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"There was no part of him that was not broken, that had not healed wrong, and there was

no part of him that was not stronger for having been broken"

Leigh Bardugo

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    General Breeding Information:
    ↳ All the dragons on my scroll are open to breeding requests, just ask nicely! Keep in mind that certain eggs may take some time to obtain, so please be patient with me and my dragons.


    Prize Breeding Information:
    ↳ I own a caveborn silver tinsel named Isladine that I received back in December of 2018, her link can be found in my signature.

    I. If a spot is currently open, feel free to send me a message to be added to my breeding list.

    II. Keep in mind that a prize/prizekin egg may take some time to obtain, so please be patient with me and my dragons.

    III. All I ask is that once you receive an egg from my prize dragon, don't trade it off to someone else. It took time to breed that egg specifically for you, so it should stay with you. The only exception to this is if you would like to give the egg as a gift to someone else, but please let me know beforehand.

    IV. My prize dragon won't be available to breed during the holidays most of the time, simply because the holidays don't come around very often and they don't last long. I generally tend to spend that time focusing on my own lineage projects.

    V. I don’t accept IOU for my prize/prizekin eggs, simply because I want to ensure that I won’t be trading over a prize/prizekin egg to receive nothing back in return.

    Breeding List
    • quitter
    • koii
    • open!

    On Hold
    • none


    Current Trades
    ▸ From Me to You:
    • koii → 2g silver tinsel: m snow/f silver tinsel
    • quitter → 2g silver tinsel: m orange cantormaris/f silver tinsel

    ▸ From You to Me:
    • Rekha → 2g prize: m blusang/f silver tinsel
    • koii → 2g copper: m aeon/f green copper
    • quitter → (specifics to be determined)