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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Have: 3 CB codes: 

  • “toil” code toil0 (new shimmer) latest?cb=20200521040353
  • "thud” code tHudC (new slippery) latest?cb=20200521040353
  • “chin” code chInr (CB white zyu, yes its a I not L) latest?cb=20170521115309



  • CB metal
  • 2G non-caligene SAlt from tsunami or gold/silver (will consider other breeds). 
  • Offers!

Can combine 3:1 with hatch and influence + add more for good offers, please PM or discord@synditrix. See green line in sig. 

Trade links:


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Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from male Arcana

user posted image Gen 2 Gold Tinsel from male Gold

user posted image Gen 2 Gold Tinsel from male Black

image.png.3f3a68860c5ddec399d7bcab6c7067c7.png  image.png.05da0101cd8429e01b95d14c6155f2b2.png  image.png.dc7864c02cd96af4f16e7d82f3b5f529.png


Want for all of them:

  • user posted image Gen 2 Silver Shimmer from two Silver Shimmer parents

Want for one of them:


Please PM me (first line in sig applies); thanks! :lol:

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CBlatest?cb=20200521040353 (87p5A) precogged male Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! GONE THANKS

CBlatest?cb=20200521040353 (79YAY) precogged female on cooldown GONE THANKS


WANT: for either


other CB new releases. For the next 5 hours please offer by pm.

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Gold_egg.gif CB from coast, precogs female (willing to influence/hatch if needed)


Now incu-hatchable.


Neglected_hatchi.gif any lineage, any gender


Offers please

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ER CB Neglected hatchling (will be female) - Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! traded.



2G Prize, mate for these groups 2G Shimmerkin 2G Tinselkin 

2 x CB Golds

might accept best offer of CB New Release hatchlings - PM me


Thank you.

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traded, but just PM me if you can breed 2G prize for me. :)

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