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    >>> WISHLIST <<<


    Neglected (yeah, I'll keep dreaming lol)
    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    2nd gen Tinsels
    2nd gen Shimmers
    2nd gen holidays from Alts
    Green Coppers

    **Next Priority

    3rd gen Tinsels
    3rd gen Shimmers

    *** Lower Priority

    carina (2nd gen)
    dusk pygmy (2nd gen)
    risensong (2nd gen)
    setsong (2nd gen)
    ALT Black (2nd gen only)
    ALT Vine (2nd gen only)

    2nd gen HYBRIDS


    IOUs owed to me -

    ------> I just want to say a HUGE thank you to drabrugon. Your generosity has blown me away :)

    -------> Valkiepoo is another person who has surprised me with their generosity. Thank you so much :)

    rebelgoddess19 is awesome too. Big thanks to her for a lovely trade and bonus gift :)