiful, they didn't let that cloud their perception of her.


She laughed at his explanation as he got more and more in to the explanation.


"you said that your form is based on a mental link right?" he had asked in the begining.


"think. I said I think thats how it works. Everynight, after you guys all fall asleep. I become random objects. All gorgeous

I'm assuming. Like, last night I think I was a couch" She said with a laugh, relizing how ridiculous it actually sounded.


She was intrigued by his plan though. Bec had never tried to control who she linked with, just what form she took while lnked. That had not worked...obviously. She thoguht it was worth a shot. "Alright! I'll play along" she said with a smile.




David heard Rain lower his voice and David focused in to try to eavesdrop. That was changed quickly when he was jabbed in the neck with something hard and pointy.


He swatted at it. His hand connecting with something bumpy and smooth. Jerking his head forward, he saw that it was the antlers of Daoua, their other newest menbed of the group. He frowned at the boy, looking him in the eyes upsidedown, "You could take an eye out", he said with a wink. He didn't try to move the stag He just shifted his focuse to his plan about Bec's ability, the conversation behind him long forgotten.


They pulled to a stop off the road and immediatelyRain jumped off the wagon and ran into the woods. He was folowed shortly by Phil, the kitsune turning to yell,

"David, please take care of the horses."

"OH YEAH SURE! LET'S JUST LET DAVID TAke care of the.....hourse....alone" he realized the futality and trailed off, the last bit only audible to him.

David hoped off the wagon and turned to Dauoa and Bec, "Could you guys set up the shelter. There is a canvas tarp...somewhere in here" he said, looking at the cart with confusion, "I honestly don't remember where we packed it. Good luck." with that, David unhitched the horses and lead them to the small stream nearby.




Bec Watched them go and focused on DAvid as he spoke. It wasn't until everyone broke eye contact did she remember. Oh! Focus on someone. Uhhhh. Dauoa! She focused on replacing the link that was about to break. Once David blinked, she changed.


She was much smaller than her past form. Much smaller. Light blue feathers covered her small body. She was seeing the rest of the group without depth perception.Something black and protruding from her face was distrating her.


He was a bluebird.


Standing where Bec had been sitting moments before was a brilliantly colored bluebird. His movements were quick are percise as she looked between her friends who were now looming above her.


'Goddammit' she chirped.









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Rain looked up from his hand as he head someone come up next to him tapping him on the shoulder. It was phill one of the last people he wanted to see right now.


Rain opened his mouth to tell him such but phill spoke first.


"look i said something the night we slept together the first time. I thought that is what caused the distance, i thought i made things awekward with my words, asking to be closer and asking for something like..like a..kiss..." phill stuttered a little as he finished his speech.


Rain could feel the electricity in the air build as phill took another breath to continue on. If he wasnt careful he would end up electrocuting rain before the night is out.



"I have been on edge around them and bec has our hearing, i didnt want to talk about that there, i wanna know about your dream i wanna talk with my best friend but you got mad and sad..i just didn't want to end up with it being made into a big deal, i am not going to let you leave. So there is no mistake i did not mean to harm you, i will never leave you, and i believe that i love you..but with the way your acting you must not be able to stand me anymore... What kind of dream can cause you to hate me for real.." By the time phill finished l sparks was crackling around the clearing making rains hair stand on end.


Rain was speechless, he didnt know what to say. Here he had thought that phill was made at him and he wasnt. Rains heart leaped and his mind kinda floated off into space as he sat staring at phill.



"What could that dream have made you think of me.." phills almost in audible voice had rain slaming back to reality.


Blushing rain looked down at his hands that had curled into his lap. Goddesses he was bad with people though as he was at a lose for words and actions. The pouring rain didnt help either giving everything a wet and gloomy look.


Rain could just tell him the truth, but he wasnt sure if what he felt was love. he had never had the feeling before to compare this instance to. If he told him phill would know what it is. And he loved him? It was odd, he had always had the tavern woman showing interest but he had anyone love him. Sure master cared but if he held any love for him it was like that of a fatherly love.


Rain came to his decision and steeled himself.


"I think I heard some of what you said that night. But I must have been just on the boarder of being awake amd being asleep. And it carried over into the dream. So it wasnt bad on the contrary it was a pleasant dream." Rain blushed while leaning over his knees. He didn't look at phill just as he didnt look at rain.


Rain didnt know how to word the next part, the part that actually described the contents of a dream. So instead he used a comparison.


"It .... you know..... you're a guy, you should know what I mean. It was one of those that you usally have about a cute girl of something." Rain sighed and stood up.


"I dont know how else to say it or show it." Rain looked back at the ground, blushing at the thought, as it squished under his weight.







Dauõa laughed at David's coment before continuing his talk with bec. He would find a way to help her, he hoped.


Pink, pink, pink.


Dauõa looked into the sky as it started to rain and sighed instantly his face started dropped. The prospect of traveling in the rain did not sound fun at all. Luckily the wagon took that moment to stop, glancing up je seen rain amd phill take off into the woods. Yelling something at david although he had a hard time hearing.


He did however catch davids instructions on getting the tarp ready. Standing he hopped down with what he assumed was rains bag, it was the last place he had seen it when it was packed back up after rain had pulled it out to clean and dry.


Dauõa saw movement to the side and stopped a little blue.... bird. He smiled before bursting out in a laugh. Shaking his head he went to digging around in the bag pulling out the tarps when he found them. Stringing them up on the back he covered the wagon with them making a dry area to asleep before crawling in and waiting for everyone else. He smiled at Ella who had stayed there, looking miserable in his opinion, before turning back to the bird.


"Come on bec, it's wet out there." Dauõa waited til she was inder the tarp before he went on with a nother idea.


"Ok so that didnt work, keep trying though. But here's another thing to try. I'm going to picture someone in my head very clearly and be ,I would hope, kind of open. Concentrate on me and see if you can get my person. Usually they dont know that you are changing bit maybe if one deliberately projects a imagine it will make it easier."


Dauõa got quiet and looked at bec intently. In his mind he was thinking of a village girl he had seen a while back. She had been a nymph of some kind with pale skin that was glossy with long white hair that shown tints of blue in the light. Her eyes where a deep red almost like blood.


He was hoping that she would pick it up and change into her. Then she wouldnt be at a risk to be eaten of flattened.

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Phill was glad he had gotten it all out, he had needed to vent. He saw that rain's hair was on end and he was staring like phill had grown a second heas. Right before he was going to check rain began moving again. He gave a soft sigh as he watched rain.


Phill looked at the shy and blushing rain who seemed to be interested in his knees or the ground. Phill felt a bkush softly dust his cheeks as he realised what type of dream it was. He walked over and stood beside rain with his electricity under control.


Phill wrapped his arm around rain and gave a soft sigh. "Just because i hide my face doesn't mean i want to talk, it may be me trying to hide my embarassment or maybe im trying to let you know we may have people listening in. I always want to hear of something is wrong, im upset it took you so long." Phill gave rain a playful punch before shaking his head. "We need to try and find food though in this rotting forest and after we stomped around i don't hear many animals. And if you ever ignore me again i will find a way to make you talk even if i have to wrap around you so you can't move until you agree to talk."

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((Ella, not Elin. Elin(thine) is the spider.))


Ella was, well. Yes, she was somewhat miserable. She had spotted some... Rather large spider webs on the way there, and she knew that Elinthine had been following them. She was terrified that the spider would strike soon, but relaxed as the tarp was put up. The past few days had been chaotic, to say the least, and she was exhausted. Though not completely physically. She rose to get off, her legs aching, and stretched as she stepped off, the doctor looking up towards the sky with a heavy sigh.


She didn't mind rain; It was pleasant, even. No, what she did mind was the fact that her body was stiff from how long they had all been sitting, and her body felt heavy and slow. So, ignoring the others for the time being, she did a few stretches, loosening her shoulders, hips, and legs from their painful stiffness.


"Is there anything I should be doing?"




"...Why don't we change the binding first?" came a quiet reply from the harpy, who rose and slowly approached, beginning to unwrap her leg. He winced at the scent of blood and the sight of it, moving to clean it, first, before wrapping it again. It didn't look as bad, at least. That was a good sign. He didn't know what to do if it wasn't getting better, honestly- Kimon was no doctor, and though he was familiar with injuries from trees, that didn't change the fact that he was worried for Alexa.


"...We have to be careful."

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Rain rubbed his arm from phills playfully punch. It hadnt hirt it was more for something to do rather than rubb out any pain. Glancing at phill then away he still wasnt satisfied with the way things turned out. He knew phill liked him but he wasnt sure about anything else.


"Deal..... but were do......we stand now."rain looked up and leveled phill with his gaze, confusion and uncertainty swirling in his emerald green eyes.


Reaching his hand up he craddled the side of phills cheeck gently rudding his finger over the cooled skin. Rain opened his mouth muttering a little as he looked him up and down.


"Remember our conversation a really long time ago. The one on telling if you like someone." Rain took a deep breath swallowing the next words he was going to say.


"Um..... I think I like you but....." Rain stopped before leaning in and softly and quickly brushing his lips against phills suprised ones. Stepping back he dropped his head looking at the ground.


"Yeah we can look for food." Rain muttered. A small part of him actually wanted to but the rest wanted to continue the conversation.







Dauõa spotted ella rising from the wagon and stretching. He heard a couple of popping noises from her joints and he smiled. She looked lile she still needed reat but over the past 4 day she had improved. She still looked tired but not as much as before.


"Is there anything I should be doing?" Ellas voice caught his attention just as her popping joints had and he looked at her face.


"Um not really, you could always get the blanket and stuff out so we wont be cold. But then again theres six of us so i dont thing that will be a problem. But if you want to help im trying a training plan with bec." He motioned ella to come back amd sit beside him while he climbed to the edge of the wagon.


"So what you will do is just picture someone important to you in your mind. Do it very clearly and imagine projecting it. I'm trying to see if I can force her to change if that makes since because her changes have always been from a unconscious image that she picks up." Dauõa turned and looked back at the bird.


"And yes I know your not sure if that's how it works or not but its worth a shot." Dauõa hopped down into the rain.


"So ella if you help her with that im going to go find something to eat." With that he turned around and left in the opposite direction everyone had disappeared in. His hand snaked to his mask holding it firmly in his hands.



((((( Ok I went and changed elin to ella. I dont think I missed any.))))

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Phill grabbed rain and sat down on the log rain had been sitting on. "We need to talk more about that for sure. I feel as if we could try being uhm closer but if you dont want too we can be friends." Phill began softly rubbing rains back while he leaned slightly into rains touch.


Phill nodded as he looked into rains eyes while remembering the conversation. "I think i remember the conversation. I like you too, but what?" Phill was surprised as his eyes closed slightly, he was leaning in when rain pulled away talking about they could look for food.


Phill shook his head at rain and sighed quietly. "I don't want to, we need to talk more it seems. I like you and you like me, we could try being a couple? We need to talk about a lot but at least when you had that dream it didn't start a fire so thats more controlled." Phill began softly playing in rain's hair brushing against his ears "besides noone expects us to have food anyways most likely."

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Rain sighed as he listened to phill. Looking back up he watched as water trailed it's way down his face puddling on his lips before trickling down his chin. His eyes shone brightly from the power he was getting and from the conversation they were having.


"I guess, I'm not good with relationships or people. I tend to do things that people find odd because I'm not around them much." Rain said as he backed up away from phill. Leaning his head against a tree that was supporting a part of the fallen log he gazed at the sky.


"What else do you want to talk about? I wont run and hide but i dont know what I want to do." Rain glanced back at phill and smiled. He was starting to feel like a wet cat. He was soaked and his clothes hung to his wet figure like a second skin accenting his slight masculine curves.


Sucking in a breath he rain his eyes up and down phill. His shirt was plastered to his skin and his pants hugging his legs. Rain curled his hands in his lap as he lean forward toward phill. Steam was starting to rise off of rain as he took in phill.


Rain stood quickly from his perch on the log ripping his eyes away from phill. Turning he crossed his arms over his chest facing away from phill so he couldnt see his face.


"Um .....we should probably head back." Dropping his voice a little he glanced back to phill with smoldering eyes as he spoke quietly


" You should go back and change, im sure that your cold." Rain blushed as he looked out at the barren woods, taking that the rain wasnt letting up. It would make travel difficult for a couple of days. Just until everything cleared up.


Giving a sigh a shiver ran through him but it wasnt from the cold as he was making the area a little fog filled. Buring his head in his hands he mummbled out a soft


"Im sorry, I'm not trying to ignore you." Before he walked a little and leaned his head against the tree he had been leaning against earlier. His back was to phill and his ears twitched as he heard him moving around.


"Just give me a minute then we can leave."








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Phill was enjoying the rain, the fact that it was cold didn't bother him too much as he had walked in weather like this many times. He looked over at rain noticing how his clothes hugged him so tightly and phill bit his lip to not say anything about it. "I know, i am a bit odd too, i am not that great with relationships but i am an understanding guy or try to be so even if you think it is wierd it will be okay, just don't ignore me and talk things out."


Phill walked up knowing that rain was thinking of something that he wanted to do with phill from the steam. Phill walked up and placed his arm around rain letting out a surprised yip at his heat but keeping close. "You are thinking about something between us, is it due to our clingy clothes?"


Phill was slightly upset, he wish he had ice abilities so they could hug even when rain was flustered like he was. Phil was forced to let go after nipping at rains ear as he became too hot to hold. He turned around and let his tail sway while walking towards the way they came waiting a few second later. "Come on rain, i know you are trying to calm down but if i start walking and you end up behind me you will end up getting fired up again, you need to control it especially if we do decide to be more than friends, i am on board to at least try it, we like eachother and we are going to be around each other a lot even if we break from the others. You say you do things others find odd but i have not seen that yet, i understand most of what you do so it will be okay."

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Rain gave a yelp as he felt Phil's arms snake there way around his waist. Hearing a yep from phill only bad it worse.


Before rain could make a move phill unwrapped his arms and left walking back the way they had come only stopping for rain to catch up. Which he did every quickly as he listened to phill talk about them and together and things. Truthfully his mind was in a muddled bliss as he followed phill while working on bringing the temperature down.


Before the made it make to the spot the had stopped rain shot his hand put grabbing phill. When he turned to give him a questioning gaze rain pushed him up against a near by tree before placing his lips on phills in a crushing and demanding way. He couldnt take it, so be it if phill was mad but with everything he had said rain suspected and hoped the he wouldn't be opposed to it.


Giving a content growl he held his body flush with phills as he rasped in his ear causing it to flick.


"I can't take it, i.....i want you and i dont care what the others say. I wont call you my mate because where not there. But i hate the thought of other people touching you. And I...i....please." rain leaned his head on phills shoulder as he took in his scent. He was going crazy and burning a little warm still but not unpleasantly for him.


Rain placed his hands on phills hips and held him in place before taking another long draw of his smell. Possessive growls and rummbels excaping his throat as he nibbled and licked phills neck.


"Please" rain draw back just enough so he could look him in the face, moving one hand from his hip to move his hair out of the way, looking into both of his eyes with a pleading and pained look saturating his face.











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David made it bck from watering the horses just as the bottom dropped out of the storm. He quickly tied up the horses along the treeline where they would have minute shelter from the storm. Unfortunatly that was the best he could do with the resources at hand. David ran back to the overed wagon and dove inside.


Bec looked into Daoua's eyes and tried to feel the mental link he was sending. Finally, she felt something and once the occoupants of the tent shifted their attention, she changed.


She was female but that was hardly reconiziable. Her face was untouched by injury but was spattered with blood. In fact, most of her body was spattered in blood. Her stomach was eviscerated, shimering and half chewed entrails were visiable from the gaping wound in her stomach. On of her hands were missing and the stump look like she fed it into a meat grinder. Bec looked down at herself in horror, trying to comprehend what had happened. She felt no pain but the sight alone was enough to make her ache. She looked at Daoua with fear in her eyes. He moved and she screamed, she backpedaled out of the open end of the wagon. She landed in the mud on her back and scrambled in her feet. She ran. She didn't know where she was going but she knew she needed to get away.


David had arrived right before the excitement ended. He looked around the small space that would be their sleeping quarters and found it was empty save Ella in the corner. He looked around in confusion, "Whrere did everyone go?" he saked the only other person in the room.

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Phill was surprised as he was pulled over and pressed against the tree. Phill let out a low growl through the kiss and grabbed ahold of rain's hip with his good arm the other bent and holding rain's arm. He let out a small happy yip and murr as rains breath caused his ear to twitch. "I feel the same, i don't like others touching you, the guy at the party was lucky i didn't fry him as soon as he hit on you."


Phill enjoyed the warmth coming off of rain and pressed his muzzle into his hair. He let out murrs and happy growls as he felt rain licking along his neck. Phill nodded "you know i can't deny you, you look pained, you don't need to hold yourself back. I love you so eventually we could become closer to mates but i will not force anything."

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Ella, at that point, was pale, and staring off to the side of the tent. But it wasn't the appearance of Bec's change that had scared her. No, it was the fact that she had screamed that bothered her the most. After all, she had seen plenty of bodies in that condition before, but... Never were they alive. They would never scream.


"...Appearance of a dead body attacked by wild dogs, screamed, ran away," came the quiet response as Ella closed her eyes, moving to cover them as well as she began to focus herself. She wasn't too disturbed, really, but it was the scream that kept echoing in her head. Something of fear. Something she knew that she may cause, with her alliances. Something that she didn't want to hear again, but felt like she'd hear for centuries.

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Dauoa heard the scream come from the wagon a little ways away. it was piercing and echoed off of the trees around them. if there had been any wild life you would have seen them scatter and run at the sound. and for once it wasn't him how had made it.


smiling to himself he took off into the woods following a peculiar smell of blood that was lingering in the damp air. it had a odd smell to it like it was fresh but not fresh. following it he started to spot little drops of blood on the ground and various forms of decaying plants and wildlife.


seeing the sight got his instincts running and he let them take over as he was pretty sure that he was far enough away from the caravan to not be seen and to not accidently attack someone they had left behind.


taking a deep breath the looked up to the sky and grabbed the mask hanging from his belt. fingering it as he lifted the fragile looking bone to his face he let the change take over him. it hadn't hurt nearly as bad as last time as he had eaten 4 days ago and not 1 month. he could survive on regular food only so long before the beast wants a meal. and it was screaming at him to give chase to the creature that was possible wounded and running through the woods.


coming out of the transformation Dauoa hunkered down to the ground and smelled the lingering scent before he raised back up to his 7 foot high and gave a jubilant roar at finding the scent he took of at breath taking speeds in pursuit.








rain was resting his head on phill's shoulder breathing deeply to calm himself down. he realized that he must not be making any since but phill seemed to understand him all the same. he felt content to just stand there but a scream brought him out of his thoughts.


bringing his head up he looked him in the face with confusion and worry. they had left the group and as much as he didn't like large groups there was still people he cared about, namely David. breaking his hold on phill he stepped back and looked in the direction that it had come from.


giving his head a nod he looked over his shoulder and waved his hand for him to follow as he took off back to camp weaving in and out of the woods. another sound filled the air this one more of a roar than anything filled the air. it sent a shiver down rains back, what ever had made it must have been large and it was the sound of either something gearing up to fight of something chasing food. silently rain hoped it was the first and not some one from his party that it was trying to make a meal out of.


rain burst out of the trees and slammed into the wagon before he made his way to the end where the opening was. glancing in he seen Ella and David but not Bec and Dauoa. worry set into his bones as he seen Ella's fearful face and David's confused one.


" what happened? where's Bec and Dauoa?" rain asked a little out of breath. the frantic run back had wore him out but the fear for those he cared about kept him going.


rain took a glance around not seeing them before he glanced back to David. he seemed like he was in a better condition to answer.

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Phill had enjoyed holding rain close, happyto feel so close to someone. Phill's ears twitched from the scream and as rain took off phill was right behind him. He heard the roar as well and he sped up. He gave a soft sigh while he followed him around.


He watched as rain slammed into the cart then go to the back. Phill avoided the cart as he followed rain to the back both worried and a little less anxious about the group being only two there. "Is everyone okay? We heard a scream and roar, it didn't sound good."


Phill could feel electricity in the air and begun walking backwards "excuse me a second while i get ready just incase." He closed his eyes and bit his lip as a lightning bolt struck him as he lifted his arm. He felt the electricity running through his body so much so that it was visibly surrounded him. After a minute of concentrating he had absorbed the electricity into him to save.

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David jumped when Rain slammed agains tthe side of the wagon. A second later, he burst into the wagon.


"what happened? where's Bec and Dauoa?" he asked in quik secession.


David held up his hands and shrugged, "I don't know. They were gone when I got back" he answered then suddenly remembered what Ella had said, "Wait. Ella said that a mutilated body appeared, screamed and ran off" David hadn't had time to process the news he was given before relaying it to Rain. That was a strange occurance, even by Nalom standards. The idea suddenly hit him. Bec.


"I thinkit was Bec"




bec didn't know where she was going, all she knew was that she needed to get away. She had seen unspeakiable things when she linked with Daoua's mind. Things that made her form seemnormal. She stumbled and fell to her knees, Her bloody stump submerging into the soft earth. She stared at her bloody and mud covered hands nd willed herself to change. Surely she was far enough from Daoua to break the connection,did that mean. Bec's eyes shot up, scanning the treeline to her left. She scrambled to her feet and backed away. He was still close. She could feel it.

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Rain gave occupants of the wagon a the confused look. But upon hearing that it was possibly bec he glanced between ella, david, and phill. Who's mind did she link with to create a mutilated body.


"Who did she link with, where is she right now." Rain gave a puase while looking out over the landscape.


"Should we go after them." Rain backed up a little like he was thinking of giving chase in to the woods. But without knowing which direction they went in he would be running blind.


Rain bumped into phill as he was backing up, tripping he planted his back into phills chest with a solid uff form phill.






Dauõa had followed the scent and it hadnt taken long to find the source. Beside a tree on the ground was a hunched up figure. It looked like one of his previous meals. But why was it here and still alive....


Realization dawned on him. The scream from earlier must have been bec when she transformed,


Oh god of darkness!


She had linked from his mind when he had hopped down to leave turning her into a mutilated mess. Getting a closer look he was suprised that her guts weren't spilling out onto the ground.


Normally he would have taken the opportunity and had a meal but bec was a friend, well probably not anymore, and even if she wasnt he didnt want to.


Giving a gutteral growl he stayed at the edge waiting to see if she spotted him. If she could keep calm enough he would help her back. He could do it he wasnt hungry enough that he would go into a blind feeding frenzy.

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Phill saw the look rain was giving him and shrugged "with me its always my mom. Besides we were probably way too far away from her so it wasn't us. I am curious where she is though."


Phill wasn't paying attention and rain bumped right into him. Phill let out a loud umph from rain landing on his gut. He pushed rain off of him as he stood up slowly. He gave a sigh and chuckled " you should pay attention to your surroundings."

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Rain turned at his torso glancing at phill behind him. He was torn, he didnt know if he should go look for bec of give her time amd see if she comes back. She seemed really happy in the group so he didnt know what would have made her run and not come back.


"Phill, if she doesnt come back in 30 minutes i want to go looking for her." Grinding his teeth he stood up straight and walked to a rather large rock, taking a seat he sat in silence thinking about bec and dauõa.


Bec had her moments but overall he liked her as a person. Dauõa was just annoying, but he still didnt want anything to happen to either.


Sitting there in the rain he would occasionally catch her odd scent and something else. Thw longer he sat the the more his worry ate at his stomach.






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Phill nodded as he watched rain get to his feet. phill was worried about bec and paced as he watched rain sit on the rock. Phill sighed as he nodded at rain. "What are we going to do when we find her, we need to follow footprints to find her and what if shes hurt? We should go find her."

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Rain nodded his head in understanding at phill.


"If we fond her we dring her back, but tracking may be a little hard. With as bad as its been raining following her footprints will be hard." Holding his and up he placed his chin in-between his fingures as he thought


"Bring her back and have ella stitch her up." Stqnding quickly he walked back to the wagon perring inside.


"Im going to see if i can find her" turning back to phill he gave him a silent but Inquiring look asking if he would be coming.



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Phill gave a slight nod along with a quiet sigh. He wasn't sure how things would turn out but he knew they had to find a way to track her so the sooner they started the better. He moved his hurt amd slowly to stretch it out quietly. He saw that rain was looking at him and nodded.


Phill let himself stretch before he talked. "The best we could hope for is that if we get her to switch forms maybe that could heal her, if she is injured. I will see if i can help you follow her trail but which way did she go, there are footprints all over th place."

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Rain shrugged and gave a grunt in annoyance.


"I was hoping to go by smell but I dont think either will be useful." Rain walked around the camp site while looking at the ground.


He was hoping that he would spot a smaller more feminine pair that lead off into the woods instead of all the ambling foot prints laying about. A slightly larger set lead off into the woods accompanied by some horse tracks. Another slightly smaller set lead off in a different direction into the woods almost in the direction they were originally heading.


"These might be hers but so could those."rain pointed to another set of tracks not far from the first set he found.


Looking between the two he didnt really want to split up but it would work faster if he took one and phill took the other. But if danger followed one of the trails it could be problematic trying to get to the one in danger.


"Do you want to split and each follow a trail or do you want to follow one and come back later if the second one is still there." Rain asked as he turned and looked toward phill and the wagon.







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Phill shook his head at rain "smell would be very difficult in the rain. we should be able to tell if noone else has small feet, though i do as well." Phill walked around looking at all the tracks until he stopped by rain.


Phill nodded at the second set of footprints and sighed. "It would be faster to each take one set, you have fire and i have my lightning plus if you need help yell. This may be dangerous but we could always run back if anything seems wrong." Phill let his tails sway behind him while he watched rain. "Unless you want to take the safe way, which i think may be better, we both take the same path then if there is nothing we come back some and cut across."

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