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    A giant puppy with no shame.
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OH DANG!  Please check my profile regarding trades/breeding requests for him.


EXTREMELY interested in trading for Marrionetta SAltkin.  Hit me up, let's make a deal.

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    Way out there. No, further than that. Yeah. There.
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    NEWBIE PACK!- A four pack of BSA dragons perfect for setting up newbies to succeed on Dragon Cave. One Male Pink, one Female Pink, one Red, one Magi. Contact me yourself or on behalf of a mentored newbie and I will set you up!

    So, now I have a CB Golden Tinsel Prize! His name is Jason of Unbreakable Hearth and he's pretty neat! He has an 'assigned mate' for my own project, but he is also free to breed for trades and IOUs, as per below.

    For other Prize Owners: If you want to set up a 2G trade, PM me and we can figure something out. I don't mind setting up 2G IOUs but I know these guys can be especially lazy jerks when it comes to breeding.
    For other folks who want to trade, any offspring I am offering will be publicly traded and I will make a clear request for what I want at that time.

    Abigail of Unbreakable Hearth, Jason's first golden baby, is also available to breed 3Gs!