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~Topic Approved by rubyshoes~


Welcome to Prize Central. In this place you will be able to trade all those nice, shiny prize dragon eggs or hatchlings for other eggs and hatchlings you would like. This thread is created to be the central trading place for Tinsels and Shimmers.



Sorry, we all have to have them. The rules are simple.

  • 1. You may offer any generation or lineage style Tinsel or Shimmer egg or hatchling here.

2. You may not offer eggs or hatchlings that are not Tinsels or Shimmers.

3. Bundles: Even if you are offering Tinsels and Shimmers in your trade you may not bundle non-prize dragons with the Tinsels and Shimmers in this thread.

4. You may not offer or ask for IOU trades. That is, you must have the egg or hatchling you are offering already and you may not ask for an IOU for your egg or hatchling in your post.

5. You may only repost a trade (bumping) after it's been up 24 hours and every 24 hours after that.

Trades which violate these rules will be reported to the forum mods and edited or removed.



~ Fiona BlueFire - PM me if you have questions or need assistance in any way.

(This post is subject to editing. It's a bit bare bones at the moment.)

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3G Gold Shimmer x Golden Wyvern checker | grew up. 

3G Bronze Shimmer x Silver checker | Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Thank you!




2G Prizekin for group : https://dragcave.net/group/109568

3G Prize/Prizekin for group : https://dragcave.net/group/139632

other offer - I use decline if not needed/related to my dragon lines

(I love checkers, unbreedables. NO stairsteps lineage unless they're from rare 2011-2015's CB Prize. NO prize x holiday unless they're listed in my group/wishlist).


Thank you!

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7G Bronze Shimmer x Silver Shimmer (double arrow with nebulas)

4G Gold Tinsel x Gold Shimmer (arrow with seasonal autumn)

4G Nebula x Silver Shimmer



2G Prize (x Blusang or another pretty blue dragon. 

3G or 4G prize (either tinsel or shimmer is cool, I've got fewer Gold)

2G or 3G Metalkin x Blusang or Neubla




Also have a public trade link at the moment that includes all 3, clean lineages, I can separate them if need be. 

Please just PM me.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Have :

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 3G Silver Shimmer x female Striped River Checker

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 3G Bronze Tinsel x male Tricolor Gemshard Checker

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 3G Bronze Tinsel x Radiant Angel Checker


Want : 

Nebula_hatchi.gif 1 CB Nebula Each

Purple_Ridgewing_hatchi.gif 2 CB Ridgewings Each


Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Offer Here     Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif Offer Here

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif Offer Here      OR PM Me Here

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Have: 2d gen silver shimmer hatchling from Aeon, female

Want: CB ND, 2d gen gold prize from non-holiday mate, 2d gen silver shimmer from male shimmer and non-holiday mate


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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