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A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

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Welcome to a dragon trading thread!


The userbar was made by clarkie, feel free to use it (and thank him biggrin.gif ).


user posted image




A new dragon trading thread (the original was done by Ararat), as the old one was abandoned and closed.


First of all, please, read the following rules:


1. No unnecessary bumps. Please, post your trade offer only once per day, and remember that a repost is considered to be a post as well. Other players have their trades, too.


2. If you are going to link your trade, you MUST use the LINEAGE/code link, NOT view/code! View/code is NOT allowed - after this edit we WILL be issuing warns for posting view links instead of lineage links.


3. There are no official means through which eggs, hatchlings, or dragons can be bought, whether from the site or from other users. Exchanging any sort of currency, real or virtual, for eggs, hatchlings, or dragons is expressly forbidden.


4. Please, avoid spam posts. This thread is dedicated to trades only, but neither to your opinion about other trades, nor to trade discussions. So, please, post your trade offers only.


5. As we have a team of thread mods now, we don't need minimodding, this would be considered as spam. If you want to report smb spamming or double posting, please, pm one of the mods.


6. Not actually a rule, but still. Dear members, it is polite and nice to remove/edit your posts, if you've done the trade. Remember, others might check up to 5 pages back, and pm'ing smb just to fing the offer is no longer available appears to be quite disturbing.


The old thread was closed due to the constant reports, so please, don't spam and follow the rules. Trading thread is a nice and convinient service, and we don't want to loose it, right? Personally, I highly dislike the idea of giving warns and bans in the thread, so please, don't put us in the situation when we have no choice.





Trading nowadays is absolutely safe and finally official. First, you (or your partner) need to have at least one adult Magi dragon. Trading is done by using their Breed Specific Action "Teleport": Magi dragon teleports the egg/hatchie to another user.


There are two main options:


1. Transfer. Transfer allows you to move a single egg or hatchling between users. Transfers are one-sided; you will not receive anything in return. Transfers can be created with the "teleport" action that is available to specific breeds of dragon. Upon using the teleport action, you are given a "claim link" that may be shared with other users and allow them to accept the egg/hatchling.


2. Trade. A trade, unlike a transfer, is two-sided. A trade may be created by using the teleport action. After creating a trade, other users may make offers on your trade. If you accept an offer, the eggs/hatchlings are swapped.


The second one is what you're looking for.


You can see your active transfers here, and all the information about the teleport and how it works can be found here.


Please, do not ask us any "how to" questions; if you have any questions about the teleport, we'd rather suggest to use the Help section.


The last two or three pages of this thread usually contain eggs people haven't traded yet.


IOUs are not allowed in trade posts as either "haves" or "wants". - rubyshoes




I think it's a good idea to have a tiny group of thread mods to deal with the spam and so.


Current topic moderators:


OuterSpace - PM

Kaini - PM

Infinis - PM


Mods application is currently open. If you want to be a mod, please, pm me. Include your timezone, and say a few words about why do you want to be a thread mod. Please, keep in mind that trading thread is a huge topic, and there might be a lot of work here.

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Posted (edited)



user posted image


CB female Yellow Zyu hatchie. Will probably grow up in the next 23 hours, so offer soon!




CB male Yellow Zyu hatchie, or egg that can be Influenced


No other offers, please

(unless you're crazy and willing to offer something like a CB metal or 2G prize)


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Posted (edited)



https://dragcave.net/lineage/SEXgo CB Melismor Hatchie (caught on relase day, influenced female) code: SEXgo


This baby has a strong code name... she will be quite brave creature I guess. Maybe she will bring you good luck with stubborn metals partners that usually don't produce eggs.




It is a really rare code so would like to ask for 3 CB coppers or  a 2nd gen shimmer or 2nd gen tinsel.

Cb metals, 2nd gen from hyrbids and alts have priority. I am open to other great offers.


PM me because she is fogged to prevent her being viewbombed.

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Posted (edited)

Done, ty :) 

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-CB Gaia Egg



- M Bronze Shimmer x F Green Copper 2G offspring (prize or prizekin) or bigger gen checkers (Especially looking for a sibling of "Reputable Dreams")

- M Bronze Tinsel x F Royal Blue 2G offspring (prize or prizekin) or bigger gen checkers

- M Silver Shimmer x F Sunsong 2G offspring (prize or prizekin) or bigger gen checkers

- M Silver Tinsel x F Chrono 2G offspring (prize or prizekin) or bigger gen checkers


Feel free to pm, I will decline the offers that include some of the dragons that are already included in my lineages as quick as possible. We might also negotiate about the my offer.


Trade link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/565efac71b8dbdce86aa413224ea507d


The line that is not actually included on my signature applies.

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Posted (edited)


Gold_egg.gif CB Gold Offer

user posted image 3g Gold Tinsel x Gold Offer



      For Gold:

 Can combine for any of the following:

  • user posted imageuser posted image Any 2g Prize (no holiday parents, must be named or have readable code). Or any of the following specific mates:

             user posted image 2g Gold Shimmer from female Yellow Zyu

             user posted image 2g Gold Shimmer from male Mageia

             user posted image 2g Silver Shimmer from female Almerald

             user posted image 2g Silver Shimmer from male Guardian

             user posted image 2g Silver Shimmer from female Monarch

             user posted image 2g Gold Tinsel from female Gold Lunar

  • user posted image 2g Silver from male Gold Shimmer 
  • user posted image 2g Undine from male Silver Shimmer
  • user posted image 2g Gold from male Bronze Shimmer
  • user posted image 2g Gold from male Silver Shimmer
  • user posted image 2g Gold from male Gold Tinsel
  • user posted image 2g Ice from female Bronze Shimmer
  • user posted image2g Thunder from male Silver Tinsel
  • user posted image 2g Magma from male Silver Tinsel


      For 3g Gold Tinsel:

  • New release hatchlings
  • Other offers


I'm willing to take IOUs for these, feel free to PM me to discuss~

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Posted (edited)


Gold_hatchi.gif CB Gold hatchling

Silver_hatchi.gif x 2 CB Silver hatchling



Mystery.gif 2G Spriter's Alt offspring

Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gifTinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif 2G Prize

Neglected_hatchi.gif CB or clean-lineaged Neglected egg/hatchling

Mystery.gif 2G Honourable Mention offspring

Mystery.gif 2G Prize kin (likely looking for more than just this)

Mystery.gif Extremely awesome codes (likely looking for more than just this)

Mystery.gif Other offers are welcome!


Also Have:

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 3G PB Prize - I feel like this is a pretty special and unique lineage given that it's the closest I've seen to a PB Prize perfect checker, on top of that this is also the first offspring from this pairing I've put up for trade!



Mystery.gif Offers!


(If I haven't declined your offer it means I either haven't seen it or am seriously considering it)


Offer on the CB Gold hatchling!

Offer on CB Silver hatchling #1!

Offer on CB Silver hatchling #2!

Offer on the Bronze Tinsel!


... or PM me to discuss (I could be persuaded to combine things for the right offers), thanks!

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