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- I'm in the UK: Cave Time +5 hour. Please note I am rarely around after 5:00 p.m my time). My previous user name was Nikki_Of_The_Night.

- I love Holiday dragon checkers & am more than happy to help other players with their lineages. I also love non-Holiday checkers & PBs. I am looking for some lineages (Holiday & non-Holiday). Please see my profile for details.

- I am very happy to take IOUs and will breed most things for free on request. See my profile for details.

- Once an egg has left my scroll it no longer belongs to me. Thus, I am more than happy for its new owner to do whatsoever they like with it - including turning it into a Zombie.

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    Please note that my time zone (UK) is five hours ahead of Cave Time. Also, please be aware and that I am rarely around after about 5:00 p.m. my time (noon cave time).

    I'll happily try to breed almost anything on my scroll for free, be it rare, uncommon or common (unless I am in the middle of a specific project and of course I have space).

    If you would like me to breed anything for you, please send me a polite PM and I will do my best to help you. Any egg I breed for you must be taken within 24 hours of me sending you a PM with the link to the egg.

    I am a huge fan of Holiday dragon lineages and am always willing to help with other people's projects and do swaps, etc. If you would like to know what checkers I can assist with, please send me a PM. I have CBs of all Holiday dragons with the exception Spriters' Alts and will happily breed 2nd gens even if it isn't a lineage I am building.


    I am particularly fond of checkerboards and even gen pure breds. If you are making a speculative offer on a trade, even gen PBs are always a good bet as there are very few I wouldn't want to form a lineage with.

    I have quite a few lineages (metal & non-metal) of both and am always willing to help with other people's projects and do swaps, etc. If you'd like to know what lineages I have and am able to assist with, just send me a PM. have CBs of all non-Holiday dragons apart from Shimmers, Tinsels and special hybrid/alt prizes.


    - To other people: None at present

    - From other people: None at present