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    A giant puppy with no shame.



I love gifting. Please ask if you see anything interesting. (No Holly, Metallics are very slow) 

Now offering one Newbie Pack per week (Magi, Red, Male Pink, Female Pink) to help new folks out. PM for details!

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    NEWBIE PACK!- A four pack of BSA dragons perfect for setting up newbies to succeed on Dragon Cave. One Male Pink, one Female Pink, one Red, one Magi. Contact me yourself or on behalf of a mentored newbie and I will set you up!

    I have an awful lot of dragons on my scroll, which I think is pretty nifty. I like gifting, I like custom breeding, and I love helping new people get into the game. If there is anything on my scroll that you like or want bred, drop me a PM and let me know. I will try my best to breed it for you. If I breed and gift something to you, please do not kill, neglect or trade it without letting me know. I don't like blacklisting people, but I will.