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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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New halloween hatchlings 

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Or something I can breed for you(3g prizes/3g sprite alts) (see sign



something I forgot to breed....

2g Desipis x M Gaia

2g Omen x F Thalassa

2g Omen x M Almandine/Gold lunar/Tsunami/Green Neblua

gender for checker,plz


check offer in about 8 hours

Thank you!

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Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2nd gen shimmer from pyro https://dragcave.net/teleport/ce49ca14313162894742f547d963af17


want: best offer of arcana dragons




Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 3rd gen shimmer from magma https://dragcave.net/teleport/0bbebcd87957c3fdeb3c0b527b047bc8 


want: 4 arcana dragons


I'm locked for a few more hours, earliest I can accept will be 4-5 hrs from time of this post. 

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fail!clicked and canceled one of the TP links >.>

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Have: 4 Arcana hatchies from different biomes, all precogged/influenced to be female.

Link:Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Want: Well, I am probably just gonna pick the best offer but these are what I am mostly interested in, more than one is always more prioritized for me:


-2nd Gen Bronze Shimmer (m) from Female Green Copper (Top priority)

-CB Gold (Jungle Biome)

-CB Silver (Alpine or Desert Biome)

-2nd Gen Silver Tinsel (m) from Chrono (f)

-2nd Gen Bronze Tinsel (m) from Royal Blue (f)

-I also am interested in the 2nd gen prize fails of the mentioned lines. 2nd gen SAltkins might also interest me depending on the mate.


Feel free to PM me anything about the trade, I always return to them. I might also add a 5th Arcana hatchie if the offer is good. If I have not declined your offer in 12 hours, I am considering it at the moment.

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Omen x green siyat  https://dragcave.net/lineage/5NDy5


Was correctly influenced to checker. 



I'm not liking this pairing, would be willing to trade for a couple of needed common CB's from the google doc in my sig

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Pumpkin_hatchi.gif  2G from male Mimic, named parents, precogs female!  Teleport Link

Pumpkin_hatchi.gif  2G from male Mimic, named parents, precogs female!   Teleport Link



2G SW from female silver Lunar, precog/gendered female

2G SW from female silver Lunar, ungendered/unknown

messy/inbred Desipis, gendered male

Other offers also welcome

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Various 2G hatchlings from holidays. SEEKING BLOODSWAPS. Can add whatever or do swaps for you if it'll sweeten the deal. See scroll.

ALL HATCHLINGS ARE INFLUENCED PROPERLY. (Have 2 open precogs for proof if requested)

Ice hatchi Trade

Ice hatchi Trade

Ice hatchi Trade

Dark Lumina hatchi Trade

Copper Dragon1 hatchling Trade (Wrong color. Will add handsomely for correct color swap)

Frostbite hatchi Trade


I really need swaps for these hatchlings. Eggs are totally ok! Can add to each if necessary. If you can help with these 2G swaps, please do let me know. Again, can and will add if necessary.

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8 total hatchlings

One 2nd gen Avatar

Two CB female Caligenes

One CB Arcana, gender unknown

Two 2nd gen Omens, genders unknown 

Two 3rd gen Aeon stairs, one male, one female



One CB male Omen


Will combine all together for one


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Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Gaia


Zyumorph_coast_egg.png CB PINK Zyu - Traded, please PM me for the bonus, Pauli!




For each,


Cavern_Lurker_mature_hatchi.png 2G FEMALE CL from Floral-Crowned


Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png 2G FEMALE Witchlight from Silver Lunar


qyu.png CB Arcana / FEMALE Marrow or Shadow Walker (Willing to add a Cheese if offered two!)


qyu.png Mystery.gif Other Halloween checkers 


Halloween offers needs to be influenced / precognitioned the same gender as the Halloween parent to continue the lineage.

Please send a PM with the proof of influence or precognition if offering ungender hatchies, thanks. 


CB Gaia

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2G siyat from male silver tinsel | Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



2G shadow walker OR omen OR caligene from male silver tinsel* - see my profile

2G black marrow from female bronze shimmer* - see my profile

other 2G prizekin (prefer from male silver tinsel)**

2G gold from white wings snow angel - named parents

other offer (low priority) - might have to wait for some time, unless it's resistable.


*if hatchling, please show proof of influence/precog.

**I'll decline if already have same breed.

Thank you.

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Have: Chono Xeno on CD. Heading to bed soon so please PM if interested


Want: CB purple floret AND CB Almandine Pyralspite

If hatchies, Pyralspite must be female. Floret doesn’t matter

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Giving Away

2 x Arcana hatchling CB


To help two people that missed the event:

You must prove to me you missed the event and have no Arcana eggs or hatchies and you can get one of my stunned hatchies (Both at 5 days, 4 hours)




(It happened to me once and some good souls in DC got me the event egg so I'm returning the favor )

PM me


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