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    >>> WISHLIST <<<


    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    2nd gen Tinsels
    2nd gen Shimmers
    2nd gen Spriter Altkins
    CB Green Coppers
    CB Staterae
    CB Gaia
    CB Umbra

    **Next Priority

    3rd gen Tinsels
    3rd gen Shimmers
    CB New Xenowyrms
    CB Zyumorphs (any)

    *** Lower Priority

    carina (2nd gen)
    dusk pygmy (2nd gen)
    risensong (2nd gen)
    setsong (2nd gen)
    ALT Black (2nd gen only)
    ALT Vine (2nd gen only)

    2nd gen HYBRIDS


    Plans for Fire Saga (my Gold Shimmer Prize)

    I plan on only breeding three x 2nd gen shimmer babies from any particular breed. The exception will be that if it is a breed pairing that I particularly like, I MAY breed a 2nd gen for myself, but that 2nd gen will not be for breeding from (it will just be for me to keep).
    For example - if I were to breed Fire Saga with a mint dragon, there will be a MAXIMUM of four (if I keep one for myself) gold shimmers bred from that pairing and also from that particular breed (mint).
    This does not include shimmerkins ... where an egg turns out to be a mint instead of a shimmer. And if one of the second gens is killed (and I hope that doesn't happen) then I maintain the right to breed to replace that one.

    I am not sure how many separate breed types I will try to breed from, but I plan on also limiting that. I will mostly try to breed with non-holiday mates, but may breed with a holiday mate or two if they make a lineage that I like.

    If you want to contact me about possible breeding requests, just pop me a message, and I'll see if it fits in with what I have in mind.

    2nd gen Shimmer babies so far --->

    1st from Fire Saga x Skystrider father
    2nd spot available
    3rd spot available